How many times have you wondered why your Site doesn’t deliver as much as you want or doesn’t go high on Google?

There are hundreds of reasons why this can happen but also a very, very reliable way to find the TRUTH.

This method is called Audit Website, Ie web site control.

The website auditing is a detailed check of your site or your online store, which shows:

  • how fast the site is and why
  • how good is the first impression and the overall user experience on the Site
  • how effective the Site is in convincing the visitor to become a customer
  • how friendly the Site is to search engines
  • if there are technical problems that may prevent the visitor from making the coveted Conversion on the market

Professionals who undertake website auditing are experienced Marketers who know Usability, CRO, SEO and other key branches of Digital Marketing. Like an experienced technician or doctor, they use their experience and specific “diagnostic tests” to diagnose what is going well and what is not going well with a Site.

After this professional check, the elements that need improvement are identified, and suggestions are made on how to implement these improvements. In short, the test will show you what you do well and what you don’t.

Why do you need a website check?

For many! First of all, because you have a site and to have it means that you realize that it has the ability to bring Customers as long as it is set up correctly. The test will show you how to increase Conversion Rate, what you need to do to make it easier for users to find you, what you need to do to navigate more easily, and how you can improve your overall user experience and loyalty.


Let’s take a closer look now at what site control points are.

Content and Structure

Content and structure testing will show you how well your content is read, how well it is understood to navigate the Site, and how it should be separated for better reading.



This examines the aesthetics of the site, the usability of the site and the overall user experience. The control is done on a desktop and mobile device.



A strong Brand has multiple benefits such as increased Conversion Rate and Loyalty, and mass differentiation. The Website should highlight the Brand and highlight the USPs in the most effective way, ie the competitive advantages of the brand.


The poor structure of a site can confuse Site visitors and search engines such as Google. An understandable menu, well-written texts, headings, quality images, fast loading speed, etc. are key factors for good Google rankings. In addition to these key elements, there are hundreds of other factors related to the Site, and the reputation of the Site that plays a role in SEO, ie whether or not it will be high on Google.


Online Reputation & Social Media

Social media and other third party sites affect your Site traffic, your online reputation, and whether visitors to your Site are positive about buying from you. When Audit includes online reputation audit, research is done to find out what Brand’s reputation is and whether it makes good use of Social Media.

Who is Website Audit suitable for?

The truth is that there is no Website that cannot benefit from a good Audit. The question is whether you are ready to hear the truth, and to implement the suggestions that the Experts will tell you, in order to get a more popular and effective site.

If you are interested in doing an Audit on your website, contact us for more information.

Article Writing: Filalithi Happiness