Have you always wanted to create your own website, but are being held back by the costs involved? You are not alone. But thanks to the rise of website builders, it has never been cheaper. For those who don’t know, a website builder is an online tool that helps you build your own site, without having to know a line of code! Below we will review the cheapest premium packages offered by 10 different website builders. In addition, we will also tell you what is included in the packages and whether we recommend it or not. Let’s see together which is the best website builder on the market.

WordPress.com (5 € / month) – Ideal for blogs

WordPress is the most popular platform for building a website. In fact, it is so popular that it now powers a third of online websites around the world! However, most of these sites are based on WordPress.org, an open source content management system. WordPress.com is a much easier to use website builder and comes with defined pricing plans. In addition to its free plan, WordPress.com can be used for only € 5 / month with its “Blogger” plan. As the name suggests, this plan is specifically designed to help people build a blogging website. You may not have the customization you want like with other web builders, but you cannot criticize value for money.

Do we recommend the cheapest plan from WordPress.com?

Essentially, the Blogger plan is only suitable for basic blogging websites. You have a lot of storage space and enough editing power to make it your own, but you’ll have a hard time creating something very personalized.

Weebly (5 € / month) – Ideal for small businesses

Weebly is a classic website builder. It offers five different plans, allowing you to create what you want, from a simple blog to the online store. Weebly specializes in small business websites – especially those that don’t do e-commerce – although what it offers for online stores is constantly improving. Similar to WordPress.com, Weebly also has its own free bundle. However, the ‘Connect’ package at € 5 / month allows you to access some interesting features. The most obvious benefit is that you get your own domain, which instantly makes your site look 10 times more professional. There is also free SSL security to protect your site, 500MB of storage and, of course, the use of the Weebly templates and the drag and drop editor. The editor is not as simple and creative as Wix, but it is quite easy to understand.

Do we recommend Weebly’s cheapest plan?

As mentioned, Weebly works best for service-based small business websites. If you sell your own services for example, you can create a professional quality website with the Weebly’s Connect plan.

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GoDaddy (7.19 € / month) – Perfect for those who don’t have much time

GoDaddy is a solid website builder that the quickest way on this list to build a website. Rather than using a drag-and-drop editor, GoDaddy uses design assistance to help you build a website. But what is design assistance? Design support is where the website builder will ask you some questions, such as the purpose of your site, what you want to sell etc. before generating a website for you. Pretty cool, isn’t it? GoDaddy offers a one month free trial, with prices starting at € 7.19 / month for their personal plan. And while this plan doesn’t cover everything, you do get some cool features. You can use the design wizard to build your initial website, before making other changes afterwards. There is also free SSL security and 24/7 support in the event of a problem.

Do we recommend GoDaddy’s cheapest plan?

GoDaddy may be a little basic, but it’s perfect for simple sites, whether personal or professional. This is especially interesting if you are in a hurry and need a website as soon as possible. With the assistance of the proposed design, everyone can create a site and make it live in the blink of an eye.

Strikingly ($ 8 / month) – Ideal for those who know what they want

Strikingly can be considered a good website builder. His plans are excellent value for money. Those interested in a good deal should consider it. Like many of the other platforms on this list, Strikingly offers a free plan. However, the next step is its “limited” plan, which costs $ 8 a month – and contrary to what the name suggests, you get decent features. For starters, you can create and publish two websites for the price of one, which is great news if you need a second site. Second, you can even sell products online. You can also have a free domain, as well as 24/7 support, although there is one downside: you can only create one-page websites. This is not a big deal – there are many single page sites that are exceptional.

Do we recommend the cheapest plan?

Strikingly offers excellent value for money, striking the perfect balance between cost and quality. We recommend it for simple personal or professional sites, and even for those who wish to be able to sell online at a lower cost.

Jimdo Creator (9 € / month) – A very average platform

Jimdo can be considered a magnificent but frustrating puzzle. All the parts – or functionality – are there to create a brilliant website, but putting them together and making them look the way you want is really complicated. Jimdo currently offers five different pricing plans, the first of which, “Start”, is sold at 9 euros per month. Like most website creation plans, Start gives you access to some common benefits: free domain, SSL security, removal of ads, and access to all of Jimdo’s help and support. You also have 5 GB of storage, 10 GB of bandwidth and advanced SEO features. However, it is important to know that you cannot create an online store and that your website should not exceed 10 pages.

Do we recommend Jimdo’s cheapest plan?

NO ! Jimdo is stuck finding a delicate middle ground: there are cheaper plans that offer only slightly lower quality (if not identical), and you can also switch to a much better platform for just one dollar or two extra per month.

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SITE123 ($ 12.80 / month) – Brilliant customer support and overall fantastic software

SITE123 is proud of its speed and simplicity. Like GoDaddy, its publisher uses design assistance to help you build a site in seconds. This, combined with an incredibly responsive and useful live chat, makes it ideal for novices. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at the expense of real control. You can make basic changes to your site, but after that, you’ll have a hard time doing something truly unique or personal. Features are also a bit limited, but there is everything you will need. SITE123 only offers two pricing formulas: free and $ 12.80 / month. A free domain, 10 GB of storage, 5 GB of bandwidth and no advertising / branding are all provided with the standard plan. You can track orders, create coupons, manage your inventory, accept multiple payment and currency gateways, and set your own shipping taxes.

Do we recommend the cheapest SITE123 plan?

Ideal for simple websites and online stores, you can build a site in minutes by people of all skill levels.

Wix (8.50 € / month) – The best on the market

Wix emerged from our research as the best global website builder on the market. There are cheaper options, but none rival Wix in terms of overall quality. With Wix, you have the choice of using the drag-and-drop editor or opting for design help. Wix offers seven pricing plans in total, including one free plan. Prices start from € 8.50 per month for the “Basic” package. You can use all professionally designed Wix templates and take advantage of a free domain. You also get 2 GB of bandwidth, 3 GB of storage, 30 minutes of video and the removal of Wix advertising. What makes Wix so special is the quality of its functionality. Wix caters to every kind of website imaginable and provides a range of industry-specific features and applications.

Do we recommend the cheapest Wix plan?

Wix’s pricing makes it the best website builder available today. We would say that its Unlimited package (12.50 € / month) represents better value for money than the Basic package with features unbeatable by other market players.

SimpleSite (14.95 € / month) – Extremely simple

SimpleSite is made for this – creating simple websites. It’s incredibly easy to use, but it comes at the expense of advanced functionality. Easy ? Absolutely. Well ? Not really. The major flaw is that the SEO optimization you want to perform is left almost entirely up to you. For this reason alone, SimpleSite should be viewed as a platform for creating small personal websites, rather than professional websites or anything that requires internet marketing. SimpleSite has three packages, the cheapest option costing € 14.95 / month. There is no advertising, and you can create an unlimited number of pages, images and videos. You can also sell up to five products and connect five email addresses to your site.

Do we recommend the cheapest SimpleSite plan?

Not really. SimpleSite is fine if you’re looking for a free and basic website builder, but paying € 14.95 / month – considering the other options available on the market – would be a bit silly. We view SimpleSite more as a platform that you test and get used to building sites, rather than your final choice.

Squarespace (11 € / month) – A dream for creators

Squarespace does a great job of mixing contemporary design with an intuitive editor. It is renowned for its breathtaking designs and is a standard for other platforms in terms of aesthetics. In short, Squarespace is a dream for website creators. Unlike many other platforms, Squarespace does not have a free plan – only a two-week free trial. Prices start from € 11 / month for the “Personal” plan, which gives you access to most of the features. You’ll get free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth and storage, advanced SEO, no ads, and more. What you actually pay for, however, is the ability to create a sleek and stylish website that looks like that of a professional web developer.

Do we recommend the cheapest Squarespace plan?

If you are a creative freelancer, Squarespace’s personal plan is ideal. Large companies may wish to switch to the commercial plan (€ 17 per month), while those wishing to sell online will need the basic plan or the advanced business plan (€ 24 / month or € 36 / month).

Duda ($ 14 / month) – Creativity aid, but not given

Duda is known for helping you with the creation of a site. If you want an elegant site, but lack the creativity to design it, Duda can help you put the elements together. Its rigid editor should not be considered a bad thing, as it is there to make sure that your website is neat and offers a good user experience (UX). But what you can’t forget is the price. At $ 14 a month, Duda’s cheapest plan – “Basic” – is not the deal of the century. That said, there is a 30-day free trial, so you can “try before you buy.” The basic plan includes email support, the ability to create a website and sell up to 10 products. As the name suggests, there isn’t much behind it – and with the other plans costing $ 22 and $ 74 / month respectively, it’s fair to say that it’s not the platform less expensive.

Do we recommend the cheapest Duda plan?

Value for money is not Duda’s strong point. It’s pretty similar to Jimdo in terms of ease of use, but it helps you in more creative ways. We must however say that for $ 14 / month, it is better to look elsewhere.

How to choose the website creation software that suits you? Our advices

Getting the best value for money should be one of your most important concerns when looking for inexpensive website building software. Choosing a paid subscription from a website builder will give you the following main advantages:

  • An easy to use editor with more features. Having a friendly editor helps you build your website quickly, allowing you to publish it online as soon as possible.
  • Use your own domain. A domain name is the home address of your website. By using your own domain name, your site stands out and seems more credible to users.
  • Remove advertising from your website. Premium plans allow you to suppress the display of publisher’s ads.
  • Benefit from more storage space.. With more storage space, you can upload more images, videos, gifs, and other files to use on your website. Just as a larger library can hold more books!
  • … and better bandwidth. Increasing your bandwidth is like installing a larger fuel tank on a car. Your website will stay active longer without running out of juice.

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of ​​the cheapest website building software on the market. You know what to expect and how much you will pay in 12 months for a premium plan.

Weebly, Wix and Squarespace are our top three recommendations. They are the biggest names in the market for good reason. While they are not the cheapest three, they offer the best value for money, which is just as important. All three offer an impressive choice of templates, tools and features, as well as a fairly simple handling. These platforms are easy to acquire and master, so you can have a website online in no time. In conclusion, it is always worth taking into account your own situation. Do you want the cheapest monthly plan or can you afford to make a long-term investment? Do you want to stick to a free plan? It may be more limited, but it won’t cost you a dime. We suggest that you sign up for a plan or free trial and see how it goes for you. This is the only way to find out which is really the best platform for you. After that, you can sign up for a cheap premium plan before you publish your website online.

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