Are you ready to know what your customers think about online service

After several articles informing you about the benefits of using online chat in your business, this time we bring you a special challenge for those who follow our blog and are already serving and selling through Websites Are Us. The challenge here is to surprise you with a survey that you yourself will do with your customers. But don’t be surprised, as it won’t take much effort to achieve this challenge. See the step by step below and participate too!

A questionnaire with only two questions!

To participate in the Websites Are Us challenge is very simple, just copy the link to our form on Google Forms with two simple questions: how do you usually be attended? and what is your favorite form of service?!


How do I send the form to my customers?

Use your main media channel to distribute your form. Be it through email marketing or content on social networks.

For two weeks, we will receive responses from your customers and assemble a special article with the results. So, start participating in the Websites Are Us challenge right away! The sooner you send, the more responses we will receive and the results will be even more accurate and surprising!

Got here on the blog but still don’t use Websites Are Us? Then try our online chat platform for free for 14 days by registering on the link!


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