You are reading this content through a computer or smartphone. So you know very well the importance of finding good information within a few clicks.

You must also have felt, several times, the negative impacts of not being able to count on good services through the Internet, right?

So, in that sense, you need to be aware of a very important issue that can cause your business to lose several customers: it is necessary to understand what causes dissatisfaction in online service.

Although the relevance of offering good service has been known for many years, digital media have brought new ways of interacting with consumers. Because it is more recent, many entrepreneurs still do not know how to do it well.

In this article, we will talk more about how to serve well and how it is possible to avoid mistakes in this process, based on the main situations that can cause dissatisfaction in online service. Follow!

Forms that are not submitted

Lately, almost everyone does not have enough time available. In addition, the agility of the Internet has contributed to making everyone who is used to it more demanding in terms of speed in the most diverse daily situations.

These people, who may well include you and us, are probably not very happy when trying to submit forms and just can’t do it.

Failure to submit forms is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction in online service. This not only makes people nervous when they are unsuccessful in the action, it can also contribute, even, for them to give up contacting the company, in case they are not yet customers.

That is why, make sure your website is working well and people don’t really have that problem with it. Remember to do this type of check several times. Something can suddenly stop working.

Delay in response

In the previous item, we talked about the importance of agility. Her relevance will be shown again now, on another front: in the return to people’s demands. The delay in the response can generate a lot of irritability and dissatisfaction in online service and ultimately, end up causing you to lose a potential customer.

When people are looking for a company, either to solve a problem or to learn more about a certain product and / or service, they need to feel that it really matters. This completely avoids the idea of ​​having a long return, having an email answered weeks after sending, among others.

Therefore, even though there are no professionals to attend 24 hours a day, always have people available to do this work during peak hours. If you are unable to attend someone at the moment, make it clear about when this service will take place and meet the deadline so as not to lose credibility with the customer. Stay tuned to your company’s productivity!

Delay in response

Breaking promises

Speaking of meeting deadlines, we will also highlight the importance of keeping promises made to people looking for your business. Often, when answering questions, solving a problem or closing a deal, deadlines and conditions are met that satisfy the other side. However, as the days go by, that does not become a reality.

This can be a fatal error. In addition to losing that person’s trust, the problems can get even bigger, including lawsuits. This is because online service makes everything easily registered and documented and can be contested later.

As much as you want to meet someone quickly in this age of the Internet, do not allow the need for an agile resolution to fall into empty promises. Just tell the other what you really have the capacity to accomplish and you will have higher customer retention rates.

Repetition of the same information

This scene is not uncommon: you have a problem and you are looking for someone from the company providing the service to solve it. This person listens to everything that happened, every little detail, patiently. Then she warns: she can’t solve the issue. You will pass it on to another sector, with whom you will talk and explain everything again. This other sector, in turn, takes the conflict forward, to whom you will tell the same things a third time.

Just reading this paragraph can already generate some tiredness. Now, imagine your client going through all this and then some more. Finally, he may never want to do business with your company again.

To avoid this type of problem, always keep a service history and make frequent reports. Show the consumer that his thoughts, questions and even complaints are important. This will increase your NPS score.

Standard responses

Another major factor of dissatisfaction in online service is the standard responses. Often, on a website, there is a space to answer people’s main questions. While this is indeed a useful approach, it does not always attract customers. The other side, on certain occasions, needs a personalized response.

A good solution for this is online chat. Through it it is possible to give a totally targeted return to those looking for your company. In addition, the tool also helps to avoid a series of problems, such as delays in responses, since everything can be done at the same time during business hours, if that is your choice.

You can also count on a company that provides support to the service, which means that you do not have to face situations like those described at the beginning of this post, those of forms not sent due to lack of maintenance on the site.

Another benefit of online chat is that it allows multiple people to be served at the same time, something that is not possible to do when using a phone, for example. This even speeds up response times.

One must be aware of the main causes of dissatisfaction in online care. However, more than that, it is very important that you have the knowledge and the **necessary tools ** to fight them. In that sense, online chat can contribute a lot to your business.

So, consider installing Websites Are Us for free on your page and, if you want to check out more content like this, visit the iClips blog, the all-in-one agency management solution!

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