The digital consumer expects to find several service channels when accessing his company page, such as email, online chat, phone number, among other points of contact. Among the various channels, online chat stands out as the preferred means of service for online consumers, due to its features designed to help you win customers.

However, as we mentioned, you cannot abandon the other means of service, in fact, your business must optimize them to ensure that consumers have a positive and personalized experience regardless of the channel chosen.

Today, email is still able to please at least 61% of consumers, however, it is the telephone service that asks for a little more attention, being considered the channel with the lowest satisfaction rate when compared to the others. It is precisely to improve your customers’ perception of the phone that we call attention to a tool designed to help you overcome this challenge.

It’s time to find out what Callback is and how it can benefit your business, find out how it impacts online consumers and help your team satisfy them by telephone. If you are looking for a Callback solution for your page, check out Websites Are Us’s differentials and also take advantage of our online chat.

What is Callback?

Essentially, Callback is a tool that enables the automatic return of calls to your customers, helping to control the flow of calls and increasing the efficiency of your customer service team.

It is usually displayed as an icon within the page of your business, where the customer can request the return by phone, which will be carried out as soon as an operator is available.

In fact, a callback tool, together with online chat, is able to entirely replace the need to offer a call center to the digital consumer.

How does it work?

In practice, when accessing your page and clicking on the callback icon, or even requesting a call from within your online chat window, the visitor will be able to inform their own phone number and request a call from their attendants.

The best tools are also able to display, when is the average time, or even the exact time to wait for the visitor in question to receive the call through the telephone number informed, where your team can offer assistance or solve problems according to the need of the customer.

In addition, we must draw attention to the fact that the telephone number informed can be registered immediately within your base or CRM system, helping to generate leads for your business.

What is Callback and how it works

How does Callback benefit your business?

First, it is important to recognize that the callback can be used in different ways, for different strategies in your business. In fact, depending on the flow of visitors to your page and the number of calls received, you can choose to only activate the callback option at times you deem necessary, such as on special dates: Black Friday, Consumer Day, among others.

Regardless of how you choose to use the tool in your business, the callback has multiple benefits, both for customers and for your own team. Meet some of them below.

Eliminates waiting time

One of the main reasons why telephone service has the lowest satisfaction rate is exactly the waiting time on the line. Whether waiting to be served by the first operator, going through an automated service unit or even waiting for the transfer between sectors, all this waiting can really ruin the consumer experience, frustrating him.

With Callback, this waiting time on the line will be completely eliminated, allowing the customer to continue performing their activities naturally while waiting for the first available representative to call automatically.

According to the statistics presented by HelpScout, 66% of consumers say that having their own time valued is one of the most important aspects that a company must offer to guarantee a good experience through customer service.

Optimizes service speed

Eliminating waiting time also means optimizing the speed of telephone service. Response time is one of the most important metrics and has the greatest impact on customers’ perception of service.

In the digital environment, you always need to take into account how your visitors and customers can reach your competitors’ page within seconds, with just a few clicks. Therefore, making the customer wait means giving them time to leave their page and find other offers in the competition.

If even with the callback, you are still not able to answer the number of calls within the shortest possible time, it may be time to consider hiring more operators for your team.

Increases your team’s efficiency

Unlike the call center, the callback is a service channel accessible only through its own page, either directly, through an icon or button that takes the visitor to the panel, or via the chat window itself, as mentioned earlier.

Eliminating waiting time on the line, especially during a call transfer, is a way to prevent the customer from giving up on the call and disconnecting the call, wasting all the time dedicated to the call and the effort of your team.

With the callback, you will be contacting those who really want to speak to one of their representatives on the phone. After all, the initiative comes from the consumer himself, who will already be satisfied with the convenience of not having his activities interrupted while waiting.

System integrated to your service platform

The best callback tools are integrated into your service platform, often alongside online chat and other channels, especially in an omnichannel service strategy.

This means that the data or even recording of the service performed will be stored in a single location, so that your team can access the history quickly, without having to switch between multiple platforms.

What is Callback and how it helps satisfy customers

How to install Callback in my business?

Now that you know the benefits and potential that a callback tool presents in terms of valuing customer time, ensuring satisfaction and improving the perception of the service provided and also of your company as a whole, it’s time to consider install this solution on your business page.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far! Websites Are Us has a complete and robust Callback tool, which can be integrated with your omnichannel service platform, along with online chat. With it, you will be able to offer a new service channel designed to help you turn visitors into customers.

Is Callback paid?

Through Websites Are Us, you can use the tool regardless of the version you are using, be it professional or free. The callback tool is paid separately, in the form of credits that are used for each call made. That is, you only need to pay for what you will be using!

How to activate Callback in Websites Are Us?

If you already use Websites Are Us on your page, activating the callback is really very simple! Just follow our complete and detailed tutorial with images to start using this function on your page right now!

Remember, many consumers still prefer to have a phone conversation with one of their representatives before making their purchase decision. Therefore, do not miss more opportunities to be able to please all visitors by offering a complete service ecosystem on your business page!

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