Conversion Rate (conversion rate) is the percentage of users who reach a web page and take the actions you want them to take.For example, subscribing to the newsletter with name and e-mail address, purchasing process, downloading an application, requesting callbacks or requesting a service provided by your business. Whatever you want your visitors to do, it should be measured and optimized.

There are 7 important areas to consider for Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • A / B and diversity tests
  • Having a structural approach
  • Customer visit analysis
  • Optimization copy
  • Online survey / customer feedback
  • Basket cancellation analysis
  • Segmentation (tag of the site for data analysis)

Why your business needs CRO (conversion rate optimization) after determining the basic ones. Let’s examine these steps.

What is Conversion Rate

Web Site Design Can Always Be Improved

Even if you have agreed with a world-class web design firm for your website in the past few years, it is likely that conversion processes are known to be developed and simplified, a better user experience can be offered, which means better results for your business.

Win Customer Type

Naturally, you want to win users who are interested in your product so that they are prone to be loyal customers in the future and will recommend you to their environment.

Pay Advertising Becomes More Competitive And Expensive

It does not make sense to invest more and more money in pay-per-click campaigns if you are not able to get back that can perfectly meet that. Rate Optimization (CRO) works with what you have, the carpet targets the specified conditions and starts to see serious results.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Doubling Conversion Rates means reducing customer acquisition costs by half, reducing new customer costs by 50%.

Be Cheap

CRO takes full advantage of your current traffic. This means that you don’t have to constantly invest money in paid advertising campaigns, you simply need to do a better job of converting when users come to your site. Conversion Rate Optimization will increase the recycling rate in your current market spending and increase the Convert rate percentage of existing visitors.

Increase Your Income

Your income is closely linked to the Conversion Rate, which is because you do not overpay for each individual Convert.

More Resources are Provided for Other Expenditures

You use your revenue to effective marketing strategies to gain more customers.

Make Good Use of Visitors’ Focus Time

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on the website. This means that users are offered what they are looking for as quickly as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to offer an experience that they will enjoy. They prefer to continue with you instead of your competitors. As the web development firm makes adjustments to your website, you will discover that you have started to get rid of unnecessary elements on various pages. Your website will be focused on easily finding what customers are looking for instead of useless information bombardment.