Guerrilla marketing term, It was created in 1984 by an American advertising manager and writer Jay Conrad Levinson. The essence of the concept is the art of attracting consumers’ attention. Guerrilla marketing, an effective advertising strategy that has been practiced for almost thirty years, is a way to promote products and services using innovative methods. Guerrilla marketing strategy is a publicity-oriented promotion strategy. For marketers with a big dream but a small budget, guerrilla marketing is extremely attractive. And in guerrilla marketing, it’s all about thinking unorthodox.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing has proven to be extremely useful for businesses of all sizes. Our focus is on using imagination and time, as the company needs to spend very little on running campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing strategies (advertisements in television, radio and newspapers), it is difficult to measure the results of guerrilla marketing using data and statistics. However, brands often watch an increase in sales or visits to various social media platforms to measure their impact to a large extent.

The Importance of Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing aims to attract both new and old customers and influence them to purchase products / services. For example, if you sell coffee beans to customers, you can offer free cookie packages to anyone who shares the reference code with two friends. It will not only gain two more customers, but also old customer loyalty. Guerrilla marketing allows you to be interesting even while increasing customer participation with your brand. Using it well can benefit you in unimaginable ways.

Probability of Being Viral

Social media primarily manages the world we live in. It is easy to attract the attention of dynamic customers. However, you need to create content that allows you to be viral to make sure you get them right. It is easy to viral; all you have to do is to include the latest trends in your guerrilla marketing, create compelling content and put it on various social media channels. This will do your job. The more innovative your content is, the higher your chances of going viral. Guerrilla marketing is extremely attractive in this sense; it’s about being unique; about being creative; it’s about getting the right effect.

Some Information About Guerilla Marketing

One requirement you need to fulfill in guerrilla marketing is to get to know your target audience as well as possible. It is very important to describe your people perfectly, because this is essential because you need to know which aspects you can renew to implement creative actions and how the public will be well affected.

Another requirement you will not forget is planning. Any business strategy needs to be planned.

Guerrilla marketing is based on the use of different and disruptive strategies, and care must be taken. When applying risky techniques, you should remember that the risks are higher than a traditional strategy. This means that you need to be aware of every move and its consequences (possible high effects).


The biggest wall in front of the targets is the wall built in your mind.

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