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Horn Effect; is the situation where the environment cannot trust the person, the person, the brand or the authorities after one or more negative events. In addition, there are side effects such as not seeing / accepting all other positive features.

Let’s clarify the issue with a simple example. We can say that the person who is at the back of the education process, does not do homework, is late, has frequent discussions with his environment, has brought those who know him under the influence of Horn. This situation can be valid for the person himself. The person can take himself to the Horn Effect and be biased towards any subject he can easily accomplish. In addition, it becomes unable to see / accept all the other good and beautiful features.

Could your brand be under the influence of Horn?

Your business you own Horn Effect Have you ever thought about the idea that it might be under? Even your advertisement that you published from your cargo personnel may have started Horn Effect in your potential customers. Has mass declines started to occur in your sales recently? Are the social media ads you run not interacting as before? This and similar problems may have arisen due to the Horn Effect.

So how do you understand this? After reaching the source of the problem, can you save your audience from this effect? If you wish, let us examine how we can pull you out of this negative situation by immediately addressing these issues.

Investigate Horn Effect in Two Main Parts!

Horn Effect it may be located in two main categories. The first is in one of your company’s running processes. In other words, the personal complexes of your staff or the behavior and actions of your managers may have caused this effect. If you encounter such a situation, you should go into more detail and deepen the research.

According to the researches, Horn Effect, which occurs within the company, reveals that it is caused by the personal involvement of the “inferiority complex”. To summarize, a staff member may have started to think that he would be embarrassed by not being able to do the job given to him because of the intensity, heavyness or negative criticism of his manager. We can say that the real reason for the embarrassment that emerged in this part is the Horn Effect.

If your staff is caught by the Horn Effect for any reason (thinking as a staff may be wrong in some cases. The Horn Effect may have occurred as a community.) If you are affected by the Horn Effect, your work flow process will not reach, it will not look professional or completed as before. As such, problems such as delays, shipping errors occur in your products. The increase in the customers who have indirect problems in your sales directly affects your sales and starts to decrease.

How to Detect Horn Effect on Personnel Side?

  1. If you are not sure about how it works, you should first master the whole process.
  2. You can contact your managers one-on-one and ask how they behave to the staff or watch them for a long time.
  3. If you are a manufacturing factory, you can observe at which stage the line slows down or you can find out by researching.
  4. When you notice the part where the line slows, you can chat directly with the staff working there or observe it for a long time.
  5. When you identify a person or people, you should set a strategy and start working on what is called “Proactive Management” to eliminate the impact.

The technique you have read above is known as the “Circle Narrowing” technique, which is often used by police officers. You can reach the main source of problem by constantly narrowing the circle.

How to Repair Horn Effect on Personnel Side?

  1. Firstly Horn Effect you should examine at what stage the trapped personnel slowed the production line.
  2. The staff may think that they do not deserve the work they are interested in, they cannot do it with high quality, and they cannot raise it on time. As a second step, you have to identify which of these thoughts have been caught.
  3. You should have a private conversation with him at once, and you can have a motivational conversation saying that you trust him to do the job well.
  4. You can speed up the passing of the effect by taking actions that will frequently motivate your staff after a private chat.

Thanks to the above items, you can remove the staff or group of staff after a while from the Horn Effect and ensure that they perform at the maximum level as before. What if the Impact is not on staff side but on the customer side?

Potential Customer Population Influenced by Horn

While this danger has been lower in recent years, the fact that everyone is using instant social media has increased the strength of the danger. The fact that individuals who actively use social media can transfer information to each other at the same time started to pose a danger to brands. For this reason, the number and speed of customers affected by Horn Effect has increased in a direct proportion.

An Example of the Past When a Potential Customer is Influenced by a Horn!

In the past years, a wire was removed from the construction product of a beverage company after some time. This became a major problem, the brand was unable to manage the crisis and had serious problems. Hundreds of thousands of people after this incident Influenced by the Horn and he showed an attitude that refused to consume the drink of that company. (The brand name is not given due to the possibility of the crisis reoccurring.)

This example that we have given is of course an extreme example. In addition, your customer base may suffer from this effect due to simpler errors. To prevent this, “Is this or is it?” By manipulating it, you can reduce the potential impact that is likely to occur.

If we need to open our example a little bit, no matter how much you pay attention, your product can be shipped to the wrong address or you may have a problem like the beverage company we explained in our previous example. Although this situation is very natural in business life, unfortunately, customers are quickly affected by the Horn Effect. Considering this situation, it is very important to place tiny gifts in each order, write a letter in the order box and create a smile on the customer’s face with dozens of surprises like this. Thanks to such surprises, the Horn Effect, which may occur in an error that your company can not make consciously, will be prevented.

What Is It Or This Technique?

Is it or is this? The persuasion technique psychologically dictates that one should choose an option. For example, to a friend, “Do you want to drink tea? Do you want to drink coffee? Or would you like to drink soda? ” If you make the option more than two, it will probably have a hard time making decisions and will change preferences several times. But “Is he or is this?” If you limit the preference option to two using the technique and make one side dominant, the person’s choice will usually be the one you want.

You should use this technique in all your orders. For example, you can place a small chocolate and / or a letter written in the order box with a thank you. Besides, seriously, if you ship the product in a beautiful appearance, the customer will choose to remain silent and even satisfied by accepting that such errors may occur instead of reacting in case of possible negativity.

The Importance of Crisis Management

The examples and recommendations we provide are mostly Horn Effect should be used to prevent or reduce the condition. If all this chocolate delivery, letter writing and all other extras could not reduce the reaction of the Horn Effect caused by the error, the only thing you need to do after that stage is “Crisis Management” studies. Since crisis management is a completely separate field and a whole set of studies, we will examine it as a new content in the future. If you have any questions, you can reach us through any channel and get support.

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