Videos play an essential role in our connected society, greatly influenced by the evolution of the digital world. The majority of companies adapt their marketing strategy to add videos to their site. This allows them to get to the goal faster, to show their activity, to better capture the attention of their audience. This medium, very malleable and relevant, is particularly valuable for your business, because it is more attractive than words or simple images.

A video improves the natural referencing and the ranking of your site on search engines. You wonder how? We see that right away.

Why are videos so popular?

The best videos are usually short and fun. Like film trailers, they are there to inspire the visitor. The process is the same for your business: a video is a clear and concise medium, which should give a lot of information about your business, in a minimum of time.

Some figures on the impact of the video format?

In a way… aptly pictured, it is often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Starting from this principle, we therefore obtain, at the rate of 30 images per second, a total of 30,000 images for a video of 60 seconds. This minute therefore represents a total of 1.8 million words to present your business.

Videos are powerful storytellers. They tell a story that will more easily stay in mind, and last longer than just words on a screen. 80% of internet users remember seeing a video during the current month, and more than half of these users followed the information it contained. Have you ever wanted to do or buy something just by watching an advertisement on TV? This is normal: that is the purpose of advertising, and the power of video.

The experience of the target user is also something to take into account. The videos say everything we need to know through a clever mix of visual effects, sounds and movement. They are available on many media, including smartphones, which account for 60% of video viewing.

Some examples of the impact of video

Everyone remembers the famous groundhog Milka, which puts the chocolate in the aluminum foil. This video is still available on YouTube and was recently picked up by the company with a role reversal to present their new product.

milka video

We also remember the ad of Nestle for his yogurts ChocoSuis’, with the famous Mauritius goldfish, which ate all the ChocoSuis’ ! Or the pubs for Tictac, always full of colors and rich in music.

Today, experts predict that videos will represent more than 80% of internet content consumed in 2021. This support is boosted by mobile phones, smart speakers (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and voice searches (Windows Cortana). Adding videos can only bring beneficial results to your business.

How can videos help you boost your SEO?

Always keen to better understand user requests, the giant Google has created an algorithm called Hummingbird. This algorithm allows you to change the way the search engine works. Rather than focusing on the keywords, he will want to understand the real intention of the user, find the real answer he is looking for.

When creating a video, you have to think about the question it will answer. Whenever possible, Google answers questions what and How? ‘Or’ What with videos, posing as a suggestion, instant response, or a results page that includes only videos. Try the experience, if you haven’t already!

serp referencing videos

If your video provides a relevant answer to a specific question, it will allow your site to rise in the search engine ranking.

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How do videos help boost your Google SEO?

You have very little time to convince a visitor to stay on your site. A video offers you an undeniable chance of retaining this visitor longer than the average, because he has to watch it entirely (or in part) to see the information it contains. Video also allows better absorption of this information.

It is estimated that a visitor spends 2.6 times less time on a website that does not have a video. However, the longer this visitor stays, the more search engines can see the value of your video, and realize that your site is trustworthy. This is how they give you a better place in their rankings.

The more your video pleases, the more time the visitor will spend exploring your site, to see all the offers. This increases your number of views, and decreases your bounce rate. A video provides answers in seconds, and drives the user to stay on your site.

Some examples of the impact of video on SEO

The sites Oasen and The Yacht Company display videos at the bottom of their home pages that showcase their products in a simple and effective way. Videos are therefore solutions to increase visibility.

In addition, Internet users tend to click more on pages presenting videos in response to their search. As a result, if your video appears on Google, you increase clicks and visits to your site. Add to that an update from Google, which displays more information about your site and its content, so that users know where they are going before clicking.

Little more for the visibility of your video: choose a preview image. This is a very important step, because this image sometimes says more about your video than a long description or a long title.

If your video is a hit, people are likely to share it on social media, and on their own websites / blogs. This is another very important factor, as it creates back links, or backlinks, which increase your credibility with search engines. By posting your video on a third party site like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or other, you get backlinks which guarantee you a qualitative frequentation, with a link to your site under the information of your channel / under the description of the video. A perfect video leads to mass sharing from any other site.

Even if you don’t have enough clicks on your video, showing your logo there can bring you views, and impose your brand on search engines.

Unsurprisingly, Google is the largest search engine. He likes brands that fill all the categories offered by Google My Business: Google rewards them with a place in the Local Pack. Companies that show up with images, articles and messages are higher in the ranking than those that provide the bare minimum. So imagine what adding a video could do for you!

Creating an engaging video that explains how your business works in under 30 seconds and adding it to Google My Business gives you an edge over all of your competitors.

Remember: the more recent your multimedia content, the more clicks you will get, and the more visitors will engage. In addition, Google keeps an eye on you via your listings.

Their immersive nature, combined with their use and popularity, make videos a booming medium that is not about to slow down. People prefer to watch videos that they will remember: this is where the success of your marketing strategy lies!

To conclude, let’s remember that videos are not only used for their marketing potential, but also for their SEO advantages. They have proven their effectiveness by increasing the visibility of brands, by attracting more visitors, and by raising sites in the ranking of search engines.

Paying for the production of a video can therefore bring you great results, both in SEO strategy and in your marketing perspective. Making it a priority can only benefit you!

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