WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps in the world, ranking first in London in its category. According to Statista, the app has more than 500 million daily users in several countries and offers a simple and practical interface that you probably already know well.

As a real-time online communication application, several companies now offer WhatsApp as a true service channel. However, the standard application is not ideal for this purpose.

That is exactly why, in order to serve through the app, it is better to start using the business version of the tool: WhatsApp Business.

In this article we present what WhatsApp Business is, how it works, how to start using it and also give usage tips and talk about the limitations of the app in customer service – you will like to check it out, come on!

What is WhatsApp Business

As we mentioned, WhatsApp Business is the dedicated business and business version of the messaging app. This version was officially launched in London in 2018.

It brings an interface really similar to the standard app and is as simple to use as, but it offers improvements and features that can impact the quality of service offered by this channel.

Accessing the official page of the application, you can download it for free for your Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Only on Google Play, for Android, the version of WhatsApp for business already has more than 100 million downloads worldwide while still managing to maintain excellent ratings.

Considering how easy it is to create a WhatsApp link or offer a widget for the application on your business page, it is not difficult to understand why so many companies already work with this version.

WhatsApp Business installation screen on mobile devices

How WhatsApp Business works: what’s the difference?

After knowing what WhatsApp Business is, you should probably be wondering what are the differences between this version and the standard application used by millions of Brazilians.

In addition to presenting essentially all the features offered by normal WhatsApp, the Business version has new features to help you organize communication with your customers, such as:

Business profile

After creating a business profile in the application, you will be able to fill in information about your own company and make it available to contacts, such as address, description of activities, email address and your company’s website.

This way, new potential customers can quickly identify your business before they even start a conversation.

In addition, you can select your type of business profile from the options:

  • Verified Account: WhatsApp Business validation that your brand is legitimate and recognized in the market in which it operates;

  • Account confirmed: validation that the information entered in your business profile does correspond to the official data of the company;

  • Business account: if your account is not listed as verified or confirmed, it will be considered a business account – to get the above confirmations, fill in all relevant information about your business.

Quick answers

Quick responses are an essential feature of any professional online chat tool – Websites Are Us itself offers this feature, for example.

With them, you can set up shortcuts to send entire sentences to your customers without wasting time writing them down frequently.

Take advantage of the quick answers to answer frequently asked questions quickly, such as informing your opening hours, sending a link to your pages on social networks, etc.

Hang tags

Organizing your calls through the standard app can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a unique business phone number.

Fortunately, through WhatsApp Business, you can do this easily with tags for your conversations. You can create bookmarks to categorize your calls as:

  • New customer

  • Send budget

  • Awaiting payment

  • Negotiation completed

All of this helps you to improve the quality of online service, offered through the application.

WhatsApp Business Tagging feature for business

Automatic messages

It is possible to create automatic messages that will be sent to contacts in specific situations, such as to welcome new consumers or to inform you that you are absent.

This type of automation is not present in the normal version of the application and can help you to control the demand for care more easily.

How to start using WhatsApp Business

Getting started with the business version of WhatsApp is extremely simple. First, you must download the official app directly through Google Play or the App Store, or by accessing the links available on the official WhatsApp Business page.

After installing normally, if you already have the default app installed on your device, the app will ask if you want to sync the information between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

Stay tuned: it’s possible use a different number in WhatsApp Business than the one already used in your account in the standard app – even if it’s on the same device. This is ideal for those who use devices with 2 chips or have a company business phone number.

Set up your business profile in the app and you are ready to start using WhatsApp Business in your business. Do not miss our tips on how to sell more on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is available for businesses that want to reach the full potential of the enterprise version of the application.

It is suitable for medium and large companies and allows the development of solutions capable of further improving the quality of service offered through the app, such as:

  • Automation of message sending, such as for purchase confirmations, product shipments, etc;

  • Chat buttons to streamline service;

  • Sending push notifications;

  • Chatbots with automatic messages;

However, it is worth remembering that Facebook – a developer of WhatsApp since its purchase in 2014 – does not allow the sending of promotional content or advertisements through automatic messages.

In addition, through the WhatsApp Business API, you can count on integrations with other tools, such as Facebook Ads – the social network’s ad platform.

To register as a partner and start enjoying the API solutions, visit the official page and check all the details.

How to use WhatsApp Business Web

You can access the application panel directly through the browser on your desktop or laptop. The process is simple and allows you to synchronize messages in real time between your mobile device, tablet and computer. Check it step by step:

  1. First, just go to the web.whatsapp.com page.

  2. Now on your mobile device, on the Conversations, click the three dots icon (Options) and select the option WhatsApp Web;

  3. Use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code presented on the page opened in your browser and ready, the synchronization will be performed.

WhatsApp Business API

Application limitations

Answering through WhatsApp can be worth it for a very simple reason: your customers probably use the app. As data from Statista point out, in 2019, 91% of Brazilians who have the app installed on their cell phones said they use it several times a day, at different times.

However, the application still has some limitations for companies and, therefore, it is important to consider integrating it with a professional service tool or at least working with an online chat solution in parallel, directly on your page.

Limited metrics and reporting

WhatsApp Business does not offer complex details of the services provided. In general, you will be able to check the number of messages sent, received and answered, but you will not be able to easily assess service metrics such as response time or even the satisfaction index.

Single access

Another major problem presented by WhatsApp Business for businesses that do not have access to the application API is the fact that you are able to register only a single account and, essentially, are unable to work with simultaneous access for several operators.

If you have a service team, you would need to register a business number for each operator to track their work – and they would not be able to easily transfer calls and calls between accounts.

Therefore, if your goal is not to meet all the demand in your business alone, it is important to consider installing a professional online chat tool on your page, as is the case with Websites Are Us itself.

Soon, integrate WhatsApp Business with Websites Are Us!

Soon you will also be able to integrate your WhatsApp Business profile with Websites Are Us to take advantage of all the features offered by a professional customer service tool, such as detailed performance reports, service metrics and more.

Thus, your team will not need to use different applications to track messages – they will be able to track calls coming from different sources, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber and the chat itself on your page through a unique tool.

Finally, if you don’t yet offer Websites Are Us to chat with customers directly from within your business page, it’s time to install for free and be sure to check out why it’s worth investing in a professional online chat!

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