Today, customers want to have their problems resolved and their questions answered as quickly as possible. There are many ways to provide customer service that is quick and responsive, through different channels. An online chat is a great example of this, offering the best response time among digital solutions. Even so, it is important to make sure that your operators are not overwhelmed with simple questions from visitors who have low chances of conversion.

That is exactly why you should consider making a knowledge base available in your ecommerce. With it, you will be able to refine the quality of customers who request assistance directly from their service channels and, at the same time, provide support self-service to your visitors. Learn more about how a knowledge base can benefit your business.

But remember, support self-service it does not replace human service. So be sure to answer in real time with Websites Are Us on your page.

What is a knowledge base?

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what a knowledge base is, what it is for and how you can build your own.

A knowledge base is essentially a self-service area for your visitors containing detailed information about your products, services, departments, payment methods or just about any data that people need about your company before making their purchase decision.

There are different ways to create a knowledge base, the main ones are:


An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, or frequently asked questions) is one of the most popular ways to make a knowledge base available on your site. After collecting the frequently asked questions asked by your visitors and customers during customer service sessions, you can answer them within a FAQ page, allowing future visitors to find the same answers without having to use their customer service channels.

Guides and tutorials

This knowledge base model is especially useful when the product, system or service that your company offers requires at least a little technical knowledge on the part of the customer in order to be used correctly. Providing installation guides and usability manuals in this scenario is a great way to help your customers use their products correctly.

Forums and questions and answers

Here, your own customers can share information, answer questions and present their opinions about your products to other visitors. It’s a great way to create an environment where your customers can help each other without having to take control of one of your operators. However, remember that it is important to be aware that topics or questions are not left unanswered.

Forums are rarely used in online stores, however, a well-designed question and answer area or customer reviews can serve as a knowledge base for your products. Amazon itself works this way in the area of ​​”Questions and answers from customers” within the product page itself.

Knowledge Base in Your Ecommerce What It Is

Benefits of providing a knowledge base

It is true that we can easily identify how a knowledge base can help new visitors and customers answer their questions during their journey. However, * self-service * is not the only benefit of making a knowledge base available on your ecommerce page.

Reinforces confidence in your brand

Having a knowledge base on your page is a great way to show that your company is committed to ensuring that your visitors feel safe and have access to critical information before finalizing their purchases.

Whether it’s details about your payment methods, delivery rates or guides and tutorials on how to use your products, your customers will be pleased to be able to quickly consult this information without having to contact their support team.

Consequently, a knowledge base helps to build confidence in your company. Ensuring the reliability of your brand is a crucial factor for success, especially for new ecommerces trying to enter highly competitive niche markets.

Helps qualify leads in service

As mentioned earlier, letting your visitors and customers find answers without having to contact their representatives directly is an excellent way to increase the chances of converting a lead who really needs to use the service.

It is important to remember that a knowledge base does not replace your service channels, it serves to complement them, affecting the performance of your team and decreasing the service load – especially on holidays and peak days.

You still need to keep your other channels available, such as email, phone, callback and of course, online chat. It is useless to think that your knowledge base will be able to answer all your doubts and, in addition, not offering the other channels in your ecommerce prevents your team from offering personalized support to your customers and walking them through your funnel. of sales.

She serves her own company

Even if you make a knowledge base available, it is true that not all of your visitors will use it to get answers to trivial questions. This means that, even though the answers to your questions are available and easily accessible, your team still needs to be prepared to assist them.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that your knowledge base is not exclusively used by visitors and can serve your own support team, either as a source of information and reference to deal with different issues, or even as a complementary tool during the training process for new operators.

Keep your knowledge base up to date

While having an organized and up-to-date knowledge base can increase the satisfaction of your visitors, an out-of-date base will actually damage your company’s reputation.

Your knowledge base needs to be updated and fed regularly to stay relevant to your potential customers. Gather information from your customer service team about new issues or problems that require frequent attention and include them in your existing knowledge base.

In addition, if you stop offering any of your services or stop working with specific products, remember to remove any outdated information related to your knowledge base. Be it a FAQ or a page with guides and tutorials, make sure that all information is correct and does not cause frustration or cause additional problems for your customers.

It is also worth remembering that your knowledge base can also be recognized as content by search engines, so take this opportunity to improve the SEO of your ecommerce and increase the relevance of your store.

Transform your customers’ shopping experience with Websites Are Us

Now that you know how a knowledge base can be useful for your ecommerce and you are also aware that it will not replace your customer service channels, be sure to invest in a platform that can help you provide a personalized and unique shopping experience. for each visitor.

With Websites Are Us, you can use visitor monitoring to quickly identify when a customer is accessing your knowledge base and, from there, send a proactive invitation calling you to a chat session, where your team can better understand your questions and offer the best solutions, increasing your chances of conversion and allowing you to truly turn visitors into customers.

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