Wix is ​​known for being the most affordable website creation solution on the market. If you are reading this article, you probably want to build your website quickly and easily, all on a limited budget.

What is the price of a site created with Wix? This is the subject of the day! At the end of this article, you will be able to estimate the total cost of creating your Wix site.

We will start by presenting you in detail the price and content of the different paid subscriptions of Wix. But since the price of a Wix site is not limited to the subscription price, we will review the other costs to take into account.

What is the price of a Wix subscription? [Les abonnements Wix passés à la moulinette]

Wix is ​​a freemium website creation software. This means that there is a free (lifetime) version of Wix and paid versions. More precisely, there are 7 paying formulas. Each subscription meets specific needs that we will detail. The objective of this part is to detail the prices of Wix subscriptions but also to help you choose the right one!

Some details on premium subscriptions to get started:

  • Wix offers a 14 day money back guarantee. If you opt for a premium subscription, you can opt out in a few clicks within the limits of the first 14 days. It’s good to know !
  • Whichever subscription you choose, you have access to the Wix site template library and can create an unlimited number of pages.

Wix Free: Can we create a free site with Wix?

In a word, the answer is yes. You can use Wix for free. But Wix’s free plan is extremely limited. It is especially interesting to test the platform, see what we can do with it and become familiar with the interface before committing to a paid subscription (before boosting your site, in Wix language).

Here are the disadvantages of the free version of Wix:

  • Storage space and bandwidth are very limited (your site will be slowed down in case of too much traffic).
  • You don’t have a domain name. Your site URL is in the form: www.username.wixsite.com/adressedusiteweb/
  • Your site displays Wix ads (see screenshot below).
  • You cannot sell (no ecommerce).

wix advertising

For all these reasons, we would tend to recommend that you switch to a premium subscription if you are sure you want to use Wix to create your website.

Do you want to know more about Wix and its features? We invite you to discover our full Wix Review & Test.

All Wix premium subscriptions offer:

  • 100% free accommodation. Wix is ​​responsible for hosting your website on its servers, performing maintenance and ensuring its security.
  • A free domain name for the first year or the possibility of connecting your domain name if you already have one or buy elsewhere.
  • Free integration with Google Analytics, to be able to analyze in detail the statistics relating to the traffic of your website.
  • Storage space of 500 MB or more (depending on subscriptions) to store your texts, images, videos, etc.
  • Premium assistance: forum, help center, e-mail.

Wix now classifies its premium subscriptions into two categories:

  • Subscriptions to create a showcase site: Domain Connection, Basic, Unlimited, VIP.
  • Subscriptions to create an e-commerce site: Basic Business, Unlimited Business, Business VIP.

Let’s start with the “Website” subscriptions.

wix price

Domain Connection – € 5 per month: to create a more “personal” personal website

As we said, the free version of Wix ends up on sites that don’t look very “professional”. The inability to use a real domain name is problematic.

The Domain Connection formula (formerly Connect Domain) brings nothing more to the free version except that it allows you to connect your domain name and double the bandwidth (we go from 500 MB in the free formula at 1 GB in the Domain Connection form. On the other hand, in this formula the Wix advertisements do not disappear. And that is a shame.

This is why we invite you to discover the “Wix Basic” offer.

Wix Basic – € 9.50 per month: to create a personal website with more resources and without ads

Wix Basic is the new name for the “Combo” formula. The great advantage of this subscription over the previous one is that it finally gets rid of Wix ads. But it’s not the only thing Basic offers. Here are the other improvements compared to the Domain Connection formula:

  • We offer you a free domain name (for the first year).
  • You go from 1GB to 2GB of bandwidth. We could have waited for 5GB from Wix. 2 GB per month, it remains a very limited bandwidth. If you anticipate significant traffic on your website (several hundred visitors per day), the Basic subscription will quickly show these limits.
  • You go from 500 MB of storage to 3 GB, which is more than enough if you want a small website with less than 15 pages.

Wix Unlimited – € 13.50 per month: to avoid bandwidth problems

What is “unlimited” in this formula is the bandwidth. It’s a change in weight. Again, if you anticipate significant traffic on your website, the 2 GB of bandwidth offered by Wix Basic will quickly be a problem. With unlimited bandwidth, you can host an unlimited number of Internet users on your site.

Another change made by this formula, the maximum storage space increases to 10 GB.

The Wix Unlimited offer also gives access to two normally paid Wix applications:

  • Site Booster, designed to support you in improving the natural referencing of your website (SEO).
  • Visitor Analytics, which allows you to easily analyze your website traffic.

Tip: you can start with a Basic subscription and then switch to an Unlimited subscription. The change can be done at any time and at no cost.

The Unlimited subscription is ideal for small businesses, artisans and traders who do not want to do online sales.

Wix VIP – € 29 per month: to benefit from privileged support

Wix VIP offers a priority assistance service: your tickets and phone calls are treated as a priority. If you think you will often need to contact support and want lightning-fast responses, you might want to opt for this subscription.

The VIP subscription offers other advantages:

  • The storage space is doubled, from 10 GB to 20 GB.
  • You have access to the logo generator, which is a very interesting application of Wix. We say a few words about it in the full test we devoted to the software.

wix logo

Here are the three premium subscriptions offered to create an ecommerce site under Wix:

wix business awards

Wix Business Basic – € 20 per month: to test a business idea

If you want to sell products online, create an online store, you must opt ​​for one of the three “Business” plans offered by Wix. Note that Wix has until recently proposed a single ecommerce plan, soberly entitled: “Ecommerce”. The price structure has recently been completely overhauled. Note that these three formulas are all commission free. Wix does not take any percentage from your revenue, unlike other players (like Shopify to name a few). Other points in common between the three Business formulas: bandwidth is unlimited, you can connect your domain name and have access to the two applications seen above (Site Booster and Visitor Analytics).

If you want to create a standard, small online store, the Basic Business plan is an option to consider. This formula gives access to all ecommerce functionalities.

Wix Business Unlimited – € 20 per month: to create a professional online store

Here is what Business Unlimited adds in addition to Business Basic:

  • You are switching to a maximum storage space of 35 GB. This is an important point, especially if you plan to create a large online store.
  • You have free access to the logo generator.

Wix Business VIP – 35 € per month: to benefit from… VIP support!

Wix Business VIP is the most expensive plan. It is the equivalent of the VIP plan seen earlier. The main advantages it brings compared to the previous formula:

  • You go to 50 GB of maximum storage space, which is very significant.
  • Priority response: your tickets are treated as a priority.
  • VIP assistance: you can contact the support team by phone.

This subscription is made for you if you have a large online store and a certain budget (even if 35 € per month remains a largely manageable amount).

Now that you know what the price of Wix subscriptions is and what they contain, let’s emphasize one essential point: the price of your site is not limited to the price of the subscription!

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

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The price of a Wix site is not limited to the price of the subscription

To calculate the effective price of your Wix site, you must take into account other elements and not focus solely on the price of subscriptions. Creating a site under Wix has certain hidden costs.

# 1 The prices displayed are those of the annual subscriptions

First, let’s point out an important point: the prices of the subscriptions posted by Wix, which are the ones we have presented to you, are the ones that apply if you sign up for a year. If you prefer to pay monthly and not commit to the term, the prices are higher. Committing two years allows you to benefit from even more attractive prices. As you can see, the price differences are far from negligible:

wix annual award

Let us also remember that all the prices displayed by Wix are tax-free prices… Let us also note that you must necessarily commit for at least one year to be able to benefit from the free domain name and applications (Site Booster and Visitor Analytics).

Duration of engagement Domain login Basic Unlimited VIP Basic Business Business Unlimited Business VIP
Any € 8 13 € € 17 € 35 25 € € 32 € 40
1 year € 5 € 9.50 € 13.50 € 29 20 € 26 € € 35
2 year € 4.50 € 8 € 12 26 € € 17.50 23 € 30 €

# 2 The domain name is not free

The domain name corresponds to the address of your website. This is the URL that people should type in their browser’s search bar if they want to access your site. www.lafabriquedunet.fr is an example of a domain name. Having a domain name comes at a cost and you have to renew it every year.

Wix offers a free domain name for the first year, as long as you choose a subscription with a minimum commitment of one year. At the end of this first year, you will have to pay for the domain name to be able to keep it. Wix will automatically bill you for the renewal price.

Wix charges domain names € 12.95 for a two-year subscription or € 14.95 if you choose an annual subscription. Note that Wix does not sell .fr domains. If that’s what you want, you will need to purchase your domain name from another registrar and then connect it to your Wix site.

# 3 Wix does not provide email addresses

Wix does not offer an internal messaging service. In other words, if you want to obtain email addresses in “@ nomdedomaine.fr”, you will have to use another service. Wix offers integration with G Suite.

wix email

There is a charge for this service: the basic offer offered by GSuite costs € 5.20 per user per month. Which represents a certain budget for managing email addresses! The integration offered by Wix allows you to manage your email addresses directly from the Wix dashboard.

g suite prices

# 4 Many Wix applications are chargeable

This is a very important point, often overlooked, but a good number of Wix applications are paid, or rather freemium: that is to say available in free limited version and premium paid version. And the business model chosen by Wix is ​​that of the subscription. You cannot acquire an application once and for all, you must pay for your subscription every month. This is a cost item to take into account when calculating the price of your Wix site.

wix applications

For example, in the free version of the “Comments” application, you are limited to 10 comments. In other words, you will have to quickly switch to paid mode. Potentially, applications can represent a significant additional cost. Anticipate them well by listing all the applications you will need to run your website.

wix applications reviews

# 5 The storage space is not unlimited

No Wix subscription offers unlimited storage space, but the storage space offered is largely sufficient in 99% of cases. This is rarely a problem encountered, for the simple reason that the overwhelming majority of Wix sites have few pages.

However, your storage space can quickly reach its limit if you use a lot of media files, such as images or videos. This is particularly the case if you use the Basic formula (ex-Combo), which only offers 2 GB of storage space.

If you plan to import large image or video galleries, or include media files in most of your blog posts, you may at some point need to upgrade your Wix subscription. You have to anticipate it.

# 6 Predict the possible cost of Wix providers

Wix is ​​an editor of astonishing simplicity of use while being very rich from the point of view of its functionalities. This is why we are promoters of it. When you create a site under Wix, the idea is to create your site on your own like a big one, without having to use an agency or a freelance. This is the heart of Wix’s value proposition. But it may happen that we need the advice, the look, the answers of a platform expert.

The good news is that Wix has a large community of certified freelance designers. They are accessible from the Wix Arena platform. But using these experts is obviously not free.

wix arena


Wix subscriptions cost between € 4.50 to € 40 per month depending on the plan and duration of engagement chosen. But we have seen that the price of a Wix site is not limited to this cost. Other elements must be taken into account:

  • The domain name,
  • Email addresses (if you want addresses at @ nomdedomaine.fr),
  • Paid applications,
  • The remuneration of a Wix expert graphic designer if you wish to be accompanied in the creation or improvement of your Wix site.

We hope this article has brought you the answers you have been waiting for. If you still have doubts or questions, feel free to use the comment space.

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