If you are looking for a tool to gain more “real” followers on Instagram, but not only that, the Combin solution might be just the one for you. We tested the main features of Combin to write this full review.

We will present this solution in a few words, then the offers and rates offered. We will then zoom in on the 6 main features of this tool. Finally, we will give you our opinion on Combin.

The Combin solution in a few words

Combin markets its services as an “Instagram marketing tool for fast and secure growth,” according to its website. Combin is a smart tool to rock your marketing power on Instagram. More comments, likes, followers and general engagement, this is what Combin promises. Combin is a desktop application that you need to download to your Windows PC, Mac or Linux system. When you launch the app, you need to sign in with an account (it supports multiple accounts depending on the plan you choose) that you want to promote. The interface is very simple to use, easy to operate and intuitive. The Combin application allows you to search for people interested in your niche by:

  • Location
  • Hashtags
  • Username
  • Publication date
  • Number of likes and subscribers

It is also possible to search using advanced filters. You can also follow or send a message to your target audience but also schedule your posts and your stories according to the chosen package. Here are the different offers available and the corresponding prices:

Offers & Prices

At Combin, you can subscribe to 2 types of service: Combin Growth, increase in the number of followers, search for users thanks to advanced filters etc. and Combin Scheduler for programming posts, stories or even rests.

The above rates are the Combin Growth rates. You have the choice between three packages:

  • The plan Starter which is completely free. You will be able to manage an Instagram account, have 50 search results for publications, 25 results for users and a limit of 100 daily actions.
  • The plan Staff at € 18 per month, you will also have access to detailed statistics, unlimited actions in the application, automatic tasks or even 1000 search results for publications and users.
  • Finally, the plan Business at 36 € per month, where you will have the same functionality as with the Personal plan but where you will be able to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts.

Regarding Combin Scheduler, here are the details of the offers:

  • The offer Starter is free. You can schedule 3 publications per week, up to 15 stories per week, upload images in batches or even benefit from the location tag.
  • The plan Staff at 8.40 € / month where you can schedule publications and stories without any limit.
  • Finally, the plan Business at 25.20 € / month where you will have the same possibilities as with the Personal plan but where you will be able to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts.

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Zoom on 6 functionalities to manage and develop the audience of your Instagram with Combin

Here are the 6 main features of Combin to help you develop your Instagram account:

The research

The “search” tab, located in the left menu, is the starting point for growing your Instagram account.

Here you can start your search by hashtag, by location, by date of publication, by gender or by user name. For example, if you add #tourism, Combin will bring you the latest publications with this hashtag in chronological order. You can then like, comment or even follow the people who published these posts. No need to do it post by post, Combin saves you time by liking and commenting en masse.

Combin scrupulously follows the daily limits imposed by Instagram in terms of likes, comments and follow.

Managing your audience

Combin also has a feature that allows you to manage your audience. With the audience management feature, you can manage your followers and the accounts you follow in one tab. This tool allows you to discover the accounts that you follow that do not follow you in return. You can also find new users by simply watching your competitors’ subscribers and communicating with them directly from the Combin interface. In addition, you can bulk subscribe and unsubscribe to increase the number of followers in your Instagram account, very quickly.


The statistics on Combin are quite detailed. First, at the top right, you can choose to see your statistics for the last 30 days, the last week, or just the last day. You can see the total number of your subscribers, the number of subscribers you earn per day on average, the number of likes on your publications or the number of comments. These statistics are the overall statistics for your account. But, you also have access to the statistics of likes, followers or comments won thanks to the activity that you will have had directly from Combin.

The programming of your publications

With Combin Scheduler, you can schedule all the Instagram posts you want. Convenient isn’t it? Add your caption, location, a link to the bio, and the date and time the post should be posted. Don’t forget your photo (which you can modify) as well as tag the accounts you want, and voila. Obviously, once the post is programmed, it is published automatically.

Programming your stories

If you haven’t already entered, Combin is a time-saving tool! Your stories are no exception to this rule. Indeed, one-by-one story planning is far too time-consuming. How much allows you to drag and drop a whole series of images in order to transform them into stories that you will program all at once.

The reposts

Do you want to repost a publication you like? The Repost functionality of Combin is for you. Just paste the post link and all of the text and hashtags from this post will magically appear! The mention “reposted from @…. Will also appear to clarify that this is indeed a repost. Again, you can add a location, link, etc. and thus schedule your repost.

Our opinion on Combin

Combin is one of the only tools on the market that will offer you this type of functionality. Programming of publications or stories, gaining fast followers or even advanced filtering via hashtag etc. it’s a great tool for anyone who wants to grow their business through Instagram.

  • Easy to download and extremely simple to use. You will discover and understand all of its features in no time.
  • It’s a huge time saver when planning mass publications and stories.
  • You can also comment and like other posts directly from Combin.
  • Quality and powerful filtering via hashtag, localization etc.
  • The FAQ page is a real lifeline. If you get stuck, you can easily find the answer to your problem.
  • You can only use the program if you download it. There are security measures in place but there is always a risk.
  • No 24/7 customer service. They offer a FAQ page and methods to contact them if you need help. But if you’re in a different time zone or have a problem that requires immediate action, it’s not optimal.


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