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Did you know there are some wl-thing”>strategies First of all, let’s make a brief summary of what it means SEO and how they work i search engine.

The process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is intended to improve the visibility of a web page or site on search engine.

Through a series of algorithms, various parameters are controlled, for example the keywords or the quality of the content, to ensure that the ranking of quality websites increases in search engine.

The systems of the past were much easier to get around, so those who created a website took advantage of it, causing an increase in traffic to content of poor quality.

But wl-creative-work”>Google he quickly remedied: with the introduction of the various updates Panda is Penguin, the rankings of many sites have plummeted, as these updates verify the presence of old strategies SEO absolutely to be avoided, or these that follow.

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SEO strategies to absolutely avoid

Let’s see what procedures together SEO you have to avoid in order not to find yourself losing positions, rather than helping your climb search engine.

1) Join the Article Directories

The article directories allow you to publish a article with a link referring back to your site. If on the one hand it seems that this technique can increase the traffic on your site, on the other hand, it is highly discouraged as many directories are not well viewed by search engine.

There are several alternatives for creating coupons wl-thing”>link building. One of these, for example, is to become a guest blogger for a website.

2) Using too many keywords

If done properly, the use of keywords is undoubtedly the easiest way to increase the ranking.

If you are interested in working on keyword that you use on your site, one of the tools you can use is undoubtedly the Google Keyword Tool.

The problem with keywords is that the bad habit of abusing it was spreading, making the wl-thing”>content incomprehensible to the reader and useless to the search engine. The answer from wl-creative-work”>Google this bad trend has been to develop algorithms capable of distinguishing between content useful and unnecessarily stuffed ones keyword.

3) Copy the contents of others


This is another common mistake of someone who owns a website: plagiarizing the work of others. This technique SEO it is harmful above all from a “human” point of view, because users who visit a site expect to find simple, clear but above all original information. How can you blame him?

Secondly, it is also deleterious from a point of view SEO. Indeed, wl-creative-work”>Google is able to identify and penalize those who use content plagiarized. Without a doubt, plagiarize i wl-thing”>content is one of the strategies SEO to be avoided more serious and harmful for indexing your platform.

4) Focus only on Google

You know that Google is the main source of traffic to your website. However, it is not the only one: it is appropriate to consider others search engine such as Bing or Yahoo!, on which you could have a different and perhaps better ranking than Google.

Furthermore, as you surely already know, it is absolutely not to be underestimated the promotion of your site through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

5) Promote yourself by exchanging links

risky link exchange and SEO strategies to avoid

This technique, which consists of exchanging one’s own wl-thing”>link with other random websites, it was useful until 2004. Currently it is not entirely to be avoided, except for its “cheap” and “random” use. In other words, the exchange of link it is recommended only if it really makes sense, that is, if it can help visitors by guiding them towards additional resources or related material.

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These are the main wl-thing”>strategies SEO to avoid. At first glance they might seem like ways to deceive i wl-thing”>search engine and gain a good position with little effort. In fact, algorithms identify these techniques and penalize those who use them. So be very careful or you may find yourself losing maybe a good ranking achieved with a lot of hard work.

Have you ever used these strategies in the past?

Do you still adopt them or did you prefer to abandon them?

I would be very interested to know. In case you have any questions, you can ask them in our private SEO community. On EVERYTHING SEO you can find all the answers to your questions, and in addition every week we will share training videos to learn not only the strategies to avoid, but also and above all those to be adopted to bring your site to the front page! Click on the button to request access.