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Let’s take advantage of this lesson to see how to increase conversions on your blog and to understand what isAB Split testing and what is meant by conversion marketing.

The conversion marketing it is a widespread marketing practice in the world of e-commerce and consists in increasing the number of “clicks” (so-called conversions) carried out within your site. Whatever the purpose of the click, the reasoning is that a user who does something on our site (ie browse the contents and click) is better than a user who enters and exits without doing anything.

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What is conversion marketing for

How to measure the “conversion” rate and therefore the effectiveness of conversion marketing</strong>? Very simple: just divide the number of users who clicked at least once by the number of users who visited our site. Then multiply the result by 100 and you will get the percentage.

Example: (15 users / 200 visits) * 100 = 7.5%

Unlike other useful practices for creating a successful blog, which focus on increasing traffic to your site, the conversion marketing deals with monetizing the traffic that is already there: like having a road and finding an intelligent way to charge tolls.

Let’s take a practical example. Our site records a 30% drop in traffic, in a word: PANIC! In these cases, beyond restoring traffic, it is essential to make sure that the remaining 70% of traffic is stable and profitable. Here comes into action on conversion marketing, with the support ofAB split testing, which we will see shortly.
ab split test

How to increase sales with conversion marketing

Basically, it’s about optimizing the customer experience. It starts with the restructuring of the site design in order to make it:

  • intuitive, in order not to discourage the user by giving him the opportunity to orient himself immediately without effort;
  • endearing, to capture the attention of those who visit the site for the first time – and not only – and to give the contents the right relevance;
  • interactive, to convert the user’s attention into something more, so that he clicks where we want;
  • responsive, so that it can be viewed correctly on any device, mobile or not.

After that, you have to push the analitycs tools at most: we must be able to determine – in real time – whether the user interacts with our site or not. As soon as we register the first hesitation, we stimulate the user to regain his attention.

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AB split testing: what it is and how it works

ab split testing

Among the many strategies that we can implement in conversion marketing, one is constituted by the so-called AB testing. It is an easy way to test the effectiveness of some possible changes to the web pages of your blog compared to the aspect already used. In practice it shows – randomly – to your visitors multiple versions of the same page, allowing you to analyze their behavior based on what they viewed.

The aim is to verify which of the two roads (road A or road B – that’s why “AB” split testing) has the most positive effect to generate traffic or convince users to click on a specific button.

Let’s better understand what it is with an example: reading the newspaper, have you ever focused on the importance of headlines? Most of the time we decide whether to read an article or not based on its title. As we have already said, the same goes for sites.


What if we had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of two titles to understand which one is the most captivating? Here, AB testing is the WordPress tool that does just that. Why risk it? Much better to be on the safe side by checking the effectiveness of all the possibilities that can be covered.

You want to understand how to do an AB Split Testing? Read the guides on Websites Are Us to get all the support you need.

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I explained what I am the Conversion Marketing and, in particular, theAB Split testing to increase conversions and possibly sales on your blog. In the next lesson I will explain how to do it through chat. Don’t miss it!