▷ 12 books to help you run your business – WAU 2020

    12 books to help you run your business – WAU

    It is not always easy to correctly manage all tasks and assignments within an organization, right? Knowing some books for the management of the company can make a difference for the emergence of a new campaign, the adoption of a different strategy or the correction of an error that was going unnoticed.

    Within the current reality, marked by digital transformation and globalization, a very common problem is the accumulation of obligations that, as a consequence, result in a lack of time for, for example, more strategic planning.

    This is very common for those who need to deal with administrative tasks in an organization.

    No wonder, a very common action for those who occupy this type of position and need to deal with many responsibilities is to look for books for the management of the company.

    After all, knowing other stories, delving into new concepts and discovering new strategies can be an excellent way to generate more insights to manage your business.

    In order not to let you down, we decided to make this job easier: we asked for suggestions for books for company management for 12 employees here at Websites Are Us. Marketing, administration, IT, Sales, in short, the subjects are the most varied to help you develop an increasingly better job in your company.

    Continue reading and check it out!

    What are the 12 best books to optimize company management?

    In addition to the names and a brief summary on the subject of the book, we highlight the reasons that each contributor gave you to look for these titles.

    Some of them, without a doubt, will help you to manage even better the different areas of your organization. Check the list to know what your next readings will be!

    1. Believe me, I’m lying – Ryan Holiday

    The ever faster exchange of information and the different communication channels serve to bring people together around the world, right?

    According to Ryan Holiday’s book, that’s not how it works. The author addresses a high and fundamental issue for anyone working, for example, with Digital Marketing: as fake news.

    Why read this content?

    False news – or intentionally incomplete – is not by chance and there is a whole process that allows it to spread quickly among people. By understanding how the great communication channels are influenced and often end up being manipulated by not resisting the possibility of gaining more clicks.

    2. Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

    Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler have as main objective in this work to get any manager out of his comfort area. The focus is to show how the current stance of most companies ends up generating mediocre results in the long run and, of course, what actions to take to optimize the entire sales process with method and discipline.

    Why read this content?

    This is an important read for anyone who runs any kind of business, from a startup to a larger e-commerce.

    As it deals with Marketing, Sales and Finance, it is a complete book for company management. The authors bring a way to create a consistent sales system, because without consistency there is no predictability.

    3. Computer Networks – Andrew Tanenbaum

    When we talk about technology, advances are getting faster, right? To keep up with these changes, Andrew Tanenbaum updated his best seller with a version that addresses the growth of wireless networks and an entire chapter on safety inside the virtual world, an increasingly important topic nowadays.

    Why read this content?

    For anyone working in the Information Technology (IT) area, this is a highly recommended book. It is a complete work on the area of ​​computer networks. It teaches the modeling of a network of two computers to a network a large network involving hundreds of machines, always taking into account new technologies.

    4. Listen to what she says – Joanne Lipman

    Every professional who considers himself enthusiastic in promotion of diversity should have Joanne Lipman’s book. In an effective and friendly way, the title alerts the existence of patterns of behavior of men and women in individual and interpersonal relationships. Ideal for those who want to strengthen the company’s organizational culture based on equality.

    Why read this content?

    Despite being aimed at professionals in the Human Resources area, every person in a leadership position should read this book. It brings all of us closer to the ability to act with a new vision on the importance of diversity in companies. After all, we all have a share of responsibility in building a less unequal environment.

    5. Mindset – Carol Dweck

    The psychology professor at Stanford University, Carol Dweck, a specialist in success and motivation, shows how the mental attitude – mindset – in relation to the stipulated objectives and goals directly interferes in the success to reach them or not, is what will define our behavior at different times and stages of our lives.

    Why read this content?

    This book helps to understand how the growth mindset can be developed and applied in the routine of professionals in all areas of expertise. In other words, how it is possible to change the mindset in order to better exploit our potential, an excellent recommendation, for example, for those who work with Human Resources.

    6. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

    Focused on management, Eric Ries’ book talks about a revolutionary approach to management work, prioritizing cost reduction and increased productivity. The idea is to show how it is possible to build new products, services and solutions without waste. This based on lessons that the author himself learned throughout his career.

    Why read this content?

    In view of the increasingly sensitive and rapid changes in the market, this book is excellent for anyone planning to open a business or even improve what they already have. After all, the author worked with startups and agile models in Silicon Valley at a time when innovation and the way of dealing with “lean” models and methodologies was a differential.

    7. Invisible Selling Machine – Ryan Deiss

    Ideal for anyone who has a business and needs to attract leads, Ryan Deiss’s text talks about the changes and advances that allow, for example, you to be able to do a more efficient job of prospecting customers.

    The focus of the book is to show what are the main advantages of the automation process e-mail marketing.

    Why read this content?

    This title teaches the importance of email and automation for the efficiency gain of the Marketing team.

    In an era marked by strong competition and the need to optimize the productivity of your team, knowing more about Marketing automation can be fundamental to, for example, creating a closer relationship with the consumer.

    8. Tribal Leadership – Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wrigh

    The book, written by three authors – Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wrigh -, shows how it is possible maximize your team’s potential with efficient leadership work.

    The objective is to make company leaders more able to identify the characteristics of the professionals under their command and, thus, have greater control over the entire team in search of better performance.

    Why read this content?

    For anyone who needs to deal with people and manage projects, this book can be very important. After all, it helps to manage the leadership position and manage people by building trust and setting an example. So, if you’re looking for some insights to be able to run your team more efficiently, this book is the right thing to do.

    9. 100 days between Sky and Sea – Amyr Klink

    Amyr Klink’s book differs somewhat from the standard of suggestions so far, after all, it is far from being a more technical title and full of concepts, but about life experience and planning. Based on his trip in which he crossed the Atlantic – the first person to do so – he can offer several insights on organization and management.

    Why read this content?

    The trip, which lasted 100 days, began to be planned in the previous two years and required a lot of study, since any mistake could cost him his life. So, he read as much as he could of reports of previous attempts and of people who had traveled the same space. Excellent for learning from past experiences and performance.

    10. Why Simple Wins: Escape the Complexity Trap and Get to Work That Matters – Lisa Bodell

    In an era marked by great solutions and concepts, Lisa Bodell shows in this book how important it is also look for the simplest ways to solve your problems. Very complex processes may not be as efficient as simpler solutions, either to attract new customers or to correct a strategy.

    Why read this content?

    This book is excellent for showing how the simplest decisions can be the best answer to many of the challenges we encounter in our personal and professional lives. It is, therefore, an excellent content for those who work with management to understand more about productivity and efficiency in the project execution process.

    11. The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

    Charles Duhigg’s goal in this book is to show how small decisions during our routine can significantly interfere with our goals that you have drawn on a personal and professional level.

    For those who have difficulties in accomplishing everything they plan, the book can be very useful to understand their habits and, when necessary, to transform them.

    Why read this content?

    This book explains the science behind habit forming with scientific arguments, but along with that, the author gives examples of how it works in our lives and how some companies use it in their Marketing strategies. Nothing more important than better understanding people’s behavior today, right?

    12. Without Logo: The Tyranny of Brands on a Sold Planet – Naomi Klein

    In this book, journalist Naomi Klein shows a vision that we are not used to in the big corporations in the market. From the deconstruction of the work of publicity and Marketing of these companies, the author makes a profound reflection on the negative effects caused by this adoration of brands, which influences the culture, work and personal choices of individuals.

    Why read this content?

    All the tips above show techniques and concepts that can be applied in your company and, thus, generate more positive results, right? This book, however, helps to think about Marketing in a more social way and how your company is impacting consumers’ lives, serving as a self-criticism to evaluate certain attitudes and postures.

    You will certainly get a valuable book tip from our list. It may be with the discovery of a strategy that fits the profile of your target audience or even a different look at your Marketing plan, the important thing is to find some way to improve your work.

    And, so that you have even more control over strategic points of your company, download our central tools for management, marketing and sales!

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