▷ 21 essential activities for those who want to have a successful blog (writing is not one of them) – WAU 2020

    21 essential activities for those who want to have a successful blog (writing is not one of them) – WAU

    Writing is an art. Talking about different topics, developing meaningful content that helps to solve a person’s problem is something that requires training and dedication. Can you understand the importance of the simple act of posting to a blog? Nevertheless, doing content marketing is much more than just […]

    Writing is an art.

    Talking about different topics, developing meaningful content that helps to solve a person’s problem is something that requires training and dedication.

    Can you understand the importance of the simple act of posting to a blog?

    Nevertheless, doing content marketing is much more than just posting daily.

    Develop a mapping of content that makes sense, write posts that are relevant to your personas and always plan for tomorrow, this is the routine of those who manage a blog.

    Creating a WordPress login, opening Word and writing until your fingers bleed may seem like all you need to attract all the readers in your niche, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

    There are so many small details that we must pay attention when creating a blog, that we end up focusing only on the primary task of the activity.

    Put it in your head that to have a business blog that gives results, posting daily is not enough.

    But do not worry!

    Stay calm, wipe away the tear and compose yourself.

    I have prepared a list with 13 essential activities for those who want to have a successful blog that will help you achieve great results.

    1. Create great – and useful – headlines for your posts

    The titles of each post are essential for a successful blog.

    They work like a business card for the reader to click on “continue reading” and, thus, learn from the content, like, comment, post and, thus, help to disseminate your content.

    You must insert, in each title, the keywords (at least the main ones), without, however, producing something attractive and intriguing in the eyes of the public.

    Remember that a blog’s language needs to be closer to the reader, so don’t be afraid to come up with different and fun headlines.

    The calls will also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, we’ll return to the subject below) of your blog.

    2. Don’t forget the image of each post

    And part of a business card is also its design. The images of each post make up, along with the calls, this attraction package for the reader’s click.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the technical aspects (quality, size and format of the image), style (photo, design), besides, of course, copyright and copying.

    To make it easy, there are many image banks, paid and free, with a huge selection for all tastes, styles and pockets.

    The ideal is to seek a marriage between the style and the look of the blog itself with the images posted.

    This helps to establish the image of a successful blog, which takes care of every detail.

    3. Have an identity

    It’s no use. A successful blog needs an identity.

    What is it? We explain.

    It is a set of factors and actions that will help to define your page and stand out from the rest.

    The name, the design, the language, the types of posts … all of these help to establish the identity of a successful blog.

    Let’s draw a parallel to make this very clear: Biscoito Globo.

    Sprinkles, sweet and savory, synonymous with beach and bottling mainly in Rio de Janeiro.

    Just talk about the brand and the whole universe (the logo, the big plastic package full of small delights, the clothes dirty with crumbs, the street vendors wandering and screaming …).

    A simple starch biscuit brand managed to create an identity so unique and strong that it became part of Rio’s culture.

    And that is what a successful blog needs to build for you, within your universe and before your audience.

    4. Guest posting

    If you follow Content Marketing frequently, you may have come across a guest post here. This practice is widely used to:

    • Attract new readers
    • Getting good links (but without being artificial)
    • Gain authority

    All three benefits mentioned must go hand in hand to achieve a successful blog.

    Maintaining a blog alone or with few collaborators can be a little difficult depending on the frequency of posts.

    That is why guest posting is a viable outlet, in addition to being beneficial for the points previously mentioned, you share the responsibility of a post with a guest.

    Remember that these contacts with the most influential blogs in your industry are important. This technique is a two-way street, know how to do the right networking to reap the best possible fruits.

    Click here and learn more about guest posting here.

    5. Re-optimize your Content

    Successful blogs obey a simple rule when it comes to viewing and posting frequency: post whenever you can, without sacrificing quality.

    Imagine that you have been in this routine for a year and your posting frequency follows the average of at least one daily post.

    In the year, there will be more than 300 posts and at some point they will be forgotten. Anyone who believes that old posts are useless is wrong.

    More “experienced” posts are largely responsible for a flood of organic traffic on your blog.

    Do not abandon your old posts, access them and analyze the data, evaluate how the keywords are performing and, if necessary, re-optimize your post to give it a new boost.

    6. Use CTAs

    Call to actions (called attention) are the gateway to any conversion funnel.

    Its main function is to make your unknown reader or visitor perform an action.

    Be it on your home page, blog, landing page or even email marketing.

    This action can be to download content or any other interaction that you currently offer. These call to actions can have the following formats:

    • Banners and buttons
    • Links
    • Forms

    Call to actions are primarily responsible for turning visitors into leads. The main purpose of any business blog. Use these calls for attention on every page of your blog. At the end of a post, along it, in the body of the page and on landing pages.

    7. Update legacy CTAs

    When re-optimizing old content, take the time to analyze the feasibility of updating the CTAs for each post.

    Whenever you create new rich material or any offer, remember to visit the old posts and replace the CTAs.

    8. Analyze Your Performance

    Analyze, analyze and analyze even more. Currently, there are several free tools that will assist you in interpreting this data. Google Analytics can provide you with relevant information, including:

    • Most read posts
    • Input keyword
    • How visitors come to your blog
    • How much time they spend on each post

    By studying this data provided you are able to guarantee important information that, if modified, can result in considerable improvements in numbers for your blog.

    9. Learn SEO

    If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you know how important SEO is for blogs.

    But, I’m also sure that someone won’t know, so let’s do a quick recap.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in London is known as website optimization.

    You ask, what kind of optimization? For search engines, like Google.

    Optimizing your page for search engines means that your site will be more relevant and placed better in the search results whenever certain keywords are used as the search term.

    Access this post to learn more about SEO and Content Marketing.

    10. Invest in design

    We talked several times here on the blog about helping the customer to have a good experience to sell more.

    The successful blog must also have that same goal.

    The design of a successful blog should go beyond a good template and a handful of inspired images and texts.

    It needs to be easily accessible for various platforms and browsers, whether on the computer or on the smartphone.

    It is also necessary to have a touch of malice on your part, to insert digital lures to generate leads, facilities to find the content that interests you, either through categories or easy search.

    11. Create ways to capture leads

    Those who have a business blog are not writing just because they like to share relevant content on relevant topics. Everyone wants to make money from the blog, but not everyone does what needs to be done.

    How do you get to know your target audience, interact with them, and occasionally make them your customers? Capture your data and turn it into leads!

    Use e-books, whitepapers, infographics and all kinds of extra content that piques the interest of your visitors. Create Landing Pages that will serve as a magnet to capture these leads and repeat the process countless times.

    Capture your leads as if they were gold and treat them the same way.

    12. Presence on social networks

    If you haven’t been worried about social media, it’s time to change. What is the main feature of social networks? The enormous interaction that exists between users in a network full of information sharing, news and, above all, conversion opportunities. Pretty cool isn’t it?

    So explain to me why your blog is not on social networks. For a business blog, the best options are Facebook and Twitter. After reading a post, your visitor will be able to share with all his friends about the incredible content he just read on his blog. Imagine that your fan page is possibly the most direct channel of contact that your reader has with you.

    Post frequently the content you produce, let the news spread and follow the development. You also have the alternative of giving a boost in its publication, but that is a subject for another moment.

    13. Use your blog as a content source

    You spend a lot of time writing posts. Does the only purpose this post has is to be published on your blog? Make sure you don’t. Use your content consciously and intelligently. Redirect it on all platforms you operate, spread it to reach the largest share of your target audience. Learn some places where you can share this content:

    • Social networks: Post on your fanpage to reach your readers who follow your page and follow the blog.
    • Newsletter: Enjoy that you have a direct channel with your readers and share all new content published on the blog.
    • To feed offerings: Make offers and posts that relate in some way. When creating an e-book or whitepaper on a topic, choose to create some posts that share the topic, so that your blog uses CTAs that link to the offers.

    14. Publish different types of content

    A blog allows you to publish the most different types of material for your audience:

    • News
    • Infographics
    • Ebooks
    • videos
    • News

    Therefore, make use of all these possibilities and plan, in your editorial calendar, the production and dissemination of different materials.

    Do you know why this is important for a successful blog?

    Because it increases the interest of the visitor, who can rest on screen reading with a video, it can complement the understanding of a subject when downloading an ebook…

    And of course it will mark your page as a great source of knowledge.

    15. Be useful!

    You can have the best writers in the world, the best design and still not have a successful blog.

    Do you know why? Because you need to keep in mind the usefulness of your page for the reader.

    Whether your goal is to create a blog for your company or to share knowledge on a certain subject, you need to understand the main questions and doubts of your audience in this regard.

    And from there, answer them as simply and directly as possible.

    16. A successful blog needs an audience

    Seek to interact with your readers!

    If you create CTAs asking them to comment, one of the biggest shortcomings is not responding, criticizing or praising.

    The logic is very similar to that of any party: the dance floor is empty at first, but after people start to become interested in music and the first ones have opened the space, you only need to guarantee the sound quality to get crowded.

    This communication should extend to all of your channels (social networks, email), to ensure proper attention to readers.

    Whoever is well received always wants to return.

    And we can guarantee that the chances of turning a satisfied reader into a future customer are very good!

    17. Create a Newsletter

    Having a newsletter is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and make them repeat visitors. Emails are the cheapest way to spread your content, brand and create a relationship with your customer.

    Create a flowchart to check where your subscribers are at, so that you can share with them, via email, the best content that fits the stage they are in your funnel.

    Learn more about email marketing and newsletters!

    18. Planning is everything

    It is not enough to write thousands of posts without proper planning. Produce an editorial calendar, study keywords relevant to your target audience and learn how to create content that is targeted at certain personas.

    Always have a goal with your posts, never write for writing.

    19. Always seek to innovate

    A successful blog is not a cake recipe, in which the ingredients need to be carefully weighed and measured, always repeating the same steps to work.

    Escape the monotony, the “more of the same”!

    Venture into the unknown, be it creating a podcast, a series of videos, redesigning the blog…

    The important thing is to keep your showcase of content attractive and full of news.

    It may be that some of the actions are more successful than others, but failures (as long as they are controlled and corrected) are part of any successful blog.

    The worst thing is to stop trying something new that can be the biggest success for the simple fear of making mistakes.

    20. Study your competitors

    You will hardly be the owner of a blog on an exclusive topic. Which means that you will have competitors.

    As a good content producer who cares about his business, his mission is to closely monitor everything his colleagues have been producing. Subjects, posts, offers, ads, knowing what and how they are doing a good job can generate ideas for your blog.

    Don’t treat them like rivals, after all, a guest post is good for any blog and exchanging experiences never hurts.

    21. Never stop studying

    Regardless of what your profession or industry is, one of the best ways to stay active with quality is to update yourself. For us who produce content, personal improvement reflects our commitment to the texts we write and other aspects involved in creating quality. Content producers can search for:

    • Graduations
    • Specializations
    • Classroom courses
    • Online courses
    • Speeches
    • Dating
    • Congresses

    All knowledge is valid and getting more and more prepared will only improve the quality of your work.

    Bonus: Curating content is another essential activity for anyone who owns a blog. Learn more about this concept in this post.

    Now that you know some other points that must be taken into account in order to have a successful blog, put them into practice. Upon reaching the end of this post it is important that you have realized that a blog requires much more than just writing.

    If you dedicate an hour of your day to producing content, add two more hours to prepare the rest of the points you just learned. The success of your blog depends solely on your dedication.

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