▷ 28 Ways to Improve Online Service 2020

    As a chat platform, we believe that providing excellent service is essential for any online store, regardless of the segment in which it is working. Even if you have one of the best ecommerce platforms and are using email marketing tools effectively, you will still lose a lot if you do not offer the possibility for a visitor or customer to talk to your business in real time or if this service does not have quality.

    Because of this, we have listed 28 of the best practices in online service, which will improve your customer service area, preparing you to deal better with any type of person who accesses your page. Check out the full list below and start testing these strategies now!

    1. Offer an online chat

    In order to meet the expectations of the modern consumer, it will be necessary to modernize its services. Today, online chat is the preferred service channel for online consumers, with the highest satisfaction rate, as well as the highest conversion rates in relation to the other options available in the digital environment – such as the telephone, social networks or email.

    This is all because it offers the possibility to serve consumers in your store in real time. The best online chat platforms, such as Websites Are Us itself, also offer features that optimize their services and increase the efficiency of the team, such as proactive invitations, automatic responses, visitor monitoring and even automatic translation. In addition, the chat is extremely convenient for the mobile consumer because it is present directly inside your page and allows customers to answer their questions without having to switch between applications or systems.

    2. Offer a copy of the chat conversation by email

    In some chat sessions, sensitive information and negotiations may have been made, but not everyone has the habit of keeping a copy for later consultations. Therefore, at the end of a session, train your attendants to offer the user the possibility of receiving the transcript of the conversation by email. In Websites Are Us, for example, all conversations are automatically recorded on the platform, making it easy for you to send them to a visitor to your ecommerce.

    3. Use message templates to streamline work

    Some questions and complaints are quite common in ecommerce. This means that most of the answers you will give to visitors and customers of your online store are the same. Therefore, record message templates and responses that your attendants can use. Despite saving only a few seconds or minutes, the sum of the time saved that can be used to speed up service can mean a huge increase in productivity.


    Tip: Although each sector has specific issues, some complaints in online stores are common to all. Start saving response templates by reading our article showing the 10 most common complaints and 3 response types for each.

    4. Address customers with proactive chat

    We talked about the proactive chat at the beginning of the text and reiterated its importance here. In the Websites Are Us control panel, you can configure different types of rules so that a proactive message is sent to a visitor. For example, if your fashion ecommerce has a shoe section, you can set up a specific proactive invitation for those who visit that section. If you are already a Websites Are Us user, be sure to check out this article teaching you how to change the opening phrase of proactive chats to learn how to personalize these messages.

    Proactive chat is also an excellent tool for making conversions, being useful for both customer service and sales in your ecommerce. Check out the article teaching 10 ways to earn conversions with Websites Are Us’s proactive chat

    5. Use pre-chat forms

    Especially useful in virtual stores with a high volume of customer service, the pre-chat form is an excellent tool to capture basic data about a visitor before starting a conversation. However, it is worth remembering that the ideal is to capture only the most essential information, such as name and email, so that the customer does not get tired of filling out information and gives up talking to his online service team.

    6. Promote cooperation between sectors

    Your service team is not alone. Quite the contrary, since it deals daily with questions from visitors and customers, needing to communicate with other departments to get an answer, for example. Considering that you can use online chat for sales, the ideal is to promote integration and cooperation between departments, especially in the sales area.


    7. Maintain a friendly attitude

    Perhaps the most obvious advice, but still essential for online service. Even if your industry is quite formal – such as law or finance – it is always worth reminding your team to be friendly. Too neutral attitudes can make the customer think he is talking to a robot, while lack of courtesy can be understood as an offense, which can tarnish your brand name.

    8. Pay attention to grammar

    Typos are easily forgiven – although not by everyone – but your service team must pay attention to the rules of the language they are supporting. As online chat is a type of communication mostly written, it is essential that your team masters Portuguese. Grammatical or spelling errors can give the impression of unprofessionalism and unpreparedness.

    9. Answer in multiple languages

    Today, even if you do not sell products or deliver to international territories, it is very important to be ready to serve visitors who do not speak Portuguese. To do this, instead of trying to hire a multitude of multilingual operators, simply rely on a tool that can help you translate automatically.

    In this way, both your staff, visitors and customers can use your preferred language during the service session – which enables clear communication and also helps to convey professionalism and concern for the customer.

    10. Let your team know what the customer is typing

    Websites Are Us allows its operators to see what a visitor or customer is writing before he even confirms that the message has been sent. Enabling this function is ideal for your team to be attentive to the needs of this client and to be able to start providing an agile response.


    11. Make sure your team knows the products you work with

    One of the worst constraints for a brand is having a team that does not know the product for which they are providing assistance. Of course, some products are very specific and require a higher degree of education, but you need to teach at least the basics about your products and company to your team. Failure to do so will generate embarrassment and the image of neglect and lack of professionalism, especially if shared on a social network.

    12. Transfer service to more specialized sectors when needed

    If your online store has a wide variety of products and services, chances are very difficult for an attendant to specialize in everything. Therefore, provide ways for them to transfer service to more specialized areas that can help solve a customer’s problem. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to show your team who are the specialists who can deal with the most complex issues in a given area.

    Tip: Check out how to delegate operators on Websites Are Us through the tutorial!

    13. Schedule your chat to accept all requests

    Even if your team is completely busy with calls, never allow your chat to deny a conversation request. In such cases, the ideal is to schedule automatic responses informing the customer that he will soon be attended by your team. A good tip to keep the customer’s attention on the chat while waiting is to offer the pre-chat form we mentioned earlier.

    14. Train your team to analyze the history of returning customers

    Visitors and customers do not necessarily chat with your company online chat only once. So, train your team to make brief revisions to the conversation history with a visitor so that you have a sense of the problem or question they may be bringing.


    If any issue has been left open, train them so that they can also proceed to resolve that issue. It is worth remembering that Websites Are Us offers the main information of visitors who are accessing your page and makes its history available to operators, as you saw in the screenshot above.

    15. Train your team on how to deal with the customer

    Even though advice like “be friendly” is useful for all sectors, it is still necessary to train your team in the form of treatment. While businesses considered more “cool” may have a more informal language and direct treatment, other sectors require more formality. Therefore, it is necessary to make it clear how your brand – and its representatives – should behave towards visitors and customers.

    16. Collect information from your customers

    The more you know about your consumer, the better your chances of personalizing each service so you can engage them in the right way. Therefore, regardless of the channel used, always ask questions that allow you to better understand the pains, needs, challenges, common problems and interests of the client.

    From that, you will be able to present offers that are compatible and can meet these needs in the best possible way.

    17. Define your persona

    Defining a buyer persona can also positively impact your online service. The persona is a fictional figure that represents the ideal profile of its consumer.

    Its construction is made exactly from the information mentioned in the previous tip, as well as some other factors that may be relevant to your business, such as: position, company, level of experience, level of education, familiarity with your services, among others.

    From there, present your persona to the sales and service team so that they have a general idea of ​​the profile of customers they are dealing with.

    18. Get off the road when necessary

    It is important to give enough autonomy for your team to leave the script when necessary – as long as it means recovering a frustrated customer or closing a deal.

    Of course, there are limits to this autonomy, but often being willing to take unconventional actions can make all the difference in your results and chances of conversion.

    19. Provide the callback option

    The callback is a tool that eliminates all the main problems related to telephone service, such as waiting time on the line or uncertainty about the availability of your team.

    With it, visitors can access your business page and request a call from your team, so they can receive feedback as soon as possible as soon as an operator is available. This is an extremely convenient tool that acts as an extension of your online service channels.

    20. Focus on building customer loyalty

    Providing excellent service is not just about providing support and solving problems. Of course, this is part, but your focus should be on retaining and retaining your customers. After all, you don’t want them to buy from your business once and never return.

    Therefore, invest in strategies that can help you with this aspect, such as:

    • Offer a loyalty program;
    • Send emails and follow up to keep your brand fresh in the customer’s mind;
    • Send newsletters with new offers or to inform which products of interest to that customer are on sale;

    All of this helps you bring customers back to your page, as well as allowing you to maintain a closer relationship.

    21. Give access also to your CRM system

    One of the ways to greatly facilitate your work with customer service is by integrating your online chat platform with the CRM system. But it will be useless if your online service team is not able to view or edit the information in CRM. Train your team in the use of chat, but also in the CRM of your business. In this way, your team will be able to update any information received in the chat to the history of a lead or customer of your business. A good tactic is to store conversation transcripts in the system as well.


    Tip: If you work in the real estate sector, get to know the 12 best CRM systems for buying and selling real estate!

    22. Respond quickly

    Most of the time, a visitor or customer has very limited time to deal with a situation. So be sure to respond as quickly as possible when any questions are asked. On occasions when it is necessary to do some research or consultation, do not answer only when you have the answer: inform him that you are analyzing the situation and that he will return it soon.

    23. Be available when your customers need

    Another extremely important aspect in relation to the service is the availability of your team. To do this, make an analysis of your peak times and identify when you have the highest number of calls, open chats or calls.

    You do not necessarily have to offer 24-hour service every day, but consider increasing your availability on special dates, such as during Black Friday, end of the year (Christmas, New Year), consumer day, among other dates.

    24. Use upsell and cross-sell techniques

    By integrating your sales and service team, both will be able to learn techniques for dealing and selling better to their customers. This knowledge is very useful, since online service – mainly through chat – is ideal for using upsell and cross-sell techniques. The first technique allows you to convince a customer who will buy a certain item to exchange it for a more current one. For example, if a customer who came into your store to buy an iPhone 7, you can use online chat to buy an iPhone 8 instead.

    Cross-sell is a technique that allows you to increase the value of a deal by including related products. In the same example of the iPhone 7, an attendant will have used the technique if the customer, in addition to the phone, takes a case, camera lens and screen protector. Training your team to identify these opportunities is ideal for improving your business results.

    25. Do after-sales

    Never leave the customer after an online customer service session ends. Instead, structure your after-sales strategy so you can keep in touch with that consumer.

    And of course, be sure to send NPS surveys (Net Promoter Score) to identify whether the customer was satisfied enough with your services to the point of being willing to indicate your brand to their own friends, family or acquaintances.

    26. Ask for feedback or use automatic tools for it

    At the end of a conversation, train your team to request feedback on your service. That way, you can identify the main strengths and weaknesses of your service professional. Alternatively, you can also leave an evaluation system enabled, which will allow you to quantitatively view the performance of your team and each member. Remember that this is one of the main features of Websites Are Us


    27. Review the feedbacks received

    Through Websites Are Us, you can analyze both conversation histories and performance reports. In the first, you can make a qualitative analysis, identifying the strengths and in what aspect the service of an employee of your team can improve. The second allows you to assess your customers’ perception of your online service as a whole.

    However, it is worth noting that this is not the only type of analysis you should do. Also remember to evaluate the behavior of visitors on your site, such as which pages are being visited the most and in which part of the purchase process more withdrawals are happening, among others.

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    28. Try Websites Are Us for 14 days FREE!

    Using a chat platform for websites is ideal for improving the quality of your online service. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use Websites Are Us as your main tool for communicating with your site visitors and customers. So that you can personally know the benefits that Websites Are Us can bring, we offer 14 days of FREE trials of our platform. Register through the link and start testing Websites Are Us now!

    And don’t forget to access more videos like the one above on Websites Are Us Brasil’s YouTube Channel

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