▷ 39 growth hacking tools to automate processes in your company – WAU 2020

    39 growth hacking tools to automate processes in your company – WAU

    Growth hacking is a strategy that, in addition to results for companies, saves time. Discover some tools that can help your company automate processes and grow in a scalable way!

    Imagine being able to find loopholes inside the marketing that provide growth for the company, which were often already there and undetected? This is what growth hacking tools provide to marketing.

    The term growth hacking is increasingly used, as it brings greater effectiveness to the marketing plan.

    The benefits that this strategy can bring are numerous and can come with the adoption of innovative tactics or the use of more traditional techniques, used after the detection of growth gaps. Time savings, with process automation, is one of them.

    In this text, you will discover:

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    What is growth hacking?

    Growth hacking, despite seeming to be a technique that requires advanced technologies or complex programming, is simpler than it may appear for those who have not yet studied the subject in depth.

    This strategy has as main objective to grow one or more KPI’s of the company.

    Therefore, having KPI’s established is one of the necessary criteria to adopt the strategy and have excellent results.

    This because growth hacking identifies the critical points (the growth gaps), based on the objectives that the company has.

    Thus, the idea is that the applied techniques can reach the goals established before the stipulated deadline. But this is not done at any cost – quite the contrary.

    What are the benefits for companies that apply this strategy?

    The biggest benefits of growth hacking are the reduction of resources (human and material). That is, in addition to accelerating results, it still does this by cutting costs.

    KPI’s vary from company to company, so they can be the number of users, traffic volume or sales, just to name a few.

    Another advantage is that it can be applied by companies regardless of their size. Another principle is the need to always be experimenting with new techniques and new ideas, taking some sectors out of the “comfort zone”.

    This culture allows the focus to return to experimentation, avoiding spending on other techniques that do not bring such a quick return at a lower cost..

    Still, we need to comment that the investments for the strategy to work exist, even if the return is higher in the medium and long term.

    However, the link that some people can make between growth hacking and programming is still valid, since there are some tools that promote the automation of processes, aiming to improve them and make them more effective.

    But it is the experiences created that can be considered growth hacking and not the tools themselves. That is, they are auxiliary to the strategy.

    We will explain better how this works in the next topic, where we will talk about the main growth hacking tools for process automation.

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    What are the 39 main growth hacking tools?

    Growth hacking tools are used to automate processes and thus generate savings in human resources, since a smaller team may be responsible for managing the tools, in addition to material resources, since the tools can replace more expensive processes, which required more expenses.

    For all the benefits we mentioned earlier, we will show you the 39 main growth hacking tools available on the market to automate processes and generate excellent results!

    It is important to remember that there are several other tools that can be used in growth hacking. However, they do not generate process automation and therefore are not part of this list.

    1. Google Analytics

    One of Google’s most useful tools, Analytics facilitates data analysis, including number of visits and bounce rate, to name a few.

    In addition, it is easily integrated with several other growth hacking tools, allowing the crossing of data and thus, it is possible to draw more precise conclusions.

    With it, it is possible to analyze how the public is receptive to the presented content and if it is being effective.

    google analytics

    2. SEMrush

    SEMrush is a very popular tool and used worldwide, due to its practicality and versatility.

    It shows search trends, related and relevant keywords, and competitor data for the same subject.

    Thus, it becomes a partner when it comes to creating new content and new ideas, optimizing marketing time, since it shows ideas that have already been implemented and what the result of them is.


    3. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is an SEO tool that has features similar to SEMrush. In it, it is possible to manage keywords, ranking, analysis of the website domain and backlinks management.


    4. Hubspot

    Hubspot can be considered one of the biggest growth hacking tools, as it has Hubspot CRM, a CRM management software that allows scheduling and managing tasks, making it easier for the sales team. Sales automation is one of the biggest benefits.

    There is also Hubspot Marketing, which helps to create content and manage it in the best way, optimizing it so that it has the best results.

    5. Marketo

    Marketo is a complete tool from Adobe, which allows data analysis to create new strategies, such as changes in the customer journey and customization at scale. In addition, it is integrated with other platforms, such as ion interactive, allowing for varied testing.

    6. Sigma Marketing

    It is a tool that analyzes, models and interprets company data, automating processes to create more effective marketing strategies and plans.

    7. Google Optimize

    Practical tool to create and validate A / B tests in real time. Thus, it is possible to create increasingly optimized content for the public.

    For those who do not have tools for Digital Marketing, as it is just beginning, it can be a good way out.

    8. RD Station

    It is a London platform, along the same lines as Hubspot, integrating Marketing and CRM to manage and automate all processes in both areas, in an optimized and metered way.

    9. LeadLovers

    Also London, it facilitates the automation of Digital Marketing processes. It is very simple and intuitive to use, good for those who are not yet familiar with the area and have a small marketing team – or none at all, for small entrepreneurs.

    10. InstaPage

    Create sales pages or landing pages quickly, streamlining the tests that must be done to achieve the established KPI’s in less time.

    In addition to speed, InstaPage bets on personalizing content to increase conversions. According to them, the conversion can increase up to 400% with the use of personalized content.

    11. LeadPages

    It is ideal for those who are starting in Digital Marketing and need to make landing pages in a simple and intuitive way. Therefore, it has numerous templates, to facilitate testing.

    Another advantage of the tool is that it does not charge for the page created and has no limit for creating them or the number of leads, like other tools.

    12. KlickPages

    It is a London tool, also very good for those who are starting or need to do simpler tests. Charge a monthly subscription, divided into three packages and the choice depends on the strategy and the size of the company.

    In addition, it gives a 30-day warranty to test the platform and analyze whether it is suitable for the company.


    13. Sniply

    It is great for generating conversions, capturing new leads through social networks. A tool that must be analyzed for the potential for conversion it can bring, since it attaches CTA to shares.

    14. Zapier

    Great tool for integration between tools, it is easy to use, even for those who are starting to use growth hacking in their company, improving the workflow. For those who want to automate processes, it is of fundamental use, since it has a partnership with more than 2000 tools that can be integrated through it.

    15. Buffer

    Buffer manages and automates the processes of publishing content on your company’s social networks, connecting accounts on this tool. Thus, it is possible to have a better overview of how the company is performing on social networks.

    16. Hootsuite

    Similar to Buffer, it also manages social networks, automating different content strategies according to the social network.


    17. QuickSprout

    Analyzes your website effectively. It shows the organic traffic of your website and SEO, just to name a few functions. It is one of the most complete tools on the market, showing several tips that allow the company to grow. One of Neil Patel’s many great creations.

    18. Moz

    Great SEO tool, allowing analysis that can increase traffic to your company’s website for free

    With MOZ, it is possible to carry out audits on the website, analysis of backlinks and keyword research, in addition to analyzing the ranking of the website.


    19. Slack

    Automates processes and project management in the company. According to the tool, the idea is to replace emails and conversations outside the platform. Through Slack, it is possible to notify that a document has been attached to Google Drive or Dropbox, for example.


    20. Optimizely

    It does A / B tests on pages chosen by the company, but it is more recommended for those with medium to large traffic, that is, companies that have more consolidated Inbound Marketing.

    21. Pipedrive

    It is a CRM that shows the progress of sales goals, helping to find growth opportunities, through the analysis of the sales funnel. It also has very fast support and a mobile application.

    Other advantages for those who use the tool are being able to use chatbots and also track emails and calls with prospects.

    22. Google Trends

    It is an excellent tool for those who need to better understand consumer behavior trends. That is, everyone who wants to do growth hacking needs to use it.

    It shows the most searched terms and their evolution over time. It’s great for taking new ideas for content or ways to recycle old ones, adding something that is being sought after.

    google trends

    23. Boomerang

    Also from Google, Boomerang tracks the company’s email marketing metrics, as if it were an “Email Analytics”.

    Automating email data collection allows you to create more effective campaigns, using tests made to analyze open rate, headlines that convert the most, etc.


    24. Sumo / Sumo Me

    Automates the capture of emails on the site, improving the conversion and generation of new leads. It also has heat maps to analyze the pages of the site.

    With it, it is possible to increase the number of leads and detect which points can be improved on the site, as they attract less the public.

    25. Sales Navigator for Gmail

    Belonging to Linkedin, it facilitates the closing of the sales process, allowing access to contacts on this social network without necessarily being connected to them.

    For those who work with prospecting and creating new customer lists, it is an excellent tool, especially for those who do B2B marketing.

    Sales Navigator for Gmail

    26. Vero

    It is a tool specially created to analyze consumer behavior within the website, showing in real time what visitors are doing.

    Data such as cart abandonment and rejection rates, just to mention two examples, are shown by Vero and thus, more effective campaigns can be created through the analysis of consumer behavior.

    27. Voilanorbert

    The promise of the tool is great: finding the email of anyone in the world. Excellent for making new contacts and growing the email list with people interested in your business.

    Or rather, knowing who is behind an important business email and building relationships.


    28. Google Keyword Planner

    Find keywords related to your business and thus find new opportunities to find customers, either by publishing related content or creating new ad campaigns.

    Google Keyword Planner

    29. Visual Website Optimizer

    Practically specific to growth hacking, since it has several possibilities to experiment and test: it does A / B testing, multivariate tests, heat maps, consumer behavior analysis and even makes usability tests on the pages.

    For all this, it is widely used by growth hackers to improve the conversion of sales or capture pages.

    Visual Website Optimizer

    30. GetProspect

    It is actually a search tool for emails from leads coming from Linkedin, great for generating relationships with employees of companies that are of interest to you.


    31. MixRank

    Do you need some confidential information, like knowing where your competitors’ traffic generation comes from? MixRank does that and more. It also shows lists of potential customers automatically, facilitating prospecting.


    32. BuzzSumo

    It is great for finding inspiration from content that the public wants, showing what they share and interact on social networks.

    For anyone working with influence marketing, finding the right influencers for your business through BuzzSumo can bring great results.

    In addition, you can monitor how your content is being distributed and how people are engaging with it.


    33. Pay with a tweet

    Very good idea to get leads generated through the influence of those who already know your company and trust it, after all, nobody would share anything about your brand if it did not have relevant and reliable content. The potential for viralization using the tool is high.

    34. Hello Bar

    Created by Neil Patel, it is a bar at the top of the site, allowing visitors to easily leave their email to create a relationship with your site. It is a tool to increase lead generation and conversion.

    35. CrazyEgg

    One of the best heat map tools, it also offers clickmaps and scrollmaps for website analysis. It was also created by Neil Patel and his team.

    With it, it is possible to analyze how people are engaging with the site and where it can be improved. Sometimes a CTA exchange is enough to increase site conversions. CrazyEgg allows you to detect this.

    36. Hotjar

    It is a very complete tool, as it has functions very similar to those of CrazyEgg, in addition to recording some sessions of visitors and conducting surveys on the site.


    37. MailChimp

    MailChimp sends emails on a large scale, that is, to groups of people interested in your content, in a simple way.

    In addition, it can analyze email marketing campaigns and thus create more effective ones, based on the reader’s behavior, including segmenting by groups more engaged with certain types of content.


    Discover the social media accounts of people who are of your commercial interest and thus, you can create a relationship with them. You can even see the subjects they are interested in and interact on social networks.

    What are the best tips for successfully implementing this strategy?

    As we said at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to implement an organizational culture focused on experimentation and necessarily, by established goals and KPI’s.

    After all, you can only measure results if we know which points need to improve.

    There is the professional, called growth hacker, who is responsible for thinking and implementing the techniques to bring better results, in the short term, at a low cost for companies. He can be part of the company team or be a consultant.

    This last option is ideal for those who do not have a large team or are starting to implement growth hacking.

    If your company is still starting to think about implementing it and is interested in learning more about it, we have separated a free ebook with more information on the subject, including how to attract more opportunities for your brand.

    Access and find out more about growth hacking!

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