▷ 4 Father’s Day campaigns that show a new relationship between parents and children – WAU 2020

    4 Father’s Day campaigns that show a new relationship between parents and children – WAU

    Father’s Day, portrayed by advertising campaigns, presents a new relationship between parents and children, which is now guided by the possibility of expressing feelings and the need to combat stereotypes that are rooted in our society. Know more!

    Today, companies do not frequently use commemorative dates to promote a certain product or service or even to strengthen their brands.

    However, the great challenge, in the midst of competition that is becoming more and more fierce each year, is the attempt to dialogue and draw the public’s attention through advertising campaigns.

    A good example of this is Father’s Day, a date that, in 2018 alone, generated R $ 2.2 billion in the digital medium alone, according to the London Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm).

    In fact, a multitude of campaigns are already running to hook consumers’ hearts. But there is something different about the production process for these campaigns: the way the father figure is portrayed.

    If before they were seen more distantly from the family and the relationship with their children, today they are presented in a more intense way and with the possibility of present your feelings, which can be explained by the continuous cultural transformation that our society goes through.

    Are you curious to see the result of this change? So, separate the scarves and check out a selection of 4 campaigns that were produced especially for Father’s Day!

    4 advertising campaigns produced for Father’s Day

    1. Skol and the breaking of paradigms

    What comes to your mind when it comes to brewing campaigns? If we were to base ourselves on history, we could think of something macho and even outdated, but Skol managed to escape this type of stereotype.

    The Father’s Day campaign entitled “Do you think your father is square?”, Plays with the slogan worked by the brand and combines the light tone present in almost all Skol productions with questions that most children never had the courage to ask your parents.

    The idea, although simple, brings up another side of the relationship between children and parents, which is the fact that, most of the time, we find that our parents are not understandable in relation to our choices.

    In fact, some of the themes worked on, such as sexual orientation and the professional choice of each child, are still seen as taboo in some homes. However, unlike what is expected, the parents featured in the campaign support their children and place love and respect above anything else.

    2. Sicred and the focus on inclusion

    Sicred’s Father’s Day campaign is a true lesson in how brands can work on certain themes, which demand attention in society, in a subtle and precise way, in addition to presenting that yes, parents can cry and express themselves.

    In the one-minute play, a father with a hearing impairment and who was about to spend another Father’s Day without being represented at his daughter’s school celebrations is shown. This fact unfortunately portrays the inclusion problems experienced by the more than 10 million Brazilians in this condition.

    However, in the end, her daughter manages to send a beautiful message in Libras, bringing her father to tears, showing, in practice, the importance of working towards inclusion and respect for others.

    3. Vipal with a message beyond the profession

    Vipal is a company specialized in selling and refurbishing tires for different types of vehicles and its Father’s Day campaign is entitled “More than a profession, an example”.

    The production deconstructs the vision we have of one of the company’s target audiences, the truck drivers, who they are always seen as lonely people, who have as their only companion the way of their trucks. More than that, she has a more sensitive side to those who are not always recognized for their profession.

    And the Perhaps the central idea of ​​this campaign of just over two minutes is this: recognition. Right from the start, the truckers’ concern about not being valued for what they do is clear, even though they have to face the precarious conditions on the roads of our country on a daily basis and the sacrifice of losing good times with those they love.

    At the end of the video, to everyone’s surprise, this recognition comes from those they least imagine: their children. In the midst of emotional testimonies, each son tells how proud he is of his father’s profession and the importance that his role has for the functioning of the country, making everything worthwhile.

    4. Natura and a passion beyond the fields

    There is no denying that football is one of the greatest passions of the London people, Is not it? But who would have thought that this environment, which in most cases is filled with an intensity of emotions and sometimes a wave of harsh words, could give space to stories of love and learning between parents and children.

    So it was the action of Natura’s Father’s Day, which made the relationship between father and son go beyond the limit of the four lines of the lawn.

    On stadium screens, messages were presented with different contexts, such as that of the father who takes his daughter everywhere, even in places with a male predominance, or even of the one who was holding his daughter’s hand at the time of the birth of his grandchild.

    The cool thing about this action is that it was not restricted only to the honorees. It is possible to identify other people, who may have stories with the same content, who also burst into tears when they saw the whole atmosphere of emotion.

    Bonus: Websites Are Us Father’s Day Campaign

    In 2019 Websites Are Us decided to honor the papal rockers in a different way: we invited some of their children for a morning at the company, where they could tell what they like to do together with their parents.

    The result is not always as expected, but it is nevertheless exciting. Check out our video below!

    New masculinity: a new way of seeing the world

    What do all these Father’s Day campaigns have in common? In addition to plasticity and impeccable technical execution, they work on a new model of seeing masculinity, as highlighted at the beginning of this text, which sees man as a subject who, in short, can express his emotions, unlike previous years.

    This phenomenon, called New Masculinity, which is worked on by Google in its Brandlab dossier, has its origins in the more egalitarian relations between men and women and in the attempt to establish these values ​​in childhood.

    Thereby, there is a favor in creating men more aware of their role in society and that agree with actions guided by respect between genders and the possibility of facing the world from a new perspective.

    From that, it is expected that brands use this new scenario to propose actions for this new type of audience, which explains why the highlighted campaigns are loaded with good doses of emotions.

    The need to keep talking about the topic

    The paradigm shift is strictly related to access to information and, in this context, the role of advertising it is very important to reverse perceptions, educate the market and build a new model to be followed, which is expected to be consistent with the world we dream and want to build for our children.

    That in the future, more sensitive campaigns that bring love between parents and children should not be worked only as an exception, but they are so common that we do not see it strangely.

    May each Father’s Day see men crying and expressing their feelings for all that this word represents in their lives and that the love and respect for their children reverberate to create a more just and equal society.

    Did you like the selection of campaigns we set aside for Father’s Day? Is there any more you want to point out? Share with us in the comments!

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