▷ 44 ways to segment your email base – WAU 2020

    44 ways to segment your email base – WAU

    Whoever works with email marketing is tired of hearing that the key to success lies in segmentation. This is all because this practice allows you to create more personalized messages, which helps with engagement and ensures better results. With that in mind, we have created a list with 44 segmentation suggestions for you to use in your daily life and […]

    Whoever works with email marketing is tired of hearing that the key to success lies in segmentation.

    This is all because this practice allows you to create more personalized messages, which helps with engagement and ensures better results.

    With that in mind, we have created a list of 44 segmentation suggestions for you to use in your daily life and increase the ROI of your email strategy.

    Come on?

    1. Geographically

    Whether according to the country, state, city or region, there are plenty of options to group your contacts and make specific shots for them.

    This type of segmentation is extremely important for companies that operate in very large areas or for those that offer different products and services according to location.

    In the email below, sent by Cabify, you can see a great example of it in practice:

    email cabify

    2. Age

    Through age segmentation you can create different versions of the same campaign and use a language closer to the target audience.

    In addition, if your product has an age restriction, you can exclude those that do not fit the offer.

    3. Birthday date

    Have you ever thought about sending a special offer for birthdays of the day or month?

    The segmentation by date of birth allows you to be present at a special moment and improve your relationship with customers.

    Ah! And don’t forget to offer a little gift for birthdays, as in the following example:

    birthday email4. Family

    Large families and small families have some distinct characteristics.

    Obtaining and using this information can be a beautiful wild card when it comes to sharing relevant content and offers.

    5. Life stage

    Vestibulandos, grooms, newlyweds, pregnant, young parents and so on. This type of segmentation focuses on some kind of experience that can be shared by several people.

    Think about how certain phases can relate to the content of your campaign and that’s it. It is a guarantee of engagement!

    6. Sign

    Young people’s favorite segmentation – and the internet – can also be used by your company. If your audience has a strong connection with astrology, a personalized message according to the sign, ascendant or moon can generate great results.

    7. Sexual identification

    In a list like this, it is clear that one of the most common segmentations practiced on a daily basis could not be missing. In this case, more than segmenting by gender, the important thing is to group the contacts according to the way they identify themselves.

    This shows respect, increases the connection with the message and, in addition, it still helps to achieve good results.

    8. Income

    Economic factors can also be taken into account. Through income segmentation you can adapt your offer to the customer’s purchasing power and increase the chances of conversion.

    9. Social status

    Celebrities, ex-bbbs, politicians, authorities, digital influencers… the choice is yours! Depending on your product or service, it is possible to adapt the email to the social status of the contacts and make the speech much more personalized.

    10. Persona

    The favorite concept of Content Marketing is also used in the email marketing strategy. Companies that have more than one persona can personalize their messages according to that classification.

    Here at WAU we do it! We create a different copy for each of our personas, highlighting how a certain content can benefit them.

    Guide to creating personas

    11. Occupation

    Students, employees, freelancers, retirees and so on. If your company works with a wide range of contacts, it is possible to use this grouping to direct your emails.

    12. Religion

    Not long ago Spotify started authorizing employees to choose when they will have holidays. The proposal seems crazy, but in fact it is quite logical: if you are a Christian, Christmas is important to you, but if you are a Jew, you probably prefer Yom Kippur.

    And maybe that also makes sense for your contact base! Pay attention to your audience’s profile and, if possible, group them according to their beliefs. This can help you create a much more personal message.

    13. Interests

    Horror movie fans, passionate about fiction books, admirers of classical music, fans of manga, followers of Vitor Peçanha… segmenting your email subscribers by interest gives you an infinite number of possibilities.

    14. Lifestyle

    If your product or service can be used by different people or using different methods, it may be interesting to bring contacts together according to their lifestyles. Vegetarians, Buddhists, fitness people, hippies, backpackers, workaholics, the list goes on and on!

    15. Type of company

    Do you sell to franchises? For B2B or B2C companies? Do you serve NGOs and OSCIPs? Large, small and medium-sized companies? All of these types of companies have different needs, so your email content must also be different – and segmented accordingly.

    16. Industry

    If you work with B2B companies, you can group your contacts according to the industry they belong to. Knowing this type of information can add a new level of personalization to your emails.

    17. Position in the company

    Is what you want to communicate more suitable for interns, analysts, secretaries or directors? Depending on the content, you can select the recipients of your email through their position in the company.

    18. Educational level

    Another way to segment your list is through the educational level of your contacts.

    For example, an educational institution should only disclose its MBA program to people who have already completed a college degree.

    19. Seniority level

    Just as there are different job functions, there are different levels of seniority. And that information is extremely important when it comes to decision-making potential. Running different campaigns for analysts and coordinators can be the key to streamline your sales process.

    20. Previous purchases

    Your customers’ purchase history is also a great opportunity to segment your list and develop specific campaigns to offer complementary products and additional services.

    email walmart

    21. Buying interest

    Companies that work with multiple products or services can increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by asking which or which products customers are interested in.

    This prevents them from being bored with uninteresting messages and helps to create better targeted emails.

    22. Average ticket

    Do your customers usually spend R $ 50 or R $ 5,000? Differentiating them based on the average ticket can be a great formula for defining the best offer.

    23. Frequency of purchase

    Segment your email list based on how often your contacts make a purchase. This practice helps you encourage more frequent consumption, as well as rewarding the most loyal customers.

    24. Purchase cycle

    Do your customers have a clear buying cycle? So use that information to your advantage!

    Whether they buy every week, every month or just at certain times of the year, you can create specific campaigns to remind them of your brand and facilitate the new transaction.

    Sales Funnel Planning Kit

    25. Content theme

    For example, here at WAU, we work with content on various topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, social media, etc. For this reason, whenever we want to launch an offer related to a certain subject, we segment our base by choosing contacts who have already shown interest in that topic.

    This increases the chances of the reader finding the offer useful and, consequently, improves our results.

    Below is a great example of Viva Decora, which segmented the base according to interest in social media:

    live email decorate

    26. Content format

    Just as people have an interest in different topics, they also have specific preferences for different formats. And you should be aware of these opportunities!

    Anyone who has shown interest in video content has a good chance of liking other offers of the same type and so on.

    27. Internship at sales funnel

    One of the great benefits of segmenting your base is to understand the behavior of your contacts and facilitate the sales process.

    And one of the best ways to understand if they are ready to buy is to analyze the stage they are in the sales funnel.

    sales funnel

    28. Level of interest

    If a person has already consumed 10 funnel media content, they must be much more interested in your company than someone who accessed 5 funnel top, right?

    That is why you can also segment your leads through the level of interest.

    29. Changes in the level of engagement with content

    If your contacts have a certain level of engagement, you can segment your base to find those who are above average or far below it and create specific campaigns for them.

    Take advantage of high engagement opportunities to take the next step in the funnel. In the meantime, those who are distant deserve a reminder of the benefits that your content offers.

    30. Change in purchasing behavior

    The same goes for those customers who are “missing”. If you notice any change in your customers’ behavior, don’t hesitate to develop a campaign focusing on this issue.

    31. Lead Scoring

    For those who don’t know, lead scoring is the practice of classifying contacts with points, in order to assess engagement and purchase potential.

    If your company has a good lead scoring system, you can use the scores to segment your list and launch campaigns that encourage walking through the funnel.

    lead generation kit

    32. Email provider

    Anyone who has worked with email design knows that one of the biggest challenges of good code is to adapt perfectly to all email providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).

    Because of this, you can sometimes segment your base by email provider and make the necessary changes to ensure a good experience in each one.

    33. Engagement with previous emails

    Another technique widely used by our team is to segment our base according to engagement in previous emails.

    For example, when we launch a new ebook, we segment the base by theme of the content. Nevertheless, when the shot does not perform satisfactorily, we perform a second shot with a different subject, only for those who did not open the first email.

    This way, we do not saturate the contacts that engaged with the first message and we still managed to increase the results without much effort.

    ebook email marketing

    34. NPS

    NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, a methodology that aims to assess the satisfaction of its customers and classify them as promoters, detractors or neutrals.

    Segmenting your customers based on NPS helps you investigate the reasons for that assessment, as well as ensuring a more efficient message for your emails.

    35. Customers who recommend you

    Customers who recommend you to friends and family deserve shots only from them! Encourage this behavior through loyalty programs, progressive discounts or announcements and first-hand launches.

    Over time, you will notice that this segment can be of great help for the decision-making moments in your company. Whoever recommends your services, cares enough to collaborate and opine on strategic issues.

    How to build advocates for your brand

    36. Customers who never rated you

    Another segmentation that you can use strategically is the grouping of customers who never rated you.

    These contacts can provide interesting feedback about your company, and sometimes all you have to do is ask for their opinion.

    In addition, if you cross this segment with customers who have a high NPS, you can get some successful cases to share with potential customers.

    37. Physical store customers x Virtual customers

    If your company has physical and virtual stores, you can segment your contacts based on their most preferred channel. Or you can go further and encourage a multichannel experience based on specific promotions for that.

    38. Cart abandonment

    Reducing cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for online stores. Despite this, you can see this as a segmentation opportunity and trigger reminders and promotions that help to reverse this situation.

    email cart abandonment

    39. Abandonment of form

    If you don’t work in an e-commerce, you can be free from the problem of cart abandonment, but you still have to fight against form abandonment!

    Sometimes a person starts to fill out a form and gives up in the middle of the process, whether due to laziness, technical difficulties or interruptions, etc.

    Take advantage of your automation tool to segment these contacts and win them back while they are still “hot”.

    40. Usability

    Essential for those who work with software, usability segmentation can be a card in the sleeve to increase engagement with the system and check if people are taking advantage of the full potential that your tool offers.

    Below you can see two Spotify emails: the first one teaches you how to listen to your music in the best possible quality, while the second one teaches you how to find playlists to listen to while you are without internet access.

    email usability

    41. Participation in events

    If your company holds an event, segment your base based on the participation (or not) of the contacts to trigger incentive, evaluation, recommendation, etc. campaigns.

    And even if you are not the organizers, if you have access to the emails of the participants of an event or meeting, use this opportunity to contact these people and offer relevant content on the subject.

    email events

    42. Clicks on CTAs

    Your site is probably packed with calls-to-action or, translating, calls to action. And you can segment your contacts based on the content or intention of those buttons.

    For example, whoever clicked “I want a budget”Should behave more closely to the purchase than those who clicked“I want to do a free trial”. Use this information to compose your emails and improve your results.

    43. New subscribers

    They say that the first impression is the one that remains, so you can’t help but welcome your new subscribers. Segment your list based on the date the contact was created and send a welcome email to introduce yourself, align expectations and encourage their engagement.

    44. Mobile vs. Desktop

    Do your contacts use more mobile or desktop devices? Segmenting your list based on this aspect helps you to optimize the design of emails and increase your engagement.

    Summing up…

    When it comes to segmentation, creativity is your best friend!

    Think strategically, cross data from different segments and analyze all the results. Only numbers can confirm whether a particular group of contacts is really relevant to your company to the point of receiving an email made especially for them.

    And if you want to further improve your email marketing numbers, be sure to download our complete Lead Nutrition guide!

    lead nutrition guide

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