▷ 7 practices you should consider to achieve incredible results – WAU 2020

    7 practices you should consider to achieve incredible results – WAU

    If we take a look at some case studies of those who invested in marketing for restaurants, we will see that the majority achieved success because they did not stand still in time waiting for customers to knock on the door. Furthermore, it was a time when having your name on the yellow pages of a phone book was […]

    If we take a look at some case studies of those who invested in marketing for restaurants, we will see that the majority achieved success because they did not stand still in time waiting for customers to knock on the door.

    What’s more, it was a time when having your name on the yellow pages of a phone book was enough for the public to find you. Today, just type in a few keywords on Google and there will be thousands of results with names of restaurants of the most diverse specialties.

    Answer now: if one consumer do an internet search for a restaurant, will yours be there? Or rather: would you be on the first page? And considering the immense number of competitors, what would distinguish you from the others?

    There’s a lot to think about, isn’t there? However, if you don’t want to give your competitors all the hands-on customers, start to rethink the way you are marketing your restaurant – maybe it’s time to look for new strategies to promote it before it’s too late.

    But, from now on, don’t worry. We are here to show you some marketing practices that should be considered to further your business. Ready to meet them?

    1. Create a differentiator for your restaurant

    The market is full of the same things. To survive the competition, it’s not enough to just be good, you have to be different and unique in what you do.

    Does your restaurant have any differential? Does it include any characteristics that make you better than others?

    Know that an innovative differential is what will make you a reference with your customers and put you ahead of your competitors.

    This differential can come from the various marketing strategies combined with the use of new technologies available on the market, such as:

    • an own application for online reservations, orders or payments via mobile;
    • or an electronic menu with a design that highlights your food and makes your customers salivate just by looking at it.

    2. Invest in referral marketing

    Referral marketing or recommendation marketing it can be one of the best strategies to help strengthen your brand and increase your restaurant sales.

    You need to know how to develop a good referral marketing program to encourage people to take action. Only satisfied customers can become advocates for your brand and help spread the word in your social environment.

    Referral marketing assumes that people cannot be bought, but are rewarded with the best experiences that guarantee their satisfaction.

    Here are some tips to make your referral marketing more efficient:

    • show domain in your area of ​​expertise;
    • grant promotions, gifts or discounts to your best customers;
    • invest in festivals and gastronomic events;
    • encourage your customers to advertise your restaurant on their social networks.

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    3. Focus on the consumer experience

    Taking the hook of referral marketing, we can not fail to focus on the consumer experience, as it can be the differential to captivate your customers.

    Invest in marketing strategies that meets customer satisfaction, always exceeding their expectations, can provide them with such a positive experience with your brand that it will make them always remember it, whether to satisfy their own need or to indicate it to a friend.

    The consumer experience focuses a lot on our 5 senses, and in the case of restaurants this is great, isn’t it?

    Awaken the pleasure of tasting a special dish, listening to soft music, touching the soft fabric of the table, looking at a clean and comfortable environment – all of which can surprise your customer and provide you with unforgettable experiences.

    In addition, a good experience is what makes word of mouth marketing more efficient and helps to retain customers. You bet!

    4. Use geolocation to target customers

    Do you remember the phrase “those who are not seen are not remembered”? So, if your restaurant is not registered in any application that can facilitate its location, it will be difficult to find a user.

    Geolocation can boost your referral marketing, as you can encourage your users to speak well about your restaurant and food, thus gaining new customers.

    Today, people use the internet for almost everything, including to find the best restaurants specializing in different cuisine.

    But what you may not know is that it is possible to take advantage of users’ IP or GPS to better understand their consumption profiles – and, thus, track and segment them more easily.

    This strategy is called geomarketing, and is very useful for you to be able to locate your target audience wherever they are.

    How to build advocates for your brand

    5. Invest in a functional website

    Answer these 3 basic questions:

    • can your customers or other users find your restaurant online?
    • Is your site well optimized to make it easier for users to navigate?
    • Do you have a blog with relevant content that can attract more customers?

    If you can’t answer “yes” to the questions above, it’s time to rethink how to do marketing for your restaurant.

    Currently, without investing in online marketing strategies, your restaurant will be a simple business with no future and no expectations of growth.

    Try to build a functional, inviting website that meets the needs of its users.

    6. Build a good email list

    Increasing your email database is a good alternative to email marketing. The efficiency of this marketing strategy is more than consolidated in the online environment.

    You can take advantage of your list to keep your customers updated on the restaurant’s news, encourage sharing, send discounts, advertise benefit clubs and collective purchases, in addition to a multitude of interesting things about your restaurant.

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    7. Strengthen your relationship marketing

    We know that we can attract a large number of customers with the previous tips, but is it possible to win many evangelizers for your brand just with them? After all, the important thing is not only to conquer but also to maintain loyalty.

    If a customer has a good relationship with your restaurant, he can positively influence your network, indicating more people to meet you.

    Here are some tips for marketing of relationship very interesting for you to use in your restaurant and increase engagement with your customers:

    • develop a loyalty program;
    • focus on customer service;
    • target your customers and run personalized campaigns;
    • invest in continuous marketing strategies;
    • monitor campaign results;
    • choose a channel to communicate better with your customers.

    We leave a very important secret to the end: you and your employees are crucial elements of this whole puzzle.

    Any type of marketing – be it marketing for restaurants or for other types of business – will only be efficient if there is synergy, engagement and cooperation on the part of everyone involved in the process. Otherwise, no strategy will be fruitful.

    Since we are talking about good marketing practices, how about reading our complete digital marketing guide for SMEs?

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