▷ 8 things you need to know about SEO and social networks – WAU 2020

    8 things you need to know about SEO and social networks – WAU

    The debate about how much social networks may or may not influence the positioning of a page in organic searches has gained great proportions among marketers who work with SEO. The fact is that social networks are tools that are already incorporated in the universe of digital marketing and understand how they can impact […]

    The debate about how much social networks may or may not influence the positioning of a page in organic searches has gained great proportions among marketers who work with SEO.

    The fact is that social networks are tools that are already incorporated in the universe of digital marketing and understanding how they can impact the positioning of a website can make a difference when implementing your SEO strategies.

    We prepared this article full of information and data on this subject to help you understand or little more about this relationship between SEO and social networks. Come on!

    1. Understand better how it all started

    To better understand this subject, you need to know how it all started.

    Since updating the Google algorithm – which set new standards for the relevance of a website – many speculations have been created and the relationship between the importance of social networks in defining the ranking of search engines has been one of them.

    Shortly thereafter, Matt Cutts (then Google engineer) released a video where it says that social signals (like the number of users who “liked” a Facebook profile and could be an indication that the site has authority on the subject) do not effectively influence how they will position a site.

    This news took companies and professionals working with SEO by surprise and left many people intrigued.

    And in order to find out more what search engines take into account when placing a page – and if social networks are part of that evaluation criterion – Danny Sullivan (editor and founder of Search Engine Land and authority on the subject) sent some questions to Google and Bing:

    What Google says

    Facebook and Twitter are treated like any other page when defining the relevance of a website.

    If there are a considerable number of mentions that are possible to track, it will be just one more factor that will be analyzed when placing the page in the results.

    Which leads us to understand that, for Google, the number of followers on social networks is not something that will be taken into account but rather the backlinks with quality that he can track.

    What Bing says

    Bing said that it takes into account both factors when deciding how to position a website on its search engine.

    As much as a link was mentioned on Twitter, for example, as well as the authority of a profile, that is: its number of followers.

    2. Find out what the experts say about SEO and social media

    Many experts say that social networks do have relevance when it comes to indexing a website and placing it in search results.

    Based on surveys of information and research that prove this statement, Neil Patel, who is one of the main references in digital marketing, developed a article where it presents the importance of “social presence” for search engines.

    Infographic that presents more data on the subject

    a infographic developed by Tasty Placement reiterates how much activities on social networks can impact the results of a website’s positioning in organic search results.

    Even with all this information the fact is that it is very difficult to know all the factors that a search engine takes into account when placing a website, but certainly social networks can contribute to this.

    3. The importance of OFF Page strategies

    The number of active users on social networks in recent years has been growing in an impressive manner, and, as a result, activities carried out outside the site (OFF Page) have gained even greater relevance for search engines.

    In London alone, Facebook – which is the social network preferred by the population – has around 80 million users, which worldwide adds up to about 1 billion people with active accounts on the social network.

    The combination of thousands of information disseminated on social networks, the generated backlinks and the use of well developed strategies in external channels can be of great relevance to position a website.

    And what can you do to be able to use social networks in favor of your website? We will tell you in the next topics of this article. Watch!

    4. Quality and interaction with users

    It is worth mentioning that the mechanisms carefully search for information and content that are really relevant, in order to provide a better experience for users. So keep an eye on the quality of what you publish, not only on your website, but also on social networks.

    As already said, Google does not yet place a page based on the number of users or followers that a profile has, but rather on the quality of the content propagated in these places, also called as social mentions. And since Google is considered one of the main internet search engines in the world, it is necessary to optimize your profile so that it meets the requirements desired by it.

    5. Actions taken on social networks that can help

    Make yourself present

    One of the first steps to improve the positioning of your website is to stay present and let users know what you are willing to present.

    And on social media, SEO strategies are very similar to those used on your website. But a point in favor of social networks is this more personal and direct relationship developed with users that can help to enrich this process.

    Optimize your pages

    To improve this relationship with the user, it is very important to optimize your pages and profiles on social networks to make them functional and easy to navigate.

    Just like on your website, the user needs to find relevant information like phones, addresses or even links to your website more easily. In this way the interaction becomes more dynamic, which can be positive for search engines.

    Images are always welcome

    With images, users are able to better visualize the information you are publishing, in addition to providing a better and less loaded layout for posts.

    Produce quality posts

    Speaking of posts, these can also be one of the factors taken into account when placing a website, which requires special attention.

    The way you disseminate information on social networks can be of great relevance. Develop content with a focus on quality and try not to overload the user with information.

    Large blocks of text are often unread, in addition to running the risk of exceeding the character limit of some social networks.

    Divide the article by intertitles, making them into smaller blocks. Remember to put images, videos or even infographics to better illustrate this content.

    Invest in external links

    Having content links posted on your social networks or even by other sites, portals or users can positively help in the way search engines understand the relevance of your site.

    This information can be used as a parameter to assess whether your site can be considered an “authority” on the subject, in order to improve your page’s ranking.

    6. How can these practices influence your positioning

    Sometimes it is difficult to understand how social networks can influence a website’s SEO, but to better understand all of this, just look at the amount of information shared in that medium.

    It may seem repetitive, but the practice of disseminating targeted and quality content is what can effectively influence the positioning of your website.

    External links can be a fundamentally important piece to increase the reach of the content.

    When you post a post, for example, it can be shared by 1 or more users. Within the group of friends and followers of this profile, other people can have contact with the post, making it visible to a large number of people.

    This action can increase the volume of searches on your profile on social networks and even on your website, generating more engagement among users and helping search engines to understand how important your content can be, being able to classify it with a good positioning on organic search results pages.

    A well-planned action can generate a positive reaction for the company, contributing to its ranking.

    Always keep in mind for whom you produce and what type of channel you will use.

    They can even be linked, but in many cases they develop in a certain way and have their own tools and specifications, such as the number of characters, quality of the image that can be loaded and even the type of personas and users that these channels have .

    7. Be careful not to overdo it

    Be careful not to overdo the actions you take on social media.

    Some practices can hurt the policies of these search engines and negatively influence SEO, such as copying content from other pages. This is a very common practice, but when used improperly or in large proportions it can be subject to sanctions by the search engines.

    It is necessary to stress the importance of producing – and especially disseminating – quality information and content that can help promote profiles on social networks in a safe and punishment-free way.

    There are several factors that search engines take into account when defining rankings and social networks can be one of them. That is why it is so important to be aware of the practices adopted, in order to always obtain good results.

    8. Keep SEO strategies in mind and try to stay informed

    There are some differences and similarities in the SEO strategies adopted on the site and in actions taken outside the site, such as on social networks, for example.

    To be able to boost a website (and especially ensure better positioning in search results) it is very important to be aware of the stipulated strategies.

    They can be instrumental in enabling search engines to understand how relevant your site is and thus being able to place and even keep your page at the top of organic searches. Stay focused on strategies and try to promote good deeds on your social media pages and profiles.

    Search engines often provide updates to improve the user experience.

    It is necessary to keep an eye out for these improvements so that your website continues or so that it can have a good position, after all being among the first in the results of organic searches can help to further promote a company.

    Neil Patel himself (as we mentioned at the beginning of the article) claims that social networks are the new SEO. Always try to keep abreast of new ways of doing SEO to always get the best results.


    In this article we try to emphasize the importance of social networks for the positioning of a page in the results of organic searches and we show you some practices that you can adopt to further optimize your profiles on social networks.

    The most important thing of all is to know how to segment and develop strategies that add value and knowledge to followers and users.

    Gradually the search engines will understand the relevance of your site and be able to position it in the best way.

    What you learned in this article:

    • What companies and experts say about the relationship between SEO and social networks
    • The importance of On Page strategies and always producing quality content
    • How these practices can influence the positioning
    • Keep an eye out not to overdo it and keep SEO strategies in mind
    • Finally the importance of always being informed about the subject

    Even if you do not know with precision all the “signals” that are taken into account by the search engines when placing a page, always try to maintain safe practices based on strategies in well-developed social networks to improve the positioning of your website in the search engines. .

    We hope this article was useful for you!

    We hope that this content has helped you to understand more about the subject.
    If you want to learn even more about SEO, be sure to download our free material!

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