▷ Are you really an entrepreneur? 3 mistakes that harm your e-commerce

    Many shopkeepers fill their chests and call themselves entrepreneurs, but they are deeply stuck in doing operational tasks instead of leading the business, thinking about purpose, brand personality and generating loyalty. Are you one of these shopkeepers?

    Today, we are going to show you how you can transform your e-commerce from the inside out by thinking and acting as an entrepreneur, not as a technician, worker.

    The birth of a business

    When you had the idea to create your own business, your own virtual store, everything must have been very magical and special. Little did you know that a nightmare would soon follow: Having to manage people, finances, advertising, logistics, everything but doing what you really wanted to do, which is just staying in your area of ​​affinity.

    The fact is that your business is in its infancy, and like any child you still don’t quite know what to do to grow. And it does a lot of wrong. For example: When creating the store name, you put your name instead of creating a name of an actual brand. That’s because you see the company and you as one, which is not a problem, unless you want to be independent of the business at some point, away from the day-to-day operation and free to travel and be happy away from the worst boss that can exist, which is yourself.

    Speaking of operations, there is something that cannot keep itself in order without you, and you may even be proud of it by saying “if it weren’t for me, this business wouldn’t be standing”. Is this something to be proud of? Over time, you will realize that you are stuck and that you need to change to grow your business. Every healthy business has to grow and that is what we are going to teach you here 🙂

    Adolescence, a time of change

    After realizing the points to be improved, the processes to be created, the right way to train each person to take care of each area, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

    At the moment of the decision to change, your inner entrepreneur, that part of you that has a long-term vision emerges to act with what is important, instead of working only in the urgent as in the past. The management part also comes into play, to help you organize the path to success.

    The growth phase is fast and very troubled, just as our own adolescence was. Do you know all those boring things about documenting the right way of doing things, analyzing numbers and learning from people’s mistakes and skills each day? That is your task as a leader from now on.

    Of course, you can help to separate sales, take products on the carrier, but know that most of your time and mind should be focused on strategy,

    brand and purpose. No one but you can define that. Think big and be big over time.

    Finally, a mature business

    When your store reaches maturity, you are able to focus 100% of your time on being an entrepreneur, focus on the long-term vision and just receive follow-up reports from the team, without having to be personally in the company every day as before. A dream? It can be reality, just start thinking:

    1. Why does your brand, store and business exist?
    2. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
    3. And why others should care?

    These principles will be the guideline when you hire someone, sell to someone or get your suppliers: Because you will be interacting only with people who believe what you believe. You can learn more at this link, but the key is to understand that this is the basis for generating loyalty and inspiring action in people.

    Perhaps you are thinking, “but why are you telling me all of this?” and I tell you that it is because every day I (Hevelyn) and everyone at Fidelizar Mais are working focused on helping people to connect in a unique way and create lasting relationships. Because of this, we ended up making content like the one you are reading, and applications to connect the customer and the store, such as Gira Lead and the Loyalty Program that you can check on our website.

    The important thing is: The turn-key revolution, which is the moment you have a business with standardized rules, processes, and methods, will only come and generate the peace of having a business that goes perfectly without your daily presence if you strive to define all these aspects in the midst of chaos, taking care to retain each customer and take care of each employee.

    Don’t forget, businesses fail because leaders leave some areas of the company, and usually the purpose, brand and customer relationship are often the first to be left out. Be consistent in your execution to move towards a successful e-commerce!

    If you want to chat, feel free to comment below or call us on, it will be a pleasure to help!

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