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    assemble amazing presentations! – WAU

    Creating a good slide design is not an easy task, especially for those who are not designers and do not master the main image editing tools. But that does not mean that this is an impossible task. In fact, by understanding some basic design concepts, anyone can create interesting and effective presentations. Thinking […]

    Creating a good slide design is not an easy task, especially for those who are not designers and do not master the main image editing tools.

    But that does not mean that this is an impossible task.

    In fact, understanding some basic design concepts, anyone can create interesting and efficient presentations.

    With that in mind, we share 10 tips for creating a good slide design, ensuring the success of your presentation.

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    1. Look for inspiration to create the layout of your slides

    The first step in developing good slide design is to seek inspiration.

    With good references, it is possible to create incredible pieces that will be able to attract the attention of your audience and convey the message efficiently.

    Currently there are several websites, blogs and even social networks with great materials that can be used as inspiration for the creation of your graphic pieces.

    Sites like Behance, O Dribbble – used by many designers to display their work – and the Pinterest can be used as a great source of inspiration for creating your slide.

    2. Reduce the amount of text on each slide

    A very common mistake in slide design is the insertion of huge blocks of text in the presentation.

    This is serious because, in addition to overloading your presentation and making it more uninteresting, a slide with excessive text can convey the feeling that you are insecure and that you do not know the subject presented.

    Therefore, the ideal is that you use the texts only to highlight important elements of your presentation, without excesses.

    3. Abandon the use of ready-made templates and templates

    Ready-made slide templates and templates have become very popular and are very useful when we need to create a presentation in a short time.

    However, popular templates can convey the feeling that you are giving a generic, lifeless presentation.

    In addition, by using a ready-made template, you lose the opportunity to use design as an important element of your presentation, helping to highlight the important points of your message.

    So invest your time in creating a unique slide design, designed to meet the needs of your lecture, and use ready-made templates only when there are no alternatives.

    4. Limit the color table of your presentation

    One of the most common mistakes in creating the design for slides is the use of colors that are not compatible and hinder the transmission of your message.

    A wrong choice of colors can convey the feeling that your presentation is amateur and undermine the credibility of your message.

    Tools like Adobe Color and ColourLovers can help you choose the best colors for your presentation.

    5. Use high quality images

    Images are visual elements that help to enrich any presentation.

    They are able to reinforce your message and make the content of your talk even more interesting for viewers.

    Therefore, it is very important that you use images of good quality and in an appropriate size for display on a slide.

    Currently, there are several free stock photos that can be used to find the ideal photos for your presentation.

    6. Escape the excess of animations

    Animations are visual elements that help to make your slides more dynamic and interesting.

    When well selected, they are capable of generating effects that make all the difference in a presentation.

    However, many end up exaggerating the use of animations, including sounds and movements that distract the audience and hinder the dynamics of their lecture.

    Therefore, the ideal is that you run away from excesses and use animations only to reinforce an idea or to highlight an important element in your presentation.

    7. Watch the size of the videos

    The videos they are elements increasingly used in slide shows, as they help to reinforce some concepts or even exemplify some idea presented to the listeners of your lecture.

    And, to ensure that your presentation remains interesting, it is very important that you avoid using very long videos, which can make your listeners distracted or forget the idea that is being discussed by you.

    Video size can also be an issue if you are using an online presentation system, such as Prezi or Google Slides. In such cases, the material may take a long time to load.

    8. Be prepared for unforeseen events

    As much as you prepare to make a presentation, it is natural that some unforeseen events occur, such as the internet going down or even a computer that does not open the file of your presentation.

    To prevent situations like this from influencing the quality of your talk, it is very important that you are prepared to deal with each of these unforeseen events.

    So, in addition to saving your presentation in the cloud – either through Google Slides or another backup service – it is very important that you take the slides saved on your thumb drive in .pdf, .ppt and other presentation formats.

    This way, you can prevent unforeseen events from harming the success of your talk and show your versatility to overcome problems.

    9. Prioritize the top of your slide

    Unconsciously, we tend to pay more attention to the elements at the top of a slide, giving less importance to the bottom or sides of a presentation.

    So if you want to create a really efficient slide design, ideally, you should insert the most important information from your presentation at the top of the slide, attracting more attention to it.

    Thus, you guarantee that your message will be transmitted efficiently and that the people who are watching your presentation will be impacted by the most important elements of your message.

    10. Don’t forget to revise all of your text

    As much as slide design is very important for the quality of your presentation, a simple London error can harm all of your work.

    For this reason, it is very important that you carefully review the entire content of your slides, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

    If you prefer, ask a friend or family member to read the material you created to make sure there are no mistakes you left out.

    Now that you know the best practices for slide design, read this post on how to create an efficient results presentation for your company.

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