▷ Be inspired by the example of 11 companies that are using Content Marketing very well! – WAU 2020

    Be inspired by the example of 11 companies that are using Content Marketing very well! – WAU

    Discover great examples of Content Marketing that changed the lives of companies. Access and see how to change the history of your business!

    Content Marketing is one of the most powerful weapons that a company – of any size – can have at its disposal to attract and retain customers.

    But, like every weapon, it needs to be used in the right way to give the expected results, right? With each post we do bringing statistics about Content Marketing, it becomes clear that the results brought by it are excellent.

    But we want to give it a more practical touch this time, and show examples of well done Content Marketing.

    Want to know who are the brands that deserve to be imitated? So come on!

    1. Red Bull

    Red Bull, already for years one of the most well-known energy drinks of the general public, might not seem such a strong candidate to bet on Content Marketing.

    However, the consolidated brand in the market, the widely recognized slogan and the great campaigns made for TV were not the reasons for Red Bull to put aside this powerful marketing strategy.

    And how good that decision was made! The Red Bull website is an example of well-produced content and attention to the public.

    The company understands that the vast majority of consumers are lovers or practitioners of extreme sports. Therefore, it created a real center of relevant and fun information on the topic.

    Betting on the production of first-rate multimedia content, with interesting photos and videos in great quantity, the brand does an excellent job of understanding and generating value for the persona.

    The lesson here is clear: find out what your audience likes and deliver the best content you can on the subject.

    2. Nike

    Nike Brasil’s Content Marketing work is a little different from the traditional one. As well?

    Instead of producing content through a blog and rich materials, the company acts in a remarkable way through social networks, mainly with user-generated content (CGU).

    One of the brand’s initiatives in this regard is Vem Junto, an online system that allows users to participate in sporting events.

    In addition to participating in events promoted by other members, you can also create your own events and share with everyone.

    The repercussion of each tanning, sharing, mentioning and hashtag of all events created through Vem Junto has the Nike brand as an incentive for sport and citizenship. It’s just great!

    Finally, Nike London today has 4 channels on Youtube and 4 pages on Facebook, in addition to a profile on Twitter and Instagram.

    Each profile is segmented according to an interest: football, running, etc.

    We can take two lessons from Nike: The first is that Content Marketing is not just having a blog and the second is that segmentation is fundamental in a broad strategy.

    Social Media Marketing Kit

    3. Groove

    Groove is an online support system created especially to serve small businesses that didn’t get along so well with more robust and well-known solutions, such as Zendesk.

    But how to enter a market as saturated as that of support systems, while still offering a simple service to so many competitors with integrated and complex options?

    Through Content Marketing, of course! Groove’s strategy was to create a blog telling the company’s journey from 0 to 100 thousand dollars per month of income with the service.

    That’s right, they would openly tell everything that worked or left to be desired in the company’s strategy, and would update the public as monthly income increased – or decreased.

    The result? They reached $ 100,000 a month, and set a new goal, this time reaching $ 500,000.

    But, it didn’t stop there: they launched two more blogs, one about customer service and another about the product itself.

    The lesson: transparency and creativity, coupled with really useful content like Groove, not only attract traffic, but generate a lot of profit.

    4. Unbounce

    The example of Unbounce is proof that it is worthwhile to start investing in Content Marketing as soon as possible. Why?

    Even before having a product ready to sell, the founding partners spent 6 months producing and promoting content of quality, to attract the public and generate interest.

    How did they do that? Using techniques like guest blogging, they were able to establish relationships with industry leaders and create a good reputation in the market.

    Thus, when they launched the product they already had some recognition, which helped to reduce – and a lot – the purchase barrier.

    Just to give you an idea, in 16 months the company had already reached $ 50,000 in recurring monthly revenue, and nine months after that, it reached $ 100,000 in revenue.

    What do we learn from this? Establish referral relationships in your niche performance and partner with other companies are great ways to accelerate the progress of your content strategy.

    5. Coca-Cola

    Coca-cola has always been known for its creative advertising campaigns and for its promotions that interact with the public, but the brand also excels in content.

    The idea promoted by Coca has always been to experience the best sensations of life with those you love.

    This was evident in the old slogan, “Open happiness”, and also in the new one, “Feel the flavor”, as well as in the company’s social and advertising initiatives.

    In terms of content production, Coca-cola takes full advantage of its reach and makes use of both user-generated content and influencers.

    A good example of this was an event called Taste Games – Games of flavor, in London.

    In this event, 16 of the main gastronomy Youtubers in the country competed to see who could answer a simple question: what is the best hamburger recipe to accompany a coke?

    The competition generated a lot of publicity for Coca, through quality content published on some of the main national channels on Youtube.

    What can we learn from this lesson? Events can also be a good way to promote quality content, and influencers are a great help in this.

    How to build advocates for your brand

    6. Digital Results

    Resultados Digitais, one of the leading digital marketing companies in London, is one of the best examples of Content Marketing around here.

    The ways of producing complete material on the most diverse themes of digital marketing are varied.

    The first channel is the blog, with thousands of posts ranging from the explanation of basic concepts to complete guides for more advanced readers.

    In addition, the company invests in the production of rich materials, such as ebooks, webinars, tools, templates or kits involving more than one of the materials mentioned.

    As if that were not enough, they are also responsible for events such as the RD Summit, the largest digital marketing and sales event in Latin America.

    We here at WAU even participate in the event, and we created a very impactful campaign in the last edition!

    And don’t stop there: another partnership between us and RD people was the creation of the Title Machine, a great tool for your blog!

    Can we take advantage of the Digital Results strategy? Certainly!

    A blog full of high-level content, partnerships, events, free materials: variety is everything in Content Marketing.

    7. GOV.UK

    GOV.UK is the UK government website, which has undergone a complete transformation in recent years and deserves praise for it.

    Imagine the difficulty of having a single website to answer questions and solve the problems of the populations of 5 countries!

    This is the proposal of GOV.UK, to create a pleasant digital experience to make life as easy as possible for citizens.

    To fulfill this mission, the government would need to go beyond developing efficient digital services, but also be able to engage the audience around that.

    The solution to this was to produce a lot, but a lot of content, from the 103 blogs that make up the site!

    Blogs revolve around subjects ranging from accessibility to design and digital inclusion, with a simple language and close to the public.

    What is possible to take from this? Even in serious and complex organizations, like the government, it is possible to create a light content strategy that generates engagement with the public.

    8. Hubspot

    Hubspot is one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world, with marketing, sales and CRM solutions to integrate all of this.

    And much of Hubspot’s success is due to the Inbound Marketing techniques that the company both uses and teaches others.

    Blogs, which are a reference in the market, are far from being the company’s only content channels: tools, templates, surveys and online courses are also included.

    Not long ago, Hubspot also started operating in London and, following tradition, created a blog in London that brings a lot of relevant content about digital marketing.

    This shows how important content is to build a brand. Upon entering a new market, Hubspot it was not based only on the reputation it had already acquired abroad.

    Inbound Marketing 2.0

    9. Buffer

    Buffer is among the main social media tools available in the current market, so it is to be expected that the company will be an example to follow on social networks.

    But do you think that’s it? The company has simply 4 blogs: one for engineering, one for internal culture, one on social media and the last on transparency.

    The latter is perhaps the best of all, because in addition to being very enlightening for those who want to establish a successful business, it also brought a lot of publicity.

    Why? One example is that Buffer’s salaries are public, and were revealed on this blog!

    Buffer also creates webinars aimed directly at attracting customers to its most complete plan and Twitter chats with special guests every week.

    Follow a different path than most, like the blog on transparency and chats on Twitter, has worked for Buffer, and it can work for you too.

    10. Salesforce

    Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 CRM owner, also has great authority when it comes to Content Marketing.

    With a wide variety of products, ranging from software for small businesses to solutions aimed at large industries, Salesforce need a broad marketing job.

    And the same diversity of products needs to be applied to the content in order to reach each persona and generate results.

    To that end, Salesforce has, in addition to its main blog, more than 30 thousand followers on Medium, one of the biggest blog platforms today.

    In addition, the company even has a blog just to talk about its efforts and options for nonprofits,

    It is so much quality content that the company recently decided to launch the Salesforce Content Hub, which serves as a hub for all the material produced, from the blog to the YouTube channel.

    Guide to creating personas

    11. Websites Are Us

    Of course, we couldn’t stop talking about the work that we here at WAU are doing, right?

    And we can speak with great propriety, because with all the tips, good practices and alerts that we give about errors when doing Content Marketing, we need to show results.

    That’s why we wrote some posts like these:

    On social media, we have a combined audience of over 100,000 people! All of this has made us grow and achieve more and more positive results.

    So, if there’s one thing you can learn from WAU’s example, it’s that we know what works in Content Marketing, so it’s worth following our tips here on the blog.

    If there’s anything we can learn from these examples of Content Marketing, it is that, despite having a well-known structure, you need to know your audience very well and always test new ways to educate, help and even delight them. it.

    Do you want to apply Content Marketing in your company too? Find out more about it with the full ebook on the topic!

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