▷ Career or maternity? Women explain how being a mother added to their professional lives – WAU 2020

    Career or maternity? Women explain how being a mother added to their professional lives – WAU

    Discover the history and learnings of some of our WAUers who divide their time between career and motherhood!

    Marketing is, fundamentally, about people.

    This is one of the main premises that we follow here at WAU.

    And, although we talk about Digital Marketing, SEO and a number of other things, getting to know the people for whom we write our content, selling our services and, especially, to those in which WAU is part of their lives, is essential for the success of this set.

    Thinking about it, so that we can really know them, nothing more just than hear what they have to say. That is why this content on Mother’s Day will not bring trends in consumption, nor marketing tips to attract this audience.

    In fact, it will be much better than that. We decided to share some stories of professionals who have successful cases inside and outside WAU.

    Each of them brought a piece of their experiences, their perspectives and learnings as mothers, which, related or not to work, say a lot about valuable skills to be developed in this area.

    Do you want to know who these women are and how they have reconciled their career with motherhood?

    So continue with us and check it out!

    Amanda Albuquerque

    Mother's Day 1

    The job market is not always friendly to women who are mothers – especially mothers of babies. I joined WAU a few days after my son, Francisco, turned 1 year old. Still, there was not a day when I regretted that choice.

    I confess that there are times when I miss you! But I look at his picture, still a baby, glued to my desk, I see that smile that I already know so well and everything calms down.

    At these times, I think about how I need to make the most of every moment that we are together and I know that, while I dedicate myself and grow at work, he also works hard and develops in the school.

    It is an exchange and a partnership. He understands that I love to work and I need it to be happy. But at the same time, I understand that my time with Francisco around must be pure surrender.

    Being a mother and a WAUer is, for me, a double achievement in which everything fits.

    Rita Carvalho

    Mother's Day 2

    During pregnancy and the first months of motherhood we were both very sensitive and strengthened. Sensitive because we need to deal with many changes at the same time. Strengthened because at each stage we learn that we are more capable than we imagined.

    We have to learn to deal with unforeseen circumstances and to prioritize. We learned that we don’t really have control over much, but even so, we have to deal with the situations that arise and get around them. This opens up a new view of ourselves.

    This learning I ended up bringing to my work. This helped me to deal much better with the day-to-day uncertainties in the life of a CS (Customer Success) without stressing me out so much.

    Now I prioritize my tasks better and focus on what I can control when a situation of churn, dissatisfaction or even upsell appears.

    Applying this apprenticeship, I managed to be promoted right before I left on leave and won the award for best performance of the year on the CS team in the Small business queue!

    On returning the license this will be put to the test, after all there is a new priority in my life. In addition to sleep deprivation + a new routine (still in formation) + new insecurities and certainties + new types of decisions to be made.

    In this context, company policies are fundamental to this return in order to empower and motivate the professional. And being the first WAU mom to take a leave of absence, I can say that I have felt safe and with all the tools to get back to my routine.

    I have all my gas focused on a successful path for my clients and me!

    Nágila Gonçalves

    Mother's Day 3

    My pregnancy was planned zero, so my reaction to the news was not one of the best.

    It was in a slightly troubled period, as I had just been hired in my internship, despite having already graduated.

    It was a little difficult for me, because at no time did I want to give up my profession or my future post. So, I decided to go out of my way and become two to handle everything – and still have a small social life.

    But there was a factor that was very important to help me understand this situation, which at the time seemed like “the end of the world”.

    I made the decision to do psychological counseling, which helped me to understand more about my perceptions, stay focused on my goals and deal with motherhood and the profession in a healthier way.

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    Edrene Januário

    Mother's Day 4

    When I got married, I stopped working because I had intentions of having children and I wanted to dedicate all my time to them. Follow from the first step, participate in their routine and provide a quality education.

    I believe that a child should always grow up with the presence of the parents, this is because it is from the interaction with the family that the child begins to discover the relationship with the world and develop more security to explore it.

    My first pregnancy was at the age of 26. Today, I have three children and I don’t regret giving up work to spend time with them.

    I went back to work at 39, when my last son was big enough to understand that I was going to leave, but that I would be back at the end of the day. And believe me, it was not easy!

    At the beginning I almost stopped working because he was getting restless and it was a lot of work, but over time he adapted and everything went well.

    Well, that’s what being a mother is, giving up your desires and starting to prioritize a totally dependent being. Is to notice love exceeds all the time, but also facing people who try to establish archetypes and who judge you when you act on your maternal instinct.

    Gabriela Duarte

    Mother's Day 5

    I am the mother of a 3 year old girl and many times when I leave the house very early, my heart sinks and I wonder if I am making the right choices.

    But, like all mothers, I try to take care of all the tasks I have proposed for my life and dividing myself between work and motherhood is one of them.

    What keeps me going is knowing that quantity is not quality, and that I can make your time together the best time in the world. Whenever I’m with her I make sure to be present and be 100% available.

    I get home and I will sit on the floor to play with dolls, read stories and everything else she wants. I always say that I saw the things she did and learned that day (because I have an amazing mother who makes me follow her development through photos and videos).

    I chose to be a mother, and from the beginning I knew it would be wonderful, but it would not be easy!

    It is difficult to sleep late and wake up early, give up some freelas, unfold myself to be able to do some physical activity, wake up earlier on the weekend to finish some work while she is still sleeping and learn to read and study a lot on the bus – because it is one of the only moments I’m going to have.

    None of this is easy, But I learned, I can handle it, just to get a little more time to be always available when she needs it.

    Barbara Georgiane

    Mother's Day 6

    I discovered that being a mother and having a career is a blessing when you have the right motivation: to build a better woman!

    I already lied to myself saying that I needed to work because I am a mother and that, as a mother, I needed to work. But in the middle of it all I forgot that before being anything, I’m a woman.

    I learned from the experience that I would only find joy and fulfillment, both in my career and in motherhood, if these were pieces that were part of me.

    I remember well the days I dreamed of becoming a marketing analyst and, for that to happen, I had to overcome the challenges of conciliation and guilt. The experience made me understand that choosing will always have its consequences.

    Like on a day that I had to miss a school presentation by Maria Isabel because I wanted to participate in a job interview that could give me the chance to have a real career.

    It was uncertain, but I needed to try not to regret it later and live with the haunting “what if it worked?”.

    And she also had the day to miss work because Bruna needed to do an exam and she only felt safe if I was there to hold her hand.

    These were clear decisions, but I had to take into account that being a mother and professional are part of a dream, which give my life meaning and make me a person.

    I’m not made up of parts and only I can use alternatives so that this realization gets closer and closer.

    But that does not mean that it will be painless, it does not mean that I will leave unscathed, that I will put all the pieces of this puzzle on the table and there will be no difficulty for them to fit together.

    Feelings will need to be overcome, emotions will need to take their place, the physique will need to endure the rocket. All of this to give me the chance to be a career and happy mother.

    One of the things I’m learning is that I gave birth to my daughters and that doesn’t mean I need to give my life for them.

    And also that my career promotes me in many ways, but it will never overcome the applause that only motherhood can provide me.

    Artur da Távola wrote thus: “Here is possible happiness: to understand that to build life is to renounce pieces of happiness in order not to renounce the dream of happiness.”

    That is why, I continue my life making small resignations so as not to give up the total dream.

    We hope you enjoyed getting to know each of these stories and, if you want to meet even more prominent professionals in the Digital Marketing market, also check out our content on what 5 female leaders have to say about the job market!

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