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    Widely used today, Instagram already has 1 billion monthly accesses. However, some people have left the social network. The reason? Get more time out of smartphones and avoid some types of inconvenience. Therefore, we will show here how to delete the Instagram account.

    One of the major changes brought about by the digital transformation was the emergence of social networks. Currently, are the most used communication channels in the world and are part of the routine of many people, whether for leisure or for work, on the desktop or smartphone.

    Among the main social networks, Instagram is one of the highlights. Launched in 2010, it was created with the intention of facilitating the sharing of photos and videos among its users. In just two years, it registered more than 100 million active users and still in 2012, was sold to Facebook for 1 billion dollars.

    Despite the platform’s success, and being an excellent tool for Digital Marketing strategies, many people have been deleting their accounts. In this article, in addition to presenting an overview of social networks currently, we will show the reasons for these exits and also how to delete Instagram account. Check out!

    How big is Instagram today?

    Instagram can be considered a phenomenon in the segment. After all, the exponential growth of the platform reached its peak with an incredible 1 billion active users per month.

    That is, at least once every 30 days, 1 billion different people access Instagram, either to publish a photo, or to check friends’ posts, or to see Stories, or to follow a hashtag.

    However, an even more impacting number is the number of people who check your feed every day: 500 million.

    And the time dedicated to checking the photos and videos published on the platform is not small. According to a study in the United States, users spend, on average, about 53 minutes on Instagram. Number that exceeds the time of use on Snapchat (49 minutes) and approaches the leader Facebook (58 minutes).

    In London, according to the London Digital Report, Instagram has 50 million users, which leaves our country as second place among those present on the platform. Facebook is still the preferred social network in London, with 130 million people using the site.

    Most Instagram users are between 18 and 34 years old, with almost 60% of the total. The majority are men, with 53% against 47% of women. But what do they do so much on the platform? Enjoy other publications: are 4.2 billion daily likes and, consequently, the social network with greater engagement with your users.

    But the interaction is only so great because of the production in very high quantity. After all, data shows that more than 100 million photos are published every day. In addition, the same number of users record or watch live streams on the platform.

    Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the power of Instagram if you search, for example, achieve visibility and authority in the market for your company.

    How important is Instagram to your business?

    The figures above show the relevance and importance of social networks these days, with emphasis on Instagram. So when we talk about Digital Marketing, it is essential to consider and use this platform as part of your strategic planning to be successful.

    After all, it’s not just photos, videos and stories that Instagram survives. The platform has many companies and, consequently, many paid ads.

    In 2018, an estimate put billing with ads between $ 8 and $ 9 billion. A strategy that proves to be very efficient, especially if we consider engagement with users.

    No wonder, there are 2 million sponsored posts per month. In addition, information from Instagram itself shows that 80% of active users follow at least one page of a company or business. That is, the platform has become an excellent way to publicize your brand.

    It doesn’t matter if you manage an e-commerce or a restaurant, digital relevance is essential nowadays and the social network is one of the most efficient tools to reach more people with your brand. By gaining followers on Instagram, for example, you have an excellent advertising channel.

    Therefore, if you want to make the company more relevant in the digital scene and even be seen as a reference in the area of ​​operation, investing in Instagram can be an interesting option. Consequently, with more exposure, your brand is more likely to increase sales.

    What are the reasons for people to delete their accounts?

    But if Instagram is so relevant today and fundamental to sales strategies of large companies, what is the point of people leaving the platform? Attitudes like deleting the Instagram account end up occurring, for example, because of some disorders that are becoming common.

    The large-scale use of the internet – consequently, of social networks – ends up creating some behavioral problems within society. Not using the internet just as a tool, but as a life purpose and, thus, generating an unhealthy relationship with digital devices.

    In London, this can be even clearer, after all studies show that 67% of the population is connected to the internet. The most worrying fact, however, becomes another: 30% of Brazilians have an abusive relationship with the internet, with 5% being considered digitally dependent.

    That is, people cannot stay away from their devices and start to develop a feeling known as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which can be translated as fear of losing something. A desire to stay connected at all times in search of information about what others are doing. This feeling also makes people think they are not enjoying their lives enough.

    From that feeling, a series of disorders is triggered that can interfere in the quality of life of people.

    Apprehension for not knowing what is happening or even the concern of not having, for example, the same standard of living or experiences that people show to have on social networks.

    In more severe cases, it can cause a very serious and – unfortunately – increasingly common problem: Nomophobia.

    This disorder is related to digital dependence, that is, the fear, for example, of not having access to the internet or its devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

    In addition, many people choose to delete their Instagram account simply because of the time. In search of better time and activity management, users deactivate or delete accounts to focus on other types of activity.

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    But, after all, how to delete the Instagram account?

    Due to the examples mentioned above, many people decide to leave the social network and spend more time doing other activities. If that’s your case, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to let you know how to delete your Instagram account. It’s very simple and fast, check it out!

    1st Step

    The first thing to do is to access your Instagram account through any browser – such as Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Edge -, since it is not possible to delete your account through any application, whether on Android or iOS.

    2nd Step

    With your feed open, select your profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

    how to delete Instagram account

    3rd Step

    Now, click on “Edit Profile”, which appears next to your profile photo.

    how to delete Instagram account

    4th Step

    The page that will appear next has all your account information on Instagram and, in the lower right corner, you must click on the phrase “Temporarily disable my account”.

    how to delete Instagram account

    5th Step

    Enter the most appropriate reason for your situation and click “Temporarily disable my account” again.

    how to delete Instagram account

    6th Step

    Ready! Your account is temporarily disabled. However, if you want to delete it at once, just access this link, login and select the option “Delete my account permanently”. Now your account is permanently deleted!

    It is clear, therefore, that it is important to find a balance of time of use and its relationship with the internet and, consequently, social networks, such as Instagram.

    Make the platform a tool for you to relax or even achieve your professional goals.

    Not letting a resource become an addiction and hinder your quality of life is essential. So try to control your usage time on the platform and don’t limit your day to your Instagram feed.

    Now that you know how to delete your Instagram account and understand the importance of doing conscious use of that platform, learn, with our ebook, the best way to do Marketing on Instagram!

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