▷ Discover how to measure your customers’ satisfaction using the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) method – WAU 2020

    Discover how to measure your customers’ satisfaction using the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) method – WAU

    The CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction Score, is an evaluation method used to understand whether what your company is offering is in line with customer expectations and can be improved.

    Regardless of your area of ​​activity or the position you occupy in a company, customer focus is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in such a competitive market. However, to offer an experience that is truly positive for the consumer, it is necessary to closely monitor your level of satisfaction.

    To facilitate the work of those who want to know what the user’s feedback is regarding the products and / or services offered, there are numerous tools to measure this data. One of them is the Customer Satisfaction Score, also known as CSAT, which shows exactly how satisfied consumers are with your brand.

    From this indicator, it is possible to make improvements in the customer experience and, as a consequence, achieve more satisfactory results in different areas. So, how about understanding a little more about this evaluation method? To assist you in this task, we have prepared a complete article, which covers the following topics:

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    What is CSAT?

    For a long time, the focus of most companies was to offer a higher quality (or cost-effective) product and find a price that would exceed or compete with the main competitors. However, with some changes – such as digital transformation and globalization – this behavior needed to be updated.

    Evaluating the consumer’s experience with a company, product or service has become vital for the success of any strategy, be it Digital Marketing or Sales. Because of this, tools like the CSAT become indispensable to know if the chosen paths are, in fact, the best options.

    But in practice, what is the CSAT? As the translation of the acronym already indicates, it is the customer satisfaction score with a specific experience offered by a company. From a direct question – like “how satisfied were you with our product?” -, it is possible to have a better idea of ​​this satisfaction index.

    Generally, the scale used is from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5, so that it is possible to observe the satisfaction margin of all users, not summarizing the evaluation only as good or bad. After all, the idea is to have inputs to identify possible points for improvement in the service or product offered to the customer.

    So, in summary, CSAT helps you understand whether your actions are really in the direction that interests consumers. With a simple questionnaire, you can analyze the data and collect even more information in order to improve the level of satisfaction of your customers when they have some experience with your company.

    What are the differences between NPS and CSAT?

    Although it is also an important indicator of the relationship between your company and consumers, the NPS (Net Promoter Score) has a different objective in relation to the CSAT. The idea of ​​this method is to discover the customer loyalty level, that is, how many of them are true promoters of your brand.

    The NPS is also related to the level of consumer satisfaction. However, the results offer a broader information on that scenario, while the CSAT seeks answers to more specific situations and subject to improvement. Not for nothing, the question used in the Net Promoter Score is “what are the chances of you recommending company X to a friend?”.

    Therefore, the NPS focus is on measuring the level of loyalty and loyalty of consumers. Despite being a reflection of all the experiences he had with his company, this indicator does not allow as much precision as the CSAT to be able to identify which specific point to be improved.

    Why invest in the Customer Satisfaction Score?

    The benefits of using the CSAT are many, the main one being the ease of implementation of this survey, especially if we consider the inputs that can be generated from the responses. That is, the cost-benefit of this evaluation methodology is a differential for those who want to know how to improve the consumer experience.

    An example? Digital Marketing and consumer experience go together and, therefore, it is essential to know what the customer is feeling in relation to the product and / or service that you have made available. In this way, it is possible to adapt your communication strategies. If the evaluation of the articles on the blog are bad, it may be time to make a change.

    With the result of this research in hand, you can put into practice actions that serve to bring your company closer to the customer. For an e-commerce, it is possible to find out the level of satisfaction with a delivery, which can help to identify whether the delivery service is good or bad and what can be improved accordingly.

    In addition, it is possible to monitor different moments of each customer’s purchase journey and identify changes that may signal that the strategies adopted have improved or worsened the user experience, for example. That way, you have a greater understanding of what should be optimized to better serve the customer.

    How to put this methodology into practice?

    Despite the countless advantages of using CSAT in search of more accurate feedback on the user’s experience with a purchase or service, this methodology will only work if it is correctly applied. So the first step is identify a goal, that is, the reason for preparing this research.

    After all, it is necessary to make sure that the data collected will, in fact, be used to make changes and internal improvements. So, have a well-defined goal to be improved with those results: optimize the user experience on the website or understand if your Content Marketing actions are working?

    Another important point for the application of CSAT to be really efficient is the time to send the question to the customer. As this methodology is focused on more punctual results, it is essential that the questioning is done right after the interaction you want to be evaluated.

    There is no point in wanting feedback on the navigability of an e-commerce after the entire sales process has been completed with the delivery of the product, for example. Thus, the whole path will be evaluated and you will not be able to have more detailed information on each of these steps. The possible applications are the most varied:

    • after an e-commerce purchase;
    • after receiving a product or service;
    • after a customer service;
    • after requesting support from your company;
    • after a post on your blog.

    Therefore, it is essential that you understand that to optimize the use of CSAT the first point is to understand that the work does not end in research. In other words, the task of analyzing the results is also very important. In addition, it is essential to put in practice practices to actually improve and improve the experience offered to the consumer.

    Where to get knowledge about CSAT?

    In addition to everything we discuss about the benefits of CSAT and what you should do to put this methodology into practice in your organization, another topic is fundamental to being able to offer a better experience to the consumer: knowledge. After all, it is not enough to identify a drop in the level of user satisfaction, it is necessary to correct it.

    For this reason, taking courses – such as a graduate degree or even a specialization – and seeking knowledge from different sources is an essential practice for your business to prosper. That is, learn about new strategies, understand practices that can improve the user experience or increase the productivity of your service.

    As evaluating satisfaction can be subjective, it is interesting that you expand the inputs collected by CSAT using some techniques, such as the hidden customer. Thus, it is possible to have access to more information about the service and to be able to see an even clearer scenario about the experience that your company offers to the customer.

    Using methodologies such as CSAT is fundamental to the success of any business, whether to evaluate customer service or to understand whether the product offered is, in fact, what he seeks. So do not spare any effort to know as much as you can about the level of consumer satisfaction with your company.

    As we talked about in this article, there are several methods to assess the relationship of your business with consumers. So, how about going a little deeper into this very important topic? The second edition of Websites Are Us’s digital magazine talks about the philosophy of customer centricity and how it can be important for your company!

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