▷ Discover the 63 best WordPress plugins to use on your blog in 2020 – WAU 2020

    Discover the 63 best WordPress plugins to use on your blog in 2020 – WAU

    WordPress plugins are great tools to optimize the management and operation of blogs, websites and e-commerce. SEO optimization, metrics control and adjustments to virtual stores are some of the possibilities among the dozens of options available.

    WordPress plugins are additional tools that help to keep websites more complete and with important functionality. These accessories provide support for generating CTAs, to optimize page ranking and also integrate with email and other essential platforms.

    There are hundreds of plug-in options that can help a lot the routine of those who need to manage websites, e-commerces and blogs. These tools provide support not only for maintaining pages, but also for automate actions of marketing and other site related tasks.

    Amid so many options, we decided to form a list with the real dream team of WordPress plugins: check out the 63 most important ones, divided by category!

    CTAs optimization, conversion and leads

    CTAs are essential so that on blogs and websites it is possible to encourage the user to perform a conversion. In this case, he becomes a lead, since the action will make him inform his contact, and then enter the base of that company.

    There are many options for WordPress plugins aimed at automating the creation of CTAs, managing buttons and offering other supports. Check out the beginning of our list from that category!

    1. WAU Convert

    WAU Convert was developed by the Websites Are Us team to facilitate the management of CTA banners. Its use allows you to create custom CTAs for each category of your blog and choose where you want to place them: at the top, middle or end of the content.

    You can also create ad bars at the top or bottom of the site, integrate it with automation tools and configure UTM parameters and events, then track conversion metrics in Analytics. He can also offer to download the posts in PDF, delivering the content by email, that is, capturing a lead.

    Start using WAU Convert right now!

    2. Flare

    If shares are among the conversions you want for your strategy, Flare is a very interesting plugin! It generates buttons that automate this action, publishing the post directly to the reader’s social network.

    Start using Flare for free now!

    3. Contact Form 7

    Another excellent alternative, Contact Form 7 generates forms for capturing leads. Everything is ready in seconds and helps a lot in the company’s strategy.

    Download and start using it now!

    4. Mailchimp for WordPress

    Another great option in the same proposal: you can create fully customizable registration forms and display them in various places on the blog using shortcodes or widgets, for example. A very interesting way for lead generation!

    Download Mailchimp for WordPress and use it free of charge!

    5. Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

    In some cases, it is interesting to force some widget – for example, email capture – to appear even when the reader scrolls down the page.

    You can’t do this only with the original WordPress features, so you have two solutions: make the code change or use a plugin, like the Q2W3 Fixed Widget.

    It is free!

    6. LeadPages

    Generate hot leads with this plugin that helps you create landing pages! They can be configured with complete forms that will allow you to capture contacts that will be qualified leads.

    Download now and use for free!

    7. OptinMonster

    Optimize your conversion rate with pop-up customization! You can capture the name and email of visitors, that is, getting simple leads.

    Try using this free plugin in your strategy!

    8. Thrive Leads

    Another great option among WordPress plugins aimed at generating conversions. It allows you to insert pop-ups, widgets, forms and more.

    In addition, with it, you can create A / B tests with your forms to see which ones are bringing in the most conversions.

    Download Thrive Leads for free!

    9. Form Craft

    Form Craft is a plugin with which you can develop advanced forms for your website without the need to know programming.

    Before inserting them on your website, you can make a test form to find out how the tool works.

    Its cost is $ 39. Download it now!

    UX and resource settings for blogs and websites

    A good website needs to provide a perfect user experience and navigation for its users. Otherwise, those who access the pages will not be able to spend much time there, which undermines the company’s strategy and also weakens the ranking.

    In addition, it is possible to customize the WordPress panel and its functions to facilitate the routine of operating the pages. You can find good WordPress plugins aimed at UX improvements and some basic adjustments. Check out our selection on this category below!

    10. W3 Total Cache

    The plugin has the proposal to reduce the loading time of the pages, as simple as that! For that, it compresses the CSS and JavaScript files with some actions like:

    • reduces access to the database;
    • uses the browser’s cache;
    • applies a CDN service.

    Download the plugin for free and make the experience of visiting a website much more pleasant!

    11. WP Super Cache

    The WP Super Cache plugin, like the W3 Total Cache, helps speed up blog navigation with the browser cache. It performs this function in several ways. One is through mod_rewrite providing HTML copies of the blog.

    Another advantage of this plugin is the option to clear old cached files that are no longer needed, contributing to a lighter navigation on the blog.

    Start using it!

    12. Logic widget

    Perfect plugin for those who want to customize the display or not of certain Widgets on specific pages.

    The plugin is very interesting to configure, for example, a set of Widgets to be displayed in articles on a certain subject.

    Try it! If you like it, you can use it for free.

    13. Regenerate Thumbnails

    This plugin offers an important function for the blog: it helps to resize the thumbnails, once they have already been generated by WordPress! If you decide to have different dimensions to complete the style and design of the blog, this tool can be very useful.

    Apply to your routine now for free!

    14. FooGallery

    This plugin is well updated and adapts perfectly to the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. Its main function is to enable images to be organized in galleries, with different templates to be used.

    In addition to all these positive points, FooGallery is responsive and therefore adapts automatically to any type of device.

    Start using FooGallery!

    15. Imsanity

    Do you know when you publish a page or article that has images, but they never get the size you want? To solve this problem, just download the Imsanity plugin, it automatically adjusts the size.

    At no cost, start using this simple and functional plugin!

    16. NextGEN Gallery plugin

    Another great gallery option! It not only creates more robust galleries, it can also play slides of different types of photo selection, including lists in a compact version.

    Download and use for free!

    17. WP-PageNavi

    Not all themes have a page navigation feature. Some even have, but do not attract much because of the design. WP-Page Navi is one of the WordPress plugins that help to solve this!

    With it, you can insert the page navigation system on your blog and customize it the way you want!

    Download it and use it free of charge!

    18. Restrict Content

    Do you want to create an exclusive area for your blog subscribers? The Restrict Content plugin came to help as one of the most useful WordPress plugins!

    With it, you can limit access to articles or entire pages to only users logged into your blog. You can also define access through the type of user, such as administrators, editors and subscribers.

    Start using it!

    19. Advanced Custom Fields

    One of the most important WordPress plugins your blog should have is Advanced Custom Fields, as it allows you to create your own custom fields within the blog.

    For most users, this tool helps to solve problems when creating and positioning the text, email and password fields, images, videos, file downloads etc.

    Download and see how it can be useful. It is free!

    20. Auto Excerpt Everywhere

    The proposal is to allow the display of only a portion of the content in text. This arouses the reader’s curiosity and encourages access to the post. This plugin allows you to precisely configure this function!

    With it, you can define the number of words in the full article that will be displayed as a summary, set up a thumbnail image for the article and customize the text for the “Keep Reading” button.

    See how it works. It is free!

    21. Jetpack

    How about a plugin that helps you configure various functions on your blog? The Jetpack is a real handyman! It provides solutions for:

    • safety;
    • visit statistics;
    • photo galleries;
    • carousel of images or posts;
    • image optimization.

    As if it were not enough to bring all these new functions, he still gives tips on how to improve the performance and security of your blog. Download it now!

    22. Advanced iFrame Pro

    Very useful for anyone working with iFrames, so this is a more advanced plugin. There you can develop custom iFrames and insert them anywhere on your website.

    In addition, you can also embed the content directly or show only part of the iFrame.

    Buy the plugin for $ 20 and get started!

    23. HTML Javascript Adder

    Customizing your widgets is possible with this plugin! The HTML Javascript Adder allows you to place code inside any WordPress widget, such as a floating box that accompanies the visitor as he scrolls through the page.

    Download for free!

    24. Sucuri

    This is a plugin aimed at increasing the security of your website. It allows you to configure all security settings to avoid any risky situation.

    The plugin has free and paid plans. If you think the free version is worth it, you can switch to the paid plan. Start using!

    25. WP-Optimize

    Another great solution to reduce the space occupied in the database!

    WP-Optimize is a plugin that search your server for data that is no longer needed and clean up this “junk” regularly so that your site gets faster.

    Try it, it’s free!

    26. Outbound Links

    It is important that your site has links to other sites, but it is also essential that visitors stay on yours, right?

    One way to do this is to enable external links to open on new pages. This requires the Outbound Links plugin that forces all of your external links to open on new pages.

    Start using it now, free of charge!

    27. Redirection

    Does your website have many redirects? 301? 404? How easy would it be to organize everyone in one space? That’s what Redirection does.

    In addition, it also has a very useful function: create a 301 redirect automatically every time a post’s URL changes.

    Download now! The plugin is free.

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    28. CoSchedule by Todaymade

    When you have a blog with several authors, there may be conflicts in the publication dates.

    CoSchedule works as an editorial calendar, allowing different authors to communicate with each other.

    Thus, it is easier to schedule for your publications, in addition to possibly increasing traffic to your blog by publishing articles on dates and times that have the highest rate of visits.

    Despite being paid, you have 14 days to test and see if it will really be useful for your blog.

    Price: from $ 15.00 a month

    Download now!

    Managing comments on pages

    Comments are an important feature that WordPress provides to your sites. Especially in blogs, they are often used, so it is important to control and manage this possibility. Some plugins you can check below can help with this demand!

    29. Dials

    One of the best commenting systems for WordPress! It brings some very interesting tools, such as voting on comments, adding images in the fields or sorting in order of relevance or best rated.

    These functions help audience engagement and they also encourage a greater number of interactions, which is fundamental.

    Download it and start using it!

    30. Akismet

    No more worrying about repetitive and automated comments on your blogs and websites! Askimet is an anti-spam plugin that allows you to keep only relevant comments in articles.

    Its use is so necessary that the new versions of WordPress already come with this plugin!

    Start using it!

    Social media management

    Integrating your website with actions on social networks is essential. This automation allows the content to be properly shared or you can simply configure any function related to your social networks.

    See which WordPress plugins offer solutions for this need!

    31. Simple Social Icons

    Simple Social Icons is an easy to use and customizable plugin.

    With it, you can display the profiles of your social networks, inducing the reader to click and possibly start to follow you. If your blog does not have a social media button, this plugin is mandatory.

    Start using it. It is free!

    32. AddThis

    AddThis is a great plugin that you can add to your website to generate more shares on social networks.

    The result can be even better on blogs as they encourage visitors to share an article they find interesting.

    This WordPress plugin allows you to choose multiple layout styles so that it fits best to your website or blog.

    Start using AddThis for free right now!

    33. Social Metrics

    How popular are your content on social media? To check this out you can use Social Metric.

    This plugin shows how many shares your content has had on social media, in addition to providing a detailed overview of everything you should know.

    It is free and available for download!

    34. TweetDis

    If your audience is on Twitter, this WordPress plugin is a must! With it you can insert buttons or links in the texts of your blog so that readers can tweet.

    So, while they are reading, a box appears in the middle of the text, suggesting sharing on Twitter with just one click.

    The cost of this solution is $ 37!

    Monitoring of metrics and indicators

    Analytics information is extremely valuable for a website. Following the metrics is essential to understand the performance of your blog or e-commerce and, from there, make the necessary changes. Here are the plugins that can help with this!

    35. Google Analyticator

    The plugin brings the most important information from your Google Analytics statistics to your blog’s admin panel. It does this with beautiful graphical representations that help you understand metrics like:

    • number of visits;
    • bounce rate;
    • average duration of sessions.

    Start using it for free!

    36. WordPress Popular Posts

    This is one of the WordPress plugins that should actually be a platform tool. Do you also miss a function that ranks posts according to the number of visits?

    The function of WordPress Popular Posts is this! Him counts the number of accesses that each article yours has and displays a configurable amount of the most visited articles.

    The widget of this plugin can display a thumbnail of the article’s featured photo, the number of visits, author, category belonging and other interesting information about the article. The posts can be displayed considering daily, weekly or since the beginning of the count.

    Download the plugin!

    37. Google Analytics for WordPress

    Fundamental! This is the best way to define Google Analytics as one of the main online metrics tools for websites and blogs.

    However, installing Google Analytics on your blog is a process that requires a little work. Therefore, this plugin makes your life a lot easier, as the installation is done in just a few clicks.

    Start measuring your block’s results right now. The plugin is free!

    38. LinkPatrol

    How many internal and external links does your website or blog have? If you have a lot of posts, it’s hard to have that control, isn’t it?

    The LinkPatrol plugin appears to help and offer total control over your links. It is worth the $ 50 investment.

    Download now!

    Tools for editors

    Writing content on WordPress is not always an easy task, but it is already possible to use plugins that help facilitate production on the platform. Next, find out the tools that can help a lot the routine of editors who use WordPress!

    39. Tiny MCE Advanced

    The native WordPress text editor (WYSIWYG) has several functions and features to make a copywriter’s life easier, but sometimes we need more.

    That’s where Tiny MCE Advanced comes in! With it, you can insert advanced functions, such as defining font color and size and inserting tables.

    Another feature that is added by this plugin is the option to force WordPress to respect the line breaks that are written in the editor and not remove them when displaying the content of the article.

    Start writing more easily now with this free plugin!

    40. TablePress

    All you need is a solution that makes creating tables easier? Problem solved! TablePress allows you to insert anywhere in the post using shortcodes.

    In addition, the plugin allows your tables to have filters, sorting and pagination, not to mention that you can import or export your content through Excel, CSV, HTML or JSON files.

    See how it can make it easier for you. It’s free!

    41. Meta Slider

    Create slideshows to display images related to your content! With Meta Slider, you can create presentations that are optimized for SEO and that are responsive in minutes.

    Download now!

    Banner and advertising management

    Advertising on the blog is one of the main ways to monetize! Producing content can be profitable if you know how to take advantage of the spaces on the page to advertise partners. If that is the idea, it is essential to use WordPress plugins that help with the task.

    Check out which tools help to configure these features!

    42. WP-Insert

    The WP-Insert plugin is intended to manage advertising on blogs. With it, you can insert the HTML, CSS or JavaScript codes of products or services that are sponsoring the work.

    It allows you to place advertising anywhere on your blog, either above, below or on the sides of the content of your articles, in addition to facilitating A / B testing.

    See how useful it can be, especially being free!

    SEO adjustments

    Optimizing your site on WordPress so that it is better ranked on Google is fundamental! This is a very common demand and one that requires small improvements, but that makes all the difference to the performance of the pages.

    Check our list of the best WordPress plugins with a focus on SEO below!

    43. WordPress SEO (by Yoast)

    Popular, this plugin provides a wide configuration platform for SEO optimizations for the website or blog. H2 and H3 titles, meta description and meta tags are some of its most basic possibilities. Besides that, the plugin has a feature that checks articles, showing strengths and weaknesses.

    You can download the tool for free!

    45. All in One SEO Pack

    One of the best WordPress plugins for SEO, All in One is a complete solution! In addition, it does not require large configurations and is very easy to use.

    The most basic features are available in a free account and access to the most advanced features is only released through an upgrade, which can be worthwhile.

    Try the free basic version!

    46. ​​Schema Markup was launched with the purpose of creating and supporting a set of data to optimize Google’s understanding of the information on the site.

    So he can make markups in Rich Snippet that Google can display as:

    • reviews;
    • people;
    • products;
    • authors;
    • revenue;

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