▷ Do you want to improve the customer experience in your eshop? See these modules

    From this they will form an opinion about your store and your brand before they even receive what they ordered. Was the site clear and organized? Was it fast? Did it have complete and well-presented information?

    Below we will see some modules which are available for PrestaShop and which will help you find solutions that will maximize the conversion rate and improve the customer experience!

    If you want to make your site user friendly and your home page fully personalized

    It does not mean an online store page that makes the user’s life difficult. When users come across such pages, they simply change store. The only way to stay afloat is to sell something extremely unique. In any other case, you need to configure the store so that it attracts the user and offers him a trading experience that he will discuss with his friends.

    The following modules help you achieve just that, personalization and friendliness.

    1. Mega Menu PRO
    Do you think your store navigation menu is a bit boring? This module gives you access to a wide variety of personalization and useful features that will make the life of your users very easy. At the same time they will help you better organize your product catalog.

    2. Home Products PRO
    This module helps you better organize your front page as it allows you to view specific products or product categories in different formats.

    3. JoliSearch
    An internal search engine that gives access to advanced features, allowing you to direct customers to products they are looking for and boost conversion rates.

    4. Pop Promo
    A pop-in that can be set up and personalized in just a few minutes to send the visitor’s attention directly to the discounts, offers and lightning discounts while improving their effectiveness.

    For a clear and well-organized front page (because the beginning is half of everything)

    Things on your page should be clear and well structured. The user who easily finds what he is looking for and who sees the basic information as he enters the site, easily turns into a repeat user.

    Take supermarkets for example. How do you feel when you walk into a store (physical supermarket) and the organization of the aisles and shelves has changed? It is somewhat the same with online stores.

    The following modules help in better organization.

    1. Advanced Custom Fields
    Get rid of writing dozens of lines of code to add a custom field to your PrestaShop. Create new fields in minutes and present them on product pages, categories or order pages.

    2. Product Icon Pictograms
    A picture is worth a thousand words. With this module you will add pictograms and icons to the product pages to enable your customers to quickly identify the key features of each product.

    3. Magic Zoom Plus
    As its name suggests, this module allows your customers to enlarge product photos and focus on the details that will facilitate the purchasing decision.

    For fast shopping experience and smooth order processing

    Many steps to “your order was successfully placed”? If so, you should probably take a look at the number of users who do not complete their transactions. It is almost obvious that the faster a transaction is completed, the easier it is for the user and the greater his satisfaction. And we all know what it means to be a satisfied consumer.

    With the following modules you will create a fast check out process, increase the loading speed and you will create happy customers.

    1. Image Toolbox
    Improving the speed of your online store includes improving photos in faster and more efficient formats with high compression at the same time so that increasing the upload speed does not affect their quality.

    2. Ultimate Cache Page
    After improving the photos, you will be able to reduce the loading time of the site with a cache management module. A simple and complete module that will reduce the loading time to almost zero.

    3. Google Address Autocomplete
    This module is designed to minimize the time it takes to complete an order as it facilitates the user to fill in the address. Completing the correct address with one click, in addition to saving the user time, helps him to avoid any typographical errors.

    It may seem to you that all of the above features apply to very large stores and that they probably cost a lot and you do not know when you will get your money back. However, the big stores did not become big just because they have a brand name that follows them from the offline market. They became great because they invested in these features that facilitate the user experience by transforming it from an occasional to a regular user.

    So, if you have set the bar of your online store high, think like a user and let the ideal experience you have in mind entice you.

    Photo source: Prestashop blog

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