▷ Find out how to attract your audience using the concepts of Attention Marketing – WAU 2020

    Find out how to attract your audience using the concepts of Attention Marketing – WAU

    Attention Marketing is a strategy that aims to capture the consumer’s attention through a set of specific and precise actions, aiming to conquer the target audience even before other options and distractions arising from the digital transformation arise.

    The digital context guarantees great power to the consumer: easier access to various information on any subject or theme. Thus, the task of holding the user’s attention on the message you are trying to convey has become more complicated and, therefore, it is necessary to think of strategies such as Attention Marketing.

    After all, the competition is increasing and the distractions are too many for the user to stop thinking about his communication action. Thus, it is essential to structure your campaigns based on strategies that are adapted to the new consumer behavior, that focus on delivering more accurate messages.

    How about, then, learn more about Attention Marketing and how it can help you stand out within the segment of operation and, of course, improve the performance and efficiency of your strategy? In this article you will understand:

    Continue reading this article to learn more about the Attention Marketing and how important it can be for the success of your business!

    What is the importance of being precise in communication?

    With so many devices and channels that allow constant communication between consumers and companies, it is not a simple task to highlight your brand in the midst of so many ads, information and content available. If you don’t use the right actions and strategies, the chances of your messages being discarded are great.

    Who seeks to stand out within this scenario must find ways to better filter information for the user, that is, be as direct – and precise – as possible when transmitting a message. It is necessary to structure everything: from the flashy title to the best practices to make the relationship with the consumer closer and more constant.

    Therefore, use strategies and approaches in these different stages of the relationship with the user with a single objective: hold the viewer’s attention. For this reason, concepts such as Attention Marketing are becoming better known, contributing so that your message is not discarded by a click or slide of fingers.

    What is Attention Marketing?

    Attention Marketing was created by Englishman Steve Jelley, in 2012, and is based on the need for companies to put some joint actions in place to get the consumer’s attention. After all, their behavior has changed and brands need to adapt as well.

    The idea is to unite content, context and, of course, business. In other words, to be able to make transactions based on the production of relevant content for a given context – that is, to make your communication strategies even more segmented. As the user no longer spends hours watching commercials and advertisements on television, a new approach is needed.

    This concept of Marketing becomes even more favorable in the current times marked by the rise of social networks and smartphones. Didn’t like what you saw, read or heard? The most common action is to immediately look for other content. No wonder, the average human attention span is smaller than a simple goldfish.

    What is the 8 second rule?

    Corroborating this scenario, Attention Marketing is based on a basic rule: you have, on average, a period of 8 seconds to be able to make the first contact. A phenomenon that can be explained, for example, with the increase in the abandonment rate of a page as it takes longer to load.

    In other words, the consumer is more impatient and, therefore, companies need to better understand how to offer really relevant content. Content Trends 2019 exemplifies this situation well, with 66.3% of the companies that use the Content Marketing with difficulties in producing materials that really generate engagement.

    Therefore, you need to know in depth the best ways to optimize your content, thinking from the title to the value proposal offered by the materials produced by your team. Following some practices, it is possible to increase the accuracy of your communication strategy and, thus, guarantee the consumer’s attention.

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    What are the three phases of Attention Marketing?

    Nothing better, then, than putting some of the Attention Marketing ideas into action, right? In order to better understand how this strategy is structured, we have separated the three phases of this concept.

    In addition, we explain some tips for you to do the best job possible in each of these steps. Check out!

    Attract attention quickly

    The first step that you should focus on is to be able to highlight your content amid so much information available on the internet. That is, to make the user at least give a chance to what you are offering. For this, it is essential to know your audience in depth, what his interests are and what can be useful to him.

    In addition, it is important to focus on some details, such as headlines. After all, titles are the first points of contact between the user and their content and, therefore, it is important to do everything to captivate them. Another tip is to invest in some Inbound Marketing strategies, which focus on attracting leads through relevant materials.


    After the user decides to give your site a chance, you need to convince them that the click was worth it. First, your title must be in accordance with the content offered on the page. In addition to reducing the user’s time spent on your site and increasing the bounce rate, the user will be frustrated by not finding what was offered.

    The only thing you don’t want is for the potential consumer to feel that he has been cheated and is wasting his time. So, in addition to really relevant content, invest in an efficient landing page, with a responsive design that provide a experience satisfactory to hold the user’s attention.

    Sustaining attention for a longer period

    The last step focuses on the loyalty of that user – that is, ensuring that access has not been unique and that he relates more often to your brand. Sustaining the attention he has given to your site is perhaps the most complex task. After all, you will need to repeat everything that was done in the previous steps more often.

    The ideal in this phase is to produce more and more personalized content for that lead, doing even more segmented work. The tendency is that he feel valued by this movement and trust your company even more. Another efficient way is to communicate frequently with the user through newsletters, for example.

    With Attention Marketing applied to your sector strategies, it becomes simpler to plan actions and campaigns focused on the customer experience. That is, do not bombard users with information that matters little to them, but with messages that manage to hold the viewer’s eyes for more than 8 seconds.

    Now that you know a little more about Attention Marketing and its importance nowadays, how about going into other concepts that can also be useful for this marketing strategy? Check out our complete ebook on how to create successful content strategies and consolidate your audience!

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