▷ Find out how to create attractive pages using the Elementor WordPress plugin – WAU 2020

    Find out how to create attractive pages using the Elementor WordPress plugin – WAU

    Elementor WordPress is a plugin aimed at creating websites, such as blogs or institutional ones. The tool focuses on design, allowing the use of various graphic elements to build attractive pages within templates already offered by the platform.

    Creating a website doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t have programming knowledge. There are already good options for platforms that help in this process, but there are even lighter, more practical and equally effective solutions, such as Elementor WordPress.

    With this plugin, you can, in a very simple way, create your website in a short time, even without being a developer.

    The idea behind Elementor is to make this work accessible to any WordPress user who wants to bring a new project to life on the web. As much as you may not yet know this tool, it has caught the attention of experts, which is why we will talk more about it in this post.

    You will understand Elementor WordPress and, mainly, what it allows to run as a website creation tool. The content will include the topics:

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    What is Elementor WordPress

    Elementor is a free website builder for WordPress. As much as its services are quite broad and qualified, it is nothing more than a plugin for the platform. In it, it is possible to originate, basically, two types of sites:

    Having Elementor as a tool is a big step forward, especially since not everyone has skills in web design.

    In addition to the layouts and the look of the website, all this graphic part needs to be translated into codes, which requires deep knowledge in programming. With Elementor, all of this is solved, thanks to the way this plugin works.

    Ease of use

    Knowing how to create a website or how to create a blog is a challenge that is divided into two phases: front-end, which is the design of the site, and back-end, part of the code programming that brings the page’s activity to life, especially before what was graphically projected.

    Naturally, the front-end is much simpler when using Elementor – it is precisely that part of the job that is left to the user. Besides just having to worry about visual creation, the way this work is carried out makes all the difference.

    The development system is very simplified, providing elements that just need to be clicked and dragged to the area where the user wants them to be. Thus, the selection of icons, buttons, images and backgrounds is simple and intuitive.

    Focus on layout

    Elementor WordPress is totally focused on layout design, with features that allow the user to give the “face” of the website, creating the entire visual structure.

    The most interesting thing is that you can do all this taking into account the visual identity of the brand and then choose elements that resemble and fit well with that line.

    Among the main details that can be changed, it is worth mentioning:

    • text fonts;
    • backgrounds;
    • images;
    • buttons and icons;
    • effects.

    Real-time editing

    Imagine how little it can be to edit the site and only then see how all the changes were?

    The developers of Elementor thought it through and decided to implement a system where all front-end changes can be seen on the page in real time. This prevents the work from being prolonged due to reformulations that are made later.

    This functionality is one of the features that show how Elementor was thought to be, in addition to a simple to use WordPress plugin, designed for projects to be developed quickly.

    Productivity and quality are the basis of what the tool delivers, especially when you can create the website and follow the results at the same time.

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    What to create with the Elementor plugin

    Elementor WordPress is a plugin aimed at building websites, but it is interesting to think about what possibilities it presents in the creation. The graphic development features make Elementor a little wider than you think.

    Sites will always be the basis of the work and it is possible to achieve great results, but thinking about digital strategies, there are other very interesting applications for Elementor.

    Below, see some of the main possibilities and evaluate how you can use them for the demands that you have in your agency or company!

    Create institutional pages

    Are you going to start a company or do you believe it is time to put it online? Elementor is perfect for creating an institutional page beautiful, simple, objective and full of information.

    Just define the elements you want and understand how big your project is. The pages can have the same graphic structure, changing only some elements of their construction.

    On a homepage, for example, you can insert an image illustrating the page, as well as a slogan and some basic information – all of this is a background of your choice.

    You can also insert clickable icons to take you to the other pages of the website, as well as insert contact information in the footer. A complete structure can be created from scratch!

    Create landing pages

    For those who take care of Digital Marketing strategies, landing pages are essential when working with inbound. THE offering content, subscribing to a newsletter or other conversionsthey are usually done on these pages, as it is possible to win leads.

    The more striking the landing page, the higher the chances of success in the strategy. With Elementor, there is a great selection of graphic resources that make it possible to create a single page, which will serve very well within the strategy.

    You can insert images, create an objective and minimalist layout and even develop the fields for the lead to inform some of its basic data, such as name, phone and email.

    Create portfolios

    Artists, designers, professionals who manage social media, photographers and many others are part of categories in which the portfolio is fundamental. Generally, some of these people find it difficult to create an online space with the selection of their main works.

    Elementor, in this sense, is a platform that supports to develop the product in a simple way!

    As portfolios are usually single pages, the work is even smaller and consists only of entering contact information and work-related content.

    If the professional already has his work material gathered, this portfolio can be completed in a few hours, with a very interesting aesthetic and with his own web address.

    How to install Elementor on WordPress

    Now that you know how useful Elementor can be, the next step is to have the plugin in hand and test what it can do in website development and other projects, as you saw. Follow the installation step by step to the basics for creating pages!

    WordPress Installation

    We assume that you already have WordPress installed, after all, only from it you can use Elementor. Therefore, the beginning of the process is quite simple: in your WordPress dashboard, go to “plugins” and “add new”.

    In the search box, you need to type “Elementor” and then you will find the Elementor Page Builder plugin, with the option “install now”, or “install now”.

    After clicking on the installation option, just select the activation option, which comes right after the process, and that’s it. You already have Elementor available to create your sites!

    Creating new pages

    With the plugin installed, on your dashboard, you can see the Elementor icon among the last options in the list. When you see it, it’s a sign that everything is right and you can start working with its features.

    In the normal page creation process, you will see a different option. After clicking on “Pages” you will see the option “Edit with Elementor”. Just click that button and WordPress will open the plugin creation tool with all its features.

    Choice of templates

    Right after opening the option to create a new page, you will be in the Elementor environment, with the main features that the plugin offers. On the main creation page, two options will be offered and you must click on the “Add Template”.

    Elementor will redirect the user to an area where he can choose one of the templates offered by the plugin. It is also possible to load some templates previously downloaded.

    After choosing your template, the base of your website will be ready. Now, just explore Elementor to insert icons, images, buttons and whatever is most convenient to your project, always clicking and dragging to position where you prefer on the pages.

    Elementor WordPress can be the right tool to finally bring that project to life or start a new client’s website. With accessible and uncomplicated features, it is possible to save time.

    But Elementor brings more than that, thanks to its focus on supporting the creation of incredible layouts!

    Looking for more tips on how to create a high performance website? Then check out our complete website launch checklist!

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