▷ Find out which are the 11 best profitable businesses to invest in 2020! – WAU 2020

    Find out which are the 11 best profitable businesses to invest in 2020! – WAU

    With 2019 coming to an end, it’s time to think about goals and planning for next year. Who wants to bet on entrepreneurship has several business models that are on the rise, such as infoproducts, pet food and healthy foods.

    End of year is the time to rethink goals and set goals for the coming months. And for those who want to bet on entrepreneurship, the scenario is positive: research shows that 70% of Brazilians believe that 2020 will be prosperous with regard to business.

    To guarantee the sales and scalability of any investment, however, it is necessary to think carefully about how the money will be invested and what is the best market for it.

    An interesting point that involves the universe of lucrative businesses for 2020 is that they are very vast and can appeal to all tastes. Just look for those who make the most sense for your reality, everything always with a lot of research and previous planning.

    In this article, you will learn more about the following areas of expertise:

    1. Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is simply the business model of giants like Amazon, eBay and Mercado Livre. Its meaning is simple: it consists of publicize and sell an outsourced product.

    E-commerce works with all advertising and closes the deal. After that, the transaction order is sent to the supplier. He, in turn, is responsible for sending the product to the customer.

    All profits from dropshipping are due to the difference between the supplier’s price and that of e-commerce. If a chair, for example, is sold by the supplier to eBay for 50 reais, it inserts its profit margin and increases the final value for the consumer.

    2. Virtual consultancies

    Amid the new behavioral habits that came with the digital transformation, practicality is one of the priority points in people’s daily lives.

    Virtual consultants arrived to offer great possibilities to improve or facilitate processes, skills or any other issue that involves the needs of the public. This is done through classes and remote mentoring, that can happen at any day, time or place.

    You can choose areas you have mastered and start promoting your work on social networks, website or blog. The important thing is to take care in Digital Marketing strategies to ensure good visibility and reach, directing the work to the right people.

    3. Infoproducts

    As the name says, infoproducts are countless types of rich materials made available on the internet. They can be courses, ebooks or video classes, for example.

    A great advantage of working in the area is the low investment and the high potential for financial return. As online entrepreneurship is the main work environment, costs are exponentially reduced.

    In addition, the capacity of this type of content to go viral is very high, which causes more and more people to become students, increasing the average ticket.

    4. Creating applications

    Did you know that London is the second fastest growing application market in the world? The focus is on shopping apps, followed by the travel category.

    All the development and dissemination of an application seems to be difficult tasks, but with the right team you can conquer a large market that has a constant growth trend and requires relatively low investment.

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    5. Delivery services

    Lately it’s hard not to hear about apps like Uber Eats, iFood, Rappi and derivatives. What a lot of people don’t know is that the business model is extremely replicable and highly profitable, even with such expressive competitors!

    Think about it: as much as the entry into large cities is theoretically difficult due to the fact that the giants have already taken over the place, London is a gigantic country and has thousands of small and medium-sized cities.

    They, in turn, lack technology services with good coverage. In some places it is already possible to perceive food delivery or transport applications with excellent market entry and practically instantaneous popularization.

    6. Services for pets

    The numbers related to the pet market are also very interesting: London positioned itself in second place, even with all the financial crisis and possible obstacles.

    In 2018, the sector moved more than R $ 20 billion, almost 10% more than in the previous year. The change in the lifestyle of Brazilians is an aspect that favors the entry of services in the sector: many families are reducing and pets gain space.

    It is increasingly common to see families formed by a person and their puppies or kittens, for example. With the growing perception that animals are part of the family, investment in products for the health and well-being of pets has increased a lot and tends to grow even more.

    7. Healthy foods

    The healthy food market has gained worldwide evidence mainly in recent years. More and more people are positioning themselves as advocates of a natural lifestyle that preserves body and mind.

    According to Sebrae, the segment has grown 98% in recent years here and the trend is to grow even more. The vegan / vegetarian audience and gluten free are great opportunities, in addition to those people who do not necessarily have dietary restrictions, but value natural production, with an air of “home” and care for the environment.

    8. Urban mobility

    We have already advanced a similar market when talking about online delivery services. Like them, the offer of possibilities that facilitate urban mobility are highly attractive to an audience that seeks more and more practicality in shifting between one commitment and another.

    In addition to the transport offer, for example, there is a world of possibilities to be explored:

    • applications with the timetable of public transport in your region;
    • rental of bicycles or other alternative means of transport;
    • ride apps.

    9. Subscription clubs

    Subscription clubs are great investment possibilities in a market where people value comfort, convenience and, if possible, that little buddy.

    They work as follows: your customer hires the services and pays a monthly fee. With that, he can enjoy a number of benefits during subscription: discounts at restaurants, pharmacies, clinics or any other service that makes sense to you.

    It is interesting to invest in specific offer areas – restaurant clubs, health or leisure, for example. This further increases public interest and the possibility for them to subscribe in two different niches, for example. It is also possible to separate services according to price.

    With that, see the main advantages of investing in subscription clubs:

    • great chances of loyalty;
    • higher recurring monthly revenue;
    • better inventory control;
    • possibility of offering highly attractive prices to the customer;
    • increase in the offer of practicality and convenience.

    10. Shared economy

    The shared economy – or sharing economy – is based on services that have more sustainable practices, which value a reduction not only in spending, but also the impacts that consumption has on society. Great examples in the field are Netflix, Spotify and Airbnb.

    His theory is based on a social model that preaches the sharing of physical or intellectual resourcesall of this based on the collective workforce of several people willing to spread a little of what they know.

    A good example is Waze, fed daily with information from each driver. And it, like many other technologies, is capable of forming a powerful database that has rich data and the perception of people around the world.

    11. Blogs

    Do you have anything interesting to say? Then share it with the world! There are those who believe that blogs are dying and giving way to social networks, but the power of Content Marketing grows every day.

    When we combine the talent and content that you or your brand have to offer with SEO techniques and strategic planning, make sure that success is just a matter of time.

    Find that agenda in which you are a reference and work on dissemination techniques. When we talk about financial investment, this modality is one that requires a low initial amount, especially when compared to the results.

    Digital nomads and influencers have been standing out in the market, not necessarily in a negative way. Finding the right content, the appropriate media and the ideal audience, this new type of business will take off!

    In addition to the market, it is important to understand how the business will be made possible. Anyone who wants to bet on the online universe, fundamental today, can study about e-commerce. It’s a great way to start!

    Learn all about e-commerce and learn how you can take advantage of a sales strategy, in addition to understanding in practice what are its main advantages!

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