▷ How content enriches your sales roadmap – WAU 2020

    How content enriches your sales roadmap – WAU

    Producing good content is something that can bring invaluable gains to your company or business. Kind of cliché, right? I know I know. But even though it is cliché, this is a truth that few question today! Reason? Imagine you publish a text and it goes viral, reaching over 1 million […]

    Producing good content is something that can bring untold earnings to your company or business.

    Kind of cliché, right?

    I know I know.

    But even though it is cliché, this is a truth that few question today!


    Imagine that you publish a text and it goes viral, reaching over 1 million people in a matter of days or even hours (I very much hope that this is the case with this text that your landlady is currently reading).

    Can you see how that could be reversed in public, leads and, ultimately, customers for your business?

    Even if it doesn’t happen that fast (again, I have my fingers crossed for it to happen), a well-constructed content production strategy can yield you, in the medium and long term, an inexhaustible source of organic traffic.

    In other words, it can give you a inexhaustible source of potential customers at a cost (or CAC) very low.

    However, besides knowing how to write well, there are two other very important points when you decide to write something: their personas and the content funnel.

    Understanding who your ideal audience or ideal buyer is – yes, you guessed it, this is your persona – and segmenting the content for the moment of each of these people is the ideal process to be followed.

    I’ll explain better:

    Imagine a person who is still discovering you have a problem.

    For example, she may be thinking:

    • I need to increase my sales. What would my options be?

    That person is in a phase known as Awareness or Consciousness, inside the buyer’s journey.

    She is beginning to discover a universe that can help her arrive at a certain objective.

    In the case above this objective is to increase your sales.

    Therefore, we must create a text that explains, for example, the impact of content marketing on a company’s sales.

    This text is what we call ToFu or Funnel top.

    It is a more generic text that has the function of educating a lead for the benefits of your solution.

    Now imagine that same person, after having read that content, with the following thought:

    • The reason my sales are low is because I can’t generate enough leads. What are my options for generating more leads?

    Now that same person has just entered the phase that we call Consideration or Consideration.

    She already understood that she has a problem and now is considering solutions so that this problem is solved.

    In this case, we need to create a text MoFu or of Funnel Medium to help that person.

    This is a bit more technical text, where you make a comparison, for example, among the advantages of producing content over other solutions on the market.

    Finally, that person becomes educated enough to understand that content marketing is the ideal solution.

    • I would be able to solve my lead generation problem through content marketing, producing educational texts and disseminating them on channels that are related to my solution.
      I could hire a company to do this role, but which one would be the most efficient and cheapest?

    This is where we arrive at base of the content funnel.

    We now need to create a text BoFu or of Funnel Base to now educate and convert that person into a new customer.

    This is an even more specific material, which involves comparisons between solutions in the same area, case studies pointing out the improvements generated by your service / solution, etc.

    Finding out who your personas are is the best (and only) way to not waste time producing texts that will not educate your personas.

    So, convinced that producing content is more than important?

    But do the benefits of well-made content end there?

    No, but of course not …

    Sales Roadmap and Content, a love relationship

    Apart from cases where people arrive fully qualified and already call you wanting to close (if your content is good enough, you will get there … believe me!), The scenario that exists is the following: you will need to talk a little bit.

    As well?

    You will need to sell (in fact, generate value)!

    That’s right!

    And this is exactly where the sales script comes in.

    Contrary to what some people believe, selling is a process in which you need to believe what is being sold and master everything that refers to that subject very well.

    After all, between us, if you don’t believe in what you sell, how are you going to make other people believe?

    And you may not think so, but it ends up being visible when talking to someone.

    There, i said it!

    But remember that I just said that you need to know everything about what is being sold?

    Why not do that by writing content?

    In addition to helping you to follow a logical and clear line of reasoning, making a good text involves a lot of research and reading, which helps you to learn even more about a certain subject.

    Other points worth mentioning are the buyer’s own journey and examples. Yes, the examples!

    All self-respecting content must have at least a good example.

    These are exactly the examples that will help you build arguments and enrich your speech of sales.

    Did not understand?

    Let me give you a preview (this is an example!):

    • Good afternoon, Mr. Client. All right?
    • Everything’s good! And with you?

    [Conversa em andamento]

    After some time, the seller says the following to counter a distrust on the part of the Client

    • So, Mr. Client, according to a survey done by Forrester, companies that nurture their leads sell 50% more, at a 33% lower cost.
      Furthermore, according to an article published by
      HubSpot, Inbound Marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing.
      Do you not agree with me, Mr. Customer, that these benefits are relevant?
    • Yes I agree! These data are really encouraging.

    Did you notice the relevance of content production in your speech?

    The buyer’s journey was missing, right?

    Well, no more!

    Here we go:

    Just like the content funnel in marketing, in sales we have what we call sales funnel.

    Somewhat obvious, I know …

    But what is the connection?

    The point is that a lead goes through the sales funnel in much the same way that he would go through a content funnel.

    Why, in the end, it all comes down to the buyer’s journey.

    So, while marketing educates the customer through content, salespeople educate you through speech commercial, answering your questions, understanding your scenario, and proposing points for improvement.

    And, again, content production can help you understand where a lead is at, in addition to enriching your examples and arguments.

    BONUS (You deserved it, go! :))

    Did you think the benefits of content marketing were over?

    Well then you were badly mistaken!

    After all, it’s not always that you can close a sale in a first conversation, is it?

    When this is not the case, we need to send the famous and very well known email.

    And for this email to have even more value, nothing better than putting a link to a text that better explains the moment of the buyer or, even, for some successful case.

    In addition, we have the case where several follow-up emails need to be sent (what is known as cadence flow) and, in this case, the texts help even more

    To give you an idea of ​​how important it is to send several emails (in case you don’t get a reply, of course!), Here are some statistics published by Hubspot:

    • 44% of salespeople give up after doing a follow up.
    • 80% of sales need at least 5 follow ups.

    Very relevant, isn’t it?

    Therefore, investing in content can be a good way to not run the risk of running out of chat in the meantime


    I hope that the relationship between a Well-produced content and a sales pitch well aligned has become clear.

    Remembering that, in addition to helping you understand even more about your market and your solution as a whole, producing content can help you immensely enrich your speech, providing you with statistics and certain examples that will be ready to be used.

    So the advice that remains is, invest in content.

    After all, could you tell me a negative point about doing this?

    This article is a guest post from Outbound!

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