▷ how to assemble a guide for your business team – WAU 2020

    how to assemble a guide for your business team – WAU

    When a salesperson contacts the leads generated by the marketing team, their job is to turn them into customers. And, to make sure that this conversion is being done in the right way, you must follow a sales script that works as a guide that brings you all the steps of the commercial speech.

    Marketing teams aim to generate sales opportunities in companies. And have you ever stopped to think about what salespeople do to convert them into customers?

    There are those who say that good salespeople are those who have language, a convincing power capable of turning leads into customers. But is this really true? Certainly not.

    The sales script is a script that takes you step by step on how the salesperson should approach prospects (that is, those who have the potential but have not yet become customers) to close the deal.

    And, so that you know the importance that such a script has for a business, and also how to set one up for your company, stay with us until the end of this post, as we will show you everything!

    Why is the sales script more common for house sellers?

    Have you ever heard the term “sales process”? It exists because, in fact, the sale needs to follow a previously built process – and we call this a sales script.

    In companies that use Inbound Marketing strategies, internal sales occur within the company, that is, through phone calls, conferences via Hangouts or Skype and, in the case of simple sales, even by email or social networks. .

    However, it is difficult to make a sale without being in the presence of the customer, in that traditional “eye to eye” whose negotiation ends with a nostalgic handshake, isn’t it?

    Therefore, the in-house salesperson needs to follow the script to make sure the deal is going well.

    Therefore, from the moment the salesperson finds a lead with the potential to become a customer, he must follow a script that will make this a reality.

    When we talk about complex sales, this approach is usually divided into three stages:

    • connection;
    • meeting;
    • submission of proposal.

    THE connection it is a quick call whose purpose is to know if the lead is likely to become a customer.

    Therefore, in it, the salesperson needs to ask what sparked her interest in your company’s materials (in the case of being an inbound lead), what are the challenges and difficulties that distance you from your goal as a consumer (in the case of B2C sales) ) or as a business (in the case of B2B sales) and, most important of all, solving this problem is a priority now.

    If the lead has gone through these three questions and the seller realizes that it is worth going ahead, an meeting which is nothing more than a telephone conversation or videoconference with the purpose of understanding what the potential new customer is looking for and how your company can help you get there.

    If the meeting is successful, the proposal is presented, as long as the prospect does not prove to be “bad fit”, that is, part of a B2B leads group that shows signs that they will not be good customers.

    For example, a company that offers a long-term solution needs the customer to be with them for a long term as well.

    Otherwise, if she demonstrates to the seller that she will be able to terminate the contract in the short term, her entry as a customer will not be interesting to the company because it is a possible churn.

    And how can the sales script be applied by outside salespeople?

    Unlike in-house salespeople, those who go face-to-face with the prospect can hardly consult the sales script to ask the right questions at the right time – in order to conduct the meeting through the business process that leads the person to say “yes” instead of the already known and frustrating “I will think and, whatever, I speak”.

    If the sales script is extensive (especially those applied to medium and large companies), the seller must remember the most important points that make up the scope of the entire business conversation, even if they are the ones four key points of the sale which are:

    • Value: this point concerns price, that is, when the customer needs a better price to close the deal;
    • Credibility: here, the client needs to believe that his solution is, in fact, the one he has been looking for to solve his problem;
    • Urgency: it is not enough to have the money to buy and believe in your product or service, he must need it now to close a deal after the presentation of the commercial proposal or within the month (after all, most of the salespeople have monthly goals);
    • Authority: if the prospect is not the person making the purchase decision, the seller must involve that decision maker in the negotiation in order to obtain a “yes” or “no”.


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    What are the advantages of the sales script?

    Some salespeople may even be good and demonstrate a born commercial talent. However, if you trust the business numbers you generate to the “gift” of some salespeople, you will be at serious risk.

    After all, if these talented salespeople leave your company or you need to train and escalate the sales team, hiring more people, how will you be able to measure the competence of these new sales representatives with “gift” as the only metric?

    By having a sales script, it is possible to analyze a salesperson’s business skills, as he knows how to conduct it strategically during a negotiation.

    Therefore, even those who do not have a native commercial talent, can be successful in the sales career if they know how to apply the script well.

    In what situations can the sales script be used?

    The complex sale can be divided into three stages: knowledge, education and supply. Now let’s see how each one is worked on and why the script is so important in them.

    THE knowledge stage occurs in the first moments of the meeting with the prospect. It is so called because it is when the salesperson gets to know more about the potential new customer, what are the problems they are going through and what solutions can help them.

    This information is of paramount importance in next step, education. In it, the salesperson shows the prospect how he can help him through the solution offered by his company.

    After all, a customer does not buy a product because it is wonderful, but because it solves their problems. If that is not clear to the prospect, he will not buy.

    Lastly, the offer is the final step, because in it the seller presents his solution, in addition to taking confirmations and bypassing objections for the sale to be successfully concluded.

    And when we talk about successful completion, we are not referring to the sale, but to the process done according to the script.

    Not even the best seller in the world can sell in every deal. There is no problem in losing a sale, as long as the script has been successfully executed to the point of knowing that the sale did not occur for other reasons (such as the customer is not yet at the time of purchase or at the same stage as Uncle Bernie) .

    How to put together a sales script?

    In the same way that the script of a film brings everything that happens in it, a sales script must predict everything that happens in the business process.

    Therefore, to build it, it is necessary to fragment it at all times of the negotiation that we list below.


    There are salespeople who usually start the meeting by talking about their product or service and this is not the best way.

    As we said, they matter little to the customer. Therefore, the first point of the script is to know what the prospect’s objective is.


    A salesperson will not want to offer the prospective new customer a solution he already knows, as that would be the same as raining in the wet.

    So it is important to know what the prospect has been doing to solve the problem they have.


    However, if you just take action to solve the problems that we have, in fact, solve them, life would be much easier, wouldn’t it? But, as life is not like that, every client goes through challenges to reach their goals.


    Sales are linked to goals that can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual.

    A customer’s purchase time can vary, after all, small companies give quick answers, while large companies can take up to more than 1 year to sign a contract.

    Therefore, the seller needs to know the time of the customer’s purchase journey.


    There is no use in offering the best in the world if it is out of the customer’s reach. Therefore, it is essential that the sales representative confirms that the product or service fits in the customer’s pocket.


    If the negotiation is done with the person who will not be able to make the purchase decision, it will not be possible to proceed with him, unless the decision maker is involved at some point in the conversation, even if it is only the proposal.


    The purchase of the product or service that your company offers will bring benefits to the customer, they are brought together in the implication that will be caused in the life or business of the customer.


    The opposite can also happen. Once the customer chooses not to buy your company’s solution, what will happen to them?

    The seller must explain what will happen if the deal is not closed, however difficult it may be. This is one of the strongest points of the script when it comes to converting the sale, as many customers decide to buy based on what they will lose instead of what they will gain by closing a deal.

    These are the main points of a sales script that can be applied in a variety of business processes, such as Inside Sales and Inbound Sales.

    And if you don’t know the difference between the two, check out this text we wrote about it.

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