▷ how to explore the best features of the native ads platform – WAU 2020

    how to explore the best features of the native ads platform – WAU

    With the maturation of the London digital market, it became essential to use new tools to attract and qualify the public. In this article, we’ll see how Taboola brings the two together, and how your company can benefit from it!

    The London digital market advances each year towards general maturity. This statement is confirmed with each new Websites Are Us Intelligence survey. This means two things.

    First, those who do not yet invest in a structured way in marketing run an increasing risk of being run over by the competition.

    Second, those who already act with professionalism need to raise the bar so as not to be left behind. This involves using tools hitherto little explored, but which can offer great results.

    This is the case of Taboola, a platform that is already widely used outside London and has not yet been properly used here. Want to know how to start in the front? So, let’s go!

    In this article, you will see:

    • what is Taboola?
    • What are Native Ads?
    • How does Taboola work?
    • What are the 5 advantages of using Taboola in your digital strategy?
    • How to use Taboola in 4 steps to create results campaigns?
    • What are the 3 tips for using Taboola with mastery?

    What is Taboola?

    Taboola is an ad platform created by Adam Singolda, in an attempt to compete with other solutions, such as Google Ads.

    Except that using this platform can be a little different than what you are used to, at least in concept. As well?

    When advertising on Google, for example, you have two options:

    • Search Network: Your ads appear on Google’s own pages, at the top of the results, with a mark that says “ad”;
    • Display Network: Your ad appears on banner format, positioned on Google’s partner sites and blogs.

    Taboola, on the other hand, uses a relatively new system for some, but it is already a proven source of success, as we will see below: Native Ads.

    What are Native Ads?

    In order to better understand Taboola’s proposal, you cannot go without understanding the concept of Native Ads.

    This term can be translated as “native advertising” in London, and its great advantage is that the public doesn’t realize, at least at first, that it’s an ad.

    Native Ads come in the form of content, just like any other blog post that people are used to consuming. Only they have the objective of get the audience to take action.

    This can be on a sales page, lead generation form, raised for a budget request, among other possibilities.

    And when we say that native advertising is proven effective, it was not lip service. According to Sharethrough data, native ads receive 53% more views and increase purchase intention by 18% compared to traditional ads.

    How is this possible? Simple: as the public does not see them as ads, but as content, they receive more attention and credit.

    This has everything to do with data from the Content Marketing Institute, which shows how 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a product through content and not through advertisements.

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    How does Taboola work?

    So far, you have seen that Taboola is a platform for native ads, and you got to know the concept of Native Ads better. This makes it much easier to understand how the tool works.

    And there is no secret: thousands of sites, including some great entertainment and news portals, are Taboola’s partners.

    That way, when someone accesses a post on any of these sites, they find personalized recommendations from Taboola. These recommendations are advertiser content.

    Let’s take an example: you have a fishing equipment company and advertise on Taboola. Its content will be recommended for people who are interested in fishing, probably in news related to it.

    With that direction and the content format given to the ads, page visitors are more likely to click on your ad and get to know your business.

    What are the 5 advantages of using Taboola in your digital strategy?

    We know that you enjoyed discovering that Taboola puts your ad in front of the right people on big portals, and it still does it in a more attractive format for potential customers.

    But you must be asking yourself: “is it really worth investing in this tool?”. As already mentioned, using little explored tools is a great way to get customers at a lower price.

    You have at least 5 reasons to invest in Taboola as part of your Digital Marketing strategy. See what they are!

    1. Great exposure and interest segmentation

    The first reason for investing in Taboola as a customer acquisition channel is the combination of two very powerful factors for any digital strategy: great exposure and interest segmentation.

    Are more of 1.4 billion users who access the content recommended by the company every month. But that would be useless without a good job of segmenting the audience.

    Fortunately, just like on the main ad platforms, you are able to target your campaigns to the people who will really be interested and take advantage of the content (and products) that your company has to offer.

    2. Less resistance from the public

    The fact that they do not realize, at least at first, that it is an advertisement, makes people feel more likely to pay attention to its content.

    In fact, there is an interesting data from the Sharethrough survey: 32% of respondents said they would share native ads with people close to them, versus only 19% of respondents for traditional ads.

    Do you know what that means? Even when users realize that this is an offer or recommendation to sell, they are more motivated to continue reading, and even to share with others.

    3. Guaranteed use of the platform

    Taboola is nothing new. The company is already in the market over 10 years ago and has offices in some of the largest cities in the world, such as New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and São Paulo.

    This means that you can rest assured about the seriousness of the solution. Another point that reinforces this is the large media partners, which disseminate the content of advertisers. Some of them, only in London, include:

    • The globe;
    • Portal R7;
    • InfoMoney;
    • Estadão.

    4. Little explored marketing and sales tool

    Did you already know Taboola well? If the answer was no, you are probably not alone. You may have already seen (and even consumed) content recommended by company advertisers several times, on many different websites and blogs.

    However, this is still a channel relatively little explored marketing and sales. So, this is your chance to get ahead of the direct competition.

    5. Potentially lower cost

    Whenever an ad platform receives many advertisers for the same audiences, it ends up raising bid prices. This is what happens with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, for example.

    If your business targets an audience in which there is less competition than on these networks, chances are it will achieve a lower cost in your campaigns.

    In addition, the engagement may even be greater, due to the advantages we have already mentioned of Native Ads over traditional advertising.

    How to use Taboola in 4 steps to create results campaigns?

    Are you convinced that Taboola can be a great choice to increase your sales results? So, the best way to prove it is to create your own campaigns.

    Here, it’s a simple step by step, with the 4 steps you need to follow to start your journey through the universe of native advertising with Taboola!

    1. Create your account

    The first step is to create your account, the most basic level. To do this, simply fill in data such as email, first and last name, country and other optional details.

    2. Create your campaign

    This is where you will create your campaign. The first step in this is to define an appropriate name for it.

    The recommendation is that you choose a name that describe well the product, the country and the platform on which the campaign will run. An example of this would be “Fishing equipment – London – Mobile”.

    After that, just define the campaign items, that is, the pages you want to promote in it. You can add up to 10 items per campaign.

    To do this, just add a URL, of virtually any type of page (blog posts, product pages, videos, etc.) and the platform will automatically create an item.

    3. Choose your audience and set your budget

    In this step, you will do a basic segmentation of your audience and set your budget. There are more advanced targeting options, available only after completing the campaign creation.

    At first, options include:

    • parents: it is also possible to choose all countries, if you wish;
    • platform: Good for deciding which devices your ads should appear on, such as mobile devices, desktops, etc.

    After that you need to choose your daily budget, just like you already do in other ad networks. And finally, you can choose the cost-per-click (CPC) for each ad.

    4. Fill in the payment information

    These are the final details, such as your full address and payment information. Finally, just accept the terms and conditions of Taboola to finalize the creation of the registration and the first campaign.

    What are the 3 tips for using Taboola with mastery?

    Like any tool, Taboola needs to be used well to bring the expected results. So it’s not because you’ve learned to create a campaign that you can already hope for the best.

    Here are 3 basic but essential tips to ensure that your investment in the platform is successful from the start!

    1. Read the help center

    On the Taboola website, you will find a help center with lots of relevant information on how to take advantage and follow best practices with ads.

    Do not ignore this content. It is like a product manual, made by the people who created it and keep it running. This means that they know what they are talking about on every tip and recommendation.

    Instead of looking for more complex information or taking blind tests, read the tips from the center first. This will make you much better prepared to create effective campaigns.

    2. Adapt your ad strategy

    It is not because your company already invests with well-known players, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, that you can afford to just copy and paste the same tactics with Taboola.

    The type of ad is different, as is the operation of the platform itself. Like this, adapt your strategy and learn little by little what works on this specific channel.

    Over time, you will be better able to define what works and what doesn’t work for your business. A good way to not lose money right away is not to copy and paste everything you already use on other ad networks. What to do, then, to start? Apply the previous tip and you will know what to do to get started.

    3. Invest in a top quality copy

    Copy is what all the sales-oriented communication of a business is called. This includes content made for ads, even if they are native.

    If your copy is not interesting already in the title and description, it will not attract users’ attention to the point of clicking on your link.

    Those who click will not continue to consume your message if it doesn’t stay interesting, and so on. That is why, invest in a top quality copy if you want to see a return in your campaigns for Taboola.

    Taboola may be new to some, including you. Still, it has already established itself as one of the major ad platforms in the world. And the best, in a format that already struggles to be the future of advertising.

    Now, it remains to get your hands dirty and get ahead of your competitors. If you have trouble creating materials that sell, here’s how to make your content stand out and become customers!

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