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    how to place and where to download free – WAU

    Have you ever thought about what your favorite movie would be like without a soundtrack? Audio effects are a crucial part of visual production and, without them, it is not possible to achieve the same impact. For publishers, good free fonts make all the difference!

    Regardless of the type of video content produced, audio effects must be part of it. Faced with this need, publishers are always looking for good soundtracks, but also concerned with issues involving copyright.

    The sounds help to give a better developed concept to the video. They translate in a sound way what’s happening, creating a climate that helps to engage the viewer in the narrative.

    For any type, be it a documentary, an institutional video, or even a storytelling, good effects make a difference.

    This content came precisely to help those who need to make their videos complete. Know the importance of sound effects, learn how to insert them and where to find them!

    How can sound effects help?

    How many movies have you watched without a soundtrack? In suspense films, music always follows the climax. In drama works, it would be impossible for a “pop” track to help convey the feeling of those scenes. Without sound effects, it is very difficult to involve the viewer in what he is watching.

    In fact, sound effects will not always be limited to songs, being very common to use only a few effects that refer to the feeling of what is shown in the video.

    Audiovisual production has the mission of arousing specific feelings. In this task, even in videos, audio has the ability to make everything more complete.

    The importance of engagement

    For movie fans, quality audio in an explosion, for example, brings a lot of immersion to the film. However, even though the proportions are smaller, a promotional video also needs to have good sound effects to engage.

    Very common, corporate videos help to publicize the work of companies in all segments, large, medium or small. They are marketing tools with a high power of engagement, showing the public the value of the business.

    In London, the consumption of online videos has grown 135% in the last 4 years, which represents an open door for the promotion of brands. If a company can follow this path, it has a great tool to communicate.

    Good videos also depend on quality production, staying away from amateurism. As much as the resources are not always the best, dedication to production makes a lot of difference.

    Among the details, sound effects help to create the perfect experience and environment in this communication with the public.

    What care should be taken?

    As much as the soundtrack and sound effects are indispensable, the editing that makes use of them should be done with all possible care. The main reason, first, is the right choice.

    As we said, it is essential to involve the viewer, creating a perfect conceptual connection between image and sound.

    However, the concerns go further, due to the copyright restrictions on the sounds that will be used. You can’t just insert a song that matches the video images perfectly. Doing so can result in lawsuits or even the removal of content from the internet.

    Paying for these rights can be too expensive. A small company that wants to make an institutional video, for example, would find it difficult to bear these costs. In such cases, the best thing to do is to use sound effects files and free music, which are available for free use on any material.

    The search for the best audio media should always be done within these limitations, as producing the effects themselves would also be laborious.

    Through the internet, it is possible to find sites that offer free audio for video, which is a great alternative to produce outstanding content.

    How to insert them in the videos?

    The use of audio effects depends on the editing job. Let’s use as an example an institutional video, in which a series of takes from the company office is recorded, in addition to other images that help to compose the material.

    However, just compiling these takes without a concept has no effect. It is necessary that they are well aligned and translate the idea of ​​production well. For those images where there are no lines or testimonials, audio effects are essential, be they trails, be sounds reactive to some action.

    To insert these audios, it is necessary to work with an editing tool. There are many available on the market, from the most complex, used by professionals, to others that are simpler. It is also possible to insert the audio separately, using separate editing software.

    One of the most simple and accessible software to do this job is Filmora Wondershare. It is free and runs on both Windows and Mac platforms. Next, see in steps how to insert audio or track effects into your video!

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    Importing media into the software

    You need to collect all the videos you have made and the audio files that will be inserted in the images. All of this needs to be within the software environment, so it is necessary to import the files from the location where they are saved on your computer.

    Right on the main screen of the software, you will see an option to import media files. Click and select all the audio and video files you are going to work with. Thus, they will be available in your editing area.

    Separating sound from videos

    The records you made will have sound and, in most cases, you will want to remove them to use a track. For that, just select the period of the video in which you want to separate the soundon the control bar. After doing this, right click on the selection and go to “Remove audio”.

    This action will cause the audio track to be detached from the video, making it visible with a timeline on the part of the images. So you can edit as you like, merging with the audio effects or removing it completely.

    Editing and applying effects to audio

    With separate sound, there are endless editing possibilities. You can cut, increase or decrease the audio, insert “fade in” and “fade out” effects, among others.

    When you click on “Music”, you will see all the options you can enter, whether those that you imported into the software or those that it offers itself.

    To use, just click on the file and drag it to the audio track. With that, it will be in the right space and can be synchronized with the video, the way you prefer.

    Where to download sound effects for your videos?

    Another very common question is where to find good audio effects to insert in your video content. In addition to the need to use high quality files, there are also restrictions on use.

    It is essential to choose high definition sounds and make them available for wide and free use.

    On the Web, it’s not hard to find some good sources to download sound effects and tracks to make your videos more professional! Below, find out about some of the best sites that offer free media and learn how they can be used!

    1. Jamendo

    Jamendo is a website that brings together a large selection of songs that can be used in videos. For those looking for soundtracks, this is an excellent alternative.

    The page gathers songs by independent artists and that make their works available for download and use totally free.

    2. BBC Sound Effects

    The British broadcaster BBC also has a radio, BBC Radio, which decided to make publishers and producers happy, releasing a large free collection.

    There are more than 16 thousand different effects that, certainly, can help many projects to be quite complete. The material is part of what the broadcaster actually uses!

    3. YouTube Library

    Another great affordable and practical option is YouTube’s own audio library. It is a great help for those who edit their content on the site, making some adjustments before uploading the material.

    However, it is also possible to download the files to apply to other software, for free and with authorized use.


    Anyone who has been in the video editing business for a long time knows well. It is one of the collections that help most, including free files for commercial use, including.

    There, you will find trails and collections ready to use. Be aware of the type of restriction each file has!

    5. 99Sounds

    99Sounds doesn’t win in volume, but it stands out a lot in the quality of the audio effects that it makes available in its collection. Another interesting point is the way of distributing this content: users download thematic packages and, within these files, they find a series of sounds related to the subject.

    6. Facebook Sound Collection

    If your strategy also includes social media, it’s a great request to produce a video for Facebook, isn’t it?

    Well know that the social network has a collection that fulfills a role very similar to that of YouTube, which you have already seen. The options have grown more every day, however, there is a basic restriction: audios can only be used in videos that will be posted on the actual Facebook!

    A good soundtrack and audio effects that communicate well with the images make all the difference in a production. Any type of video needs quality sound design and, with this list of sites, you will certainly find the ideal material for your project!

    Are we going to expand this knowledge further? Stay with us and understand everything about video marketing and the benefits it can bring to your strategies!

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