▷ Is Shopify Good? Check out if it’s worth it

    If you have ever thought about entering the digital market and start selling online or intend to create your own online store, you probably have heard of Shopify – one of the most well-known ecommerce platforms worldwide.

    But after all, is Shopify good? Before investing it is necessary to ask yourself what are the differentials offered and check if it can really help you achieve your goals.

    In order to find the answer to this question, check out the main features, data and numbers about Shopify. Check out!

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    Shopify was launched in 2006 and, since then, they have been working to remain the most reference ecommerce platform in the market. According to the data presented on its official page, the company points out that more than 800 thousand virtual stores created through the platform have already accumulated a total of more than 100 million dollars in sales.

    In addition to these numbers, it is important to mention that, unlike what many think, Shopify is not just a platform for creating virtual stores – they also offer points of sale for physical stores, dropshipping, sales channels through social networks, marketplaces and even purchase buttons for inclusion on your own blog. Essentially, Shopify offers solutions for you to sell anywhere, we talk more about that in our guide on what Shopify is.

    Shopify Key Features

    In addition to the various solutions, the platform also offers a huge amount of resources so you can get your store up and running in the shortest possible time. Check out the main tools you can find inside the platform.

    Customizable design

    The design and development of the website is one of the biggest concerns of new entrepreneurs looking to enter this market. We couldn’t say that Shopify is good if it didn’t provide tools for you to customize the look of your page.

    In it, you will find more than 70 professionally designed page templates in the platform’s exclusive template store. Just find which look fits your goals and choose between free or paid themes.

    Is Shopify good?  Create and customize your store on the ecommerce platform

    Shopping cart and checkout

    As a complete platform, Shopify also already offers a cart solution, transparent checkout and more than 100 different payment gateways, such as PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin and many others.

    They also assist in the management of freight logistics and stock control of their products. All Shopify solutions are certified with SSL protection seal, which guarantees the privacy and security of customers when informing bank details, address, among other personal information.

    Management, hosting and reporting dashboard

    Of course, you can also register customers and store their data, organize them in groups, process orders and refunds. With Shopify, you will not need other platforms or services to manage the functioning of your business or even to track your results through detailed reports.

    You can even send personalized emails automatically to your customers, such as order confirmation, registration confirmation, among others. And of course, your store will also be hosted on a high quality server, which values ​​loading speed and optimizes elements so that your ranking on Google and SEO actions (Search Engine Optimization) are not penalized.

    Mobile app and app store

    Another great advantage that can help you answer the question of whether Shopify is good is that it allows you to monitor and manage the store from anywhere, through its mobile apps. This differential becomes even better if you have also integrated your mobile service channels.

    Shopify also has its own app store, which has more than 2,500 plugins or tools developed in case you need specific functions or features not offered natively by the platform. Just download the application and install it in your store and that’s it, now it’s part of your ecommerce platform.

    Compatible and optimized for mobile

    As several researches related to mobile customer service point out, using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to buy online is a growing trend and should continue to be perpetuated for years to come.

    In fact, a survey by the World of Marketing found that, in the London market, in 2018, ecommerces that operate in the furniture, fashion and multi-category niches have already had a large portion of their sales achieved by customers accessing via mobile.

    Considering this data, you certainly cannot ignore the importance of having a fully compatible and optimized virtual store to offer convenience and serve the mobile consumer well. Fortunately, when creating your ecommerce using the Shopify platform, you don’t have to worry about this factor. All sessions, such as product page, checkout, categories, shopping cart, among others, are ready to offer a responsive and high quality experience on mobile devices.

    Is Shopify good?  Serve the mobile consumer with a responsive online store

    Is Shopify worth it to you?

    Now that you know the main features of the ecommerce platform, it’s time to identify if Shopify is good and really worth it. To begin, we need to point out that the company offers much more than a system for the creation of its virtual store. At Shopify, you can find guides and content developed to help you become a successful entrepreneur in the digital market, through the company’s help center and blog.

    In addition, it must be considered that the tool is designed with a focus on scalability, that is, it is ready to accompany the growth of your ecommerce. For this, they offer different plans that suit the level of your business, be it a small company entering the market or a renowned and well-established brand.

    Regardless of the chosen plan, you will have access to your own blog and ecommerce website, as well as the possibility to register unlimited products, have access to Shopify quality service, offer different sales channels through social networks and marketplaces and enjoy the certificate security (SSL).

    Shopify is good

    With all this in mind, we have to recognize that yes, Shopify is good, very good indeed. It is a complete solution that allows you to start selling online in a few minutes and still does not charge a setup fee.

    If you are interested, now comes the best part. You can try Shopify for free accessing this link and prove for yourself the quality of the solution. Of course, there is no point in putting your store on the air if you are not able to win, retain and retain customers. So, to speed up your first sale, be sure to register and install Websites Are Us for free at your Shopify store and offer the customer service channel preferred by the online consumer!

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