▷ Learn how to use Adobe After Effects to boost your visual content – WAU 2020

    Learn how to use Adobe After Effects to boost your visual content – WAU

    Adobe After Effects is a graphics software that aims to offer simple and practical functions aimed at finishing and finishing touches of video or image editing.

    The use of images, animations and videos is increasingly common in Digital Marketing, whether for social networks, email marketing campaigns or even for marketing strategies in general. In the online world, visual aids are great add-ons to make different content even more attractive.

    According to a survey conducted in 2017, more than 60% of digital marketers in the United States point to the use of visual content as “absolutely necessary” for their strategies to attract customers. Therefore, it is necessary to use tools and software to make this work more efficient.

    One of the available resources is the Adobe After Effects, an excellent option for those looking for a practical and flexible program for editing and adjusting videos, films and animations. Part of Adobe’s suite of solutions for creating digital video, this software is ideal for finishing a video.

    So, how about getting to know this tool better? Just continue reading to learn more about what Adobe After Effects is, its features and some tips for using the main tools of the program.

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    What is Adobe After Effects and what features?

    Created in 1993, the program was incorporated into the Adobe package in 1995 and, alongside Premiere, Encore and Photoshop, composes the set of software aimed at editing and creating images. Obviously, each of these solutions has its respective specialties and peculiarities.

    In the case of Adobe After Effects, as the name implies, the objective is to offer simple and practical finishing and finishing touches for video or image editing. Settings such as the insertion of special effects or animations, in addition to allowing the creation of vignettes and other graphic elements.

    The great advantage of this program is the library of effects available to make editing even more creative. Whether to apply 3D effects to your visual content, or to remove objectives from a clip or image, Adobe After Effects allows you to do all of this in a very simple way.

    However, despite all the features, this software is not suitable for those who want to edit longer videos. After all, however much it makes it possible to create images in its own interface, After Effects is generally used for post-production of materials from other programs.

    What can be done from this solution?

    Visual resources are becoming increasingly important in Digital Marketing strategies, mainly to complement and make actions and campaigns more attractive to consumers. After all, the Internet provides a multitude of content and, therefore, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself.

    By using images and videos with special effects and impeccable editing, your chances of standing out amidst so much competition only increase.

    With Adobe After Effects, this task is made even easier by the simplicity of the tool, allowing the creation of quality content without the need to be a professional in video editing, for example.

    So, if you are looking to make your social networks more attractive with better quality images, landing pages with rich and original graphics, add effects or perfectly finish editing video content, Adobe After Effects is the ideal tool for make this process more creative and efficient.

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    What do I need to know to use the main tools of the program?

    To help you put these benefits of Adobe After Effects into practice, we’ve separated some tips on how to use the main tools of this program.

    Start a new project

    First of all, you need to start a new project, right? The layout of this program is very similar to that of other Adobe software.

    On the home screen, you have basic information about your file, such as size and colors, in addition, of course, other important items, ranging from the timeline at the bottom and the “composition”, in which you mount the file, up to the option to preview the preview of what is being edited with “preview”.

    Adobe After Effects

    Go to “Composition” and click on “New Composition”.

    Adobe After Effects 2

    Next, you will define the properties of your project, that is, the name, height, width, background color and the duration of your animation or video.

    Adobe After Effects 3

    Now it’s time to choose the photos or videos that will illustrate your project. To do this, just go to “File”, click “Import” and “File” again. Then, just select the images you want to use.

    Adobe AE1

    To facilitate your control, all the visual resources that you will be using in your project are in the “Project” tab.

    Adobe AE2

    To add the file to your project’s timeline, simply drag the “Project” image to the bottom of your screen.

    Adobe AE3

    Now just start using the tools and resources available to change, edit and transform your visual content.

    Adobe AE4

    Add texts

    One of the many functions of this program is the insertion of text in videos or images, mainly to add subtitles, for example.

    To do this, just select “Layer”, then “New” and then just which layer will be added, which can be another object or a light, for example. In that case, choose “Text”.

    Adobe AE5

    Then, just choose the place where the text will be positioned and write the desired content.

    Add movement to text

    With the text defined, now it’s time to define what type of movement will be used to make your image more attractive. To move from one position to another, just click on the text to be edited and then select the clock icon below.

    Adobe AE6

    Now, just define the initial positioning of the text and then define the place where it should appear at the desired time. To do this, simply select the future moment in your timeline.

    Adobe AE7

    Remove objects from clips

    Option used mainly in Photoshop, it is now also possible to remove objects from your videos or images with Adobe After Effects.

    The first step is to select the “Pen” tool.

    Adobe AE8

    Then, you need to draw around the objective to be removed from your image. To ensure greater efficiency of this strategy, the ideal is to design the mask next to the item to be excluded, however, leaving a small space for the program to be able to make a more complete analysis of the selected frames.

    Adobe AE9

    Now that the masking has been completed, go to the timeline and, with the right button, select the layer to be deleted and click on “Subtract”, which will create a transparent area in your image.

    Adobe AE10

    Now, click on “Generate Fill Layer” and the program, from an analysis of each frame, will fill the transparent area.

    How does Adobe After Effects differ from Adobe Premiere?

    A very common question before using Adobe After Effects is regarding the differences between that program and Adobe Premiere. The truth is that the two softwares even have some similar functionalities, but the choice for one or the other is directly linked to the final goal of who will be editing.

    That is, according to the result you expect when editing your visual content, you will choose After Effects or Premiere. It is also important to remember that, although they work well separately, some features are optimized when worked together in the editing process.

    However, while Premiere is non-linear video editing software and has enough tools to control all aspects of production, After Effects serves as a complement, precisely to make the final finishes – with moving graphics and visual effects – to what was produced by the other Adobe program.

    Using the tools and resources available is key to making your strategies more efficient. Therefore, using a program like Adobe After Effects can be an excellent solution for those looking to offer even more qualified and attractive content to their consumers, increasing the visibility of their brand.

    Another component of the Adobe solution package in which After Effects is present is Photoshop, the tool aimed at image editing.

    In addition, you can also specialize and enhance your knowledge in After Effects online courses.

    How about, take a step by step to unveil this other excellent program and find out how it can be important for your business?

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