▷ Learn the main lessons that Instagram celebrities have to teach about Personal Marketing – WAU 2020

    Learn the main lessons that Instagram celebrities have to teach about Personal Marketing – WAU

    Find out who Instagram’s biggest celebrities are and how they can help you improve your Personal Marketing.

    Do you know who Instagram’s biggest celebrities are? Your profiles have valuable tips on Personal Marketing!

    In the scenario in which we live, we begin to understand that, like companies, we need to care for our image. For this, we have tools such as social networks to seek our space in the job market.

    In this process, people start to use strategies similar to those of companies.

    One example is Personal Branding, or Personal Marketing, which uses the premises of branding that you probably already know – if not, check out our complete guide on the subject.

    This possibility is enhanced by the power of social networks. And Instagram – darling of many – shows us several incredible cases of how to use this strategy to your advantage.

    Want to understand more about Personal Marketing and discover foolproof tips with the most followed people on Instagram? Keep reading and ensure the success of your image.

    What is personal marketing

    If you were asked why someone should invest or hire you, what would you say?

    These questions can be answered with good personal branding management. Ensuring that your image is well projected within the market is essential and a key differentiator for your career.

    This is Personal Marketing: add value to your image through a series of strategies, making it attractive for the various opportunities that may arise.

    Why do that? Selling is not exclusive to celebrities and influencers.

    At all times our image as professionals is seen by thousands of people on social networks. And with so many people looking, you don’t want to do it bad, do you?

    As important as valuing your image, you need to know well on which channel you will do this. A very common and right choice is Instagram, one of the largest social networks in the world. Understand everything about the network in this complete ebook on the subject.

    Download the Marketing ebook on Instagram

    Personal Marketing on Instagram

    You probably know Instagram. But did you know that it already accumulates more than 800 million users? And these people increasingly use this network as a portfolio of their own lives.

    Because it is extremely visual and dynamic, Instagram is very attractive. The possibilities for exposing personal content inside are endless. Therefore, more and more brands and investors are aware of this environment.

    Like Facebook, Twitter and other tools, Instagram gives you a range of opportunities. With its main features – Stories and feed – you can make a careful and strategic selection of your posts.

    What do my followers want to consume quickly? What do I want to immortalize in my profile? Keeping in mind how each part of this network works is essential to your success inside.

    You will now see how the most followed people in this network navigate through it and what lessons we can learn and put into practice. Prepare the notebook and write down these tips:

    Learn from the most followed people on Instagram

    6. Taylor Swift + 105 million followers

    Taylor Swift Instagram

    Taylor Swift is one of the most controversial singers today, but also one of the most successful. Known mainly by the teen audience, she knows how to use her social networks to captivate her loyal followers.

    Understand your image

    Taylor went through several stages in her career: she went from Country’s darling to Pop’s diva; from a naive girl, to someone known to get involved in many fights.

    However, the perception of his image has never changed. She always knew what people expected of her and lived up to expectations. And this is essential! Understanding people’s views on you helps you show what they want to see.Taylor recently deleted all of her feed. That’s right, deleted all your photos! Why? To once again adapt to the new image that was being disseminated by the media. There was no use fighting that.

    What lesson can we learn from this? Listen, monitor and understand people’s perception of you.

    Are you managing to convey your qualities? What do others think of you is what you would like to be going through your social networks? You always have to question yourself and adapt when necessary.

    5. Kim Kardashian + 105 million followers

    Kim Kardashian

    Together with his family, Kim Kardashian owns an empire. In addition to a reality show that accompanies her life, the socialite also has a beauty and clothing line in her name. He is one of the most influential celebrities today and documents his life daily on his profile.

    Use what social networks offer you

    Exploring the full potential of any tool you use is essential to your success. Instagram is no different. And, especially when it comes to Personal Marketing, Stories can be your greatest ally.

    Kim uses this functionality to show his daily life and get closer to his followers. This is something attractive to them, who demand a lot of information about their life.

    What you should do is understand what you can add to those who accompany you.

    With Stories you can show some of your skills quickly and dynamically. Can you cook? Why not create a bond with your audience from that?

    The important thing here is to take advantage of the format of the tool in your favor, always remembering your viewers and your own strengths.

    4. Beyoncé + 109 million followers

    Beyoncé Instagram

    Beyoncé doesn’t need much introduction. Besides being one of the greatest singers of all time, has one of the lives that most arouses media interest. One example of this is that the first photo of their twins is one of the most liked in the history of the social network.

    Know that appearances matter

    Despite sharing her life, being the biggest attraction of Beyoncé’s profile, she has always been known for having an impeccable sense of aesthetics, with one of the most beautiful feeds on Instagram. And currently, she has been investing more and more in the look of her profile.

    In a totally visual social network, appearances matter! This does not refer to personal appearance, but to aesthetic care with the image you convey.

    Especially in professional settings, the zeal you have with your profile can be a great differential, in addition to showing some characteristics of your personality, such as organization and care.

    3. Ariana Grande + 116 million followers

    Ariana Grande

    One of the most influential artists among young people today, Ariana Grande is known as the voice of your generation due to his talent and success. On Instagram, the singer manages to maintain a very close relationship with her legion of fans.

    Humanize your image

    Despite the idea of ​​approximation that social networks can bring, we often feel distant from those represented in Instagram photos. This becomes even more evident when it comes to celebrities.

    The learning we can learn from Ariana’s profile is precisely how to humanize her image.

    We can easily forget to create an empathetic relationship with those who follow us. However, showing her day to day and many moments “behind the camera” with her family and friends, she creates a close bond with her followers.

    How can you do that? Share your tastes and moments of your life. What are your hobbies and things you love? What do they say about you? Pass this on to your followers.

    Also, like Ariana, you must expose your values. Show the causes you believe in and try to position yourself when relevant. It says a lot about you and the type of professional you are.

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo + 117 million followers

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    One of the greatest soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, is also an extremely media personality. Known for his talent and his beauty, the ace shares details of his work and his achievements on his page.

    Explore your strengths

    The player’s personal profile is a great example of understanding what followers expect. Cristiano is famous for being a great football player, so most of his publications intelligently cover this part of his life. And you must learn from that.

    Exploring your strengths is essential to transmit the best of yourself to those who are seeing you. Even more interesting is to delve into aspects within those points, something that superficially someone would not know about you. Cristiano does this by showing behind the scenes of his team, Real Madrid.

    It is important that your highest quality is highlighted. However, everything in excess can be harmful. Know how to measure these moments so that this is not confused with an exaggerated confidence.

    1. Selena Gomez + 131 million followers

    Selena Gomez Instagram

    She started at Disney and currently has the most followed Instagram in the world! Successful singer, Selena also has, perhaps, the well thought out profile that you will see out there.

    Choose your moments

    How to organize everything you want to spend on your Instagram? Understanding when and how to do this can be difficult.

    In her profile, Selena does this with mastery. At the right moments it shows a little of your life. When you need to publicize any of your songs or any campaign, do so with caution.

    What we can take away from your profile is how to balance all aspects of your life. Do not saturate your followers, understand what they want to see and convey it in an organized way.

    There is no rule about how much you should show: use common sense. A tip: you can even create a persona to guide you.

    As you can see, photos on Instagram go far beyond simple images: there is a lot of strategy behind each one. And the advantages of doing Personal Marketing on this network are incalculable.

    It is not simple to manage your image well, but now you are one step closer to that! If you want to understand even more about the subject, download our complete Social Media Marketing kit.

    social media marketing kit

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