▷ learn what it is and how to create a creative phrase for your brand – WAU 2020

    learn what it is and how to create a creative phrase for your brand – WAU

    The slogan is a simple phrase for a brand to always be remembered. Understand how to create yours and discover the best slogans of all time!

    One of the goals of every company is to attract the attention of its public in the best possible way. After all, a company would be nothing without attracting its ideal customers, right?

    Essential parts of a successful venture are outreach strategies and good branding, but before you even start doing that, it is necessary to have a pre-defined identity.

    I’m sure you already know that you need a logo for the visual part, but have you ever thought that you also need a slogan?

    It is definitely not just for big brands: small and medium-sized ones can also (and should!) Benefit from a good slogan.

    Its function is to use a phrase to gain space in the consumer’s memory and become one of the options that he will remember when he needs a certain product or service.

    If you were interested in getting a slogan, read on and find out how to make yours!

    What is a slogan?

    A slogan is a short phrase that seeks to represent a brand to promote the quick identification and memorization of its products and services by consumers.

    Due to its etymological origin, it comes from the term “sluagh-ghairm”, in Gaelic. “Sluagh” refers to “army”, while “ghairm” means shout. Thus, the union gives rise to the expression referring to the “battle cry”.

    We can think of it as the label of a garment, which is attached to become an instant association with it, and can even become a popular reference.

    Also called an impact phrase, it is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate your position and show what your brand stands out from the competition.

    What is the slogan for?

    The main use of the slogan is helping people to remember a company, product or service. More than that, the public needs to relate it to their daily lives.

    In addition, they initiate (or optimize) a relationship with the public based on what is most important to the institution.

    In this way, companies show potential buyers that what they most expect is part of the company’s mission.

    We can even list the functions that a slogan can have:

    • Demonstrate the offer of value of your product or service, bring out what makes your brand different from the competition and make it clear why you choose it;
    • Be part of the brands remembered by consumers and enhance customer loyalty;
    • Increase the impact dissemination actions and improve their effect with a well-constructed identity.

    Thus, the slogan will be another method of strengthening your brand’s personality, improving your perception with the public and, thus, attracting and retaining more customers!

    In addition, they are not only used to advertise a product or service.

    In political campaigns or religious invitations, they are also widely used. You must remember the phrase “Yes, we can” by former President Barack Obama during his election campaign.

    What are the elements of a slogan?

    The term “impact phrase” says it all: it is necessary to be strong and easily memorable, to the point of being addictive. To achieve this, some elements can be worked out in a slogan.

    First, it must be I enjoy. The intention is to get it recorded quickly, and it is much more difficult to memorize long sentences, correct?

    To optimize memorization, it is recommended to use words that are absorbed without difficulty. That is, nothing to use terms just because they are elegant. It is not just about fixing the message, the goal is to fix the brand.

    Another attribute of a slogan is to be like a invitation for consumption. Therefore, it must match the expectations that your business is capable of meeting. So, be honest and include the goals of the brand according to its functionality.

    How to create an extraordinary slogan?

    There, you already know what a slogan is and why it is important to your business.

    But believe me, creating one is not as easy as it may seem.

    In a nutshell, he must be able to make the history brand, what is your concept, the benefits that it can bring, and what makes it Special.

    In short, the slogan should make you understand why your product or service is the best option.

    Come on!

    1. Know your audience

    At the beginning of any communication strategy, one of the initial steps is to know exactly who the audience is going to buy your product or service from.

    However, it is not enough to just discover the age group, gender, income and other demographic indexes of the clients. This information is important, but it does not provide enough depth to create pieces and texts.

    As with content production, we recommend that you have a persona in mind to direct all of your communication efforts. The persona concept can be seen as a semifunctional profile that represents your ideal client.

    Simple, isn’t it?

    But by creating a narrative for that person, you are able to understand what their goals and difficulties are, how to help them and how to communicate that to them.

    You will create your slogan for a person who can really exist, different from the scope of the data, which does not refer to a face, however accurate they may be.

    In a practical example, it would be negative to use terms in another language or difficult words if your brand has a more popular approach. With the persona, you can understand how to do this approach through accessible vocabulary.

    Guide to creating personas

    2. Show why you are the best

    The slogan will be another way to expand your company’s personality, and of course you want to highlight the best, right?

    Start by listing everything that makes your company different from the competition, be it price, tradition, quality, in short, what separates you from the others.

    This is about establishing the competitive differential, widely used during sales, which can be argued for an impact phrase capable of convincing consumers to choose their brand.

    We can quote the Volkswagen slogan: “You know, you trust”, which points to tradition as the reason for choosing it.

    3. Have a position

    In addition to showing the points where you stand out, you can indicate to the consumer the benefits and features of your products and services within your industry.

    That way, you position yourself according to the usefulness of your brand and show how it fits into the buyer’s life, what it is about and what he will gain by choosing it.

    A good example is the Nescau slogan: “Energy that gives taste”, whose function as a drink to start the day is already clear.

    4. Make word lists and combine them

    When it comes to putting together the slogan, a good tactic is to create lists with words that relate to your brand, prioritizing adjectives, verbs and nouns that fit your objective.

    We adjectives, start the most common ones and their antonyms, and then go on targeting those who can describe your brand. For example, “modern” and “traditional”, “light” and “deep”, “complex” and “practical”, among others.

    It’s time for verbs, try to relate to the branch of activity. Remember the actions the customer will take with your products, and what they can feel and do afterwards.

    If it is related to the food industry, it is worth putting “taste”, “taste”, “eat”, “taste” and “enjoy”. Don’t forget to insert some more general ones as well, such as “love”, “recommend” and “approve”.

    Finally, place nouns everything that enters the universe of your brand. For a brand of hair products, it may be interesting to talk about nutrition, hydration, shine, softness, movement and color.

    Also, do not limit yourself and try to insert some irreverent words that do not come out of your head or that you have remembered by chance. Surprisingly, they can help you make your slogan more creative.

    With all of this in hand, it’s time to move on to the next stage of brainstorming and run tests on the material you already have. Go on linking the words you managed to form a few short sentences.

    Do not stop at the first few attempts, because it is important to get a good range of options. Keep a few tips in mind:

    Be honest

    Do not promise anything that your product cannot deliver. The consumer will be disappointed, he can complain and, much worse, put his reputation on the market at risk.

    It is better to be sincere and meet your expectations. This is the way to make you loyal to your brand and even become a promoter of it.

    Be direct

    Save words and quote only the essentials. Your company can have countless qualities and can work wonders for your customer, but you don’t have to say all of this at once.

    It is much more difficult to record a long sentence than a few words, right? So try to keep your slogan short without exceeding 8 words.

    Bet on what will really convince you and let the customer discover the other benefits in a more detailed description on the product packaging or on your website.

    Be striking

    The slogan should be fun and easy to repeat. So bet on strong words and try to make a good game of com too, including rhymes or puns, for example.

    In addition, a good technique is to repeat the brand name within it, as some already do. This helps to reinforce the company name in association with the message conveyed.

    Another consideration is also to associate with your logo. If you already have one, it is good to resume your transmitted values ​​and even your aesthetics.

    5. Choose the finalists

    There, after combining words and phrasing, the time has come to choose between the slogans.

    First of all, do a grammatical review to check if everything is in accordance with the spelling rules and do not take them forward with small errors that can damage your image. It sounds silly, but it is very important to do that.

    In an initial screening, speak the slogans out loud. With this, you can identify what is audible and is easier on the head. That way, already select the best options.

    Test the finalists with your family and friends, and check each other’s acceptance.

    See what are your pros and cons, make the necessary corrections and establish a ranking among them.

    Finally, identify if any of them are already being used by any project. If you have use available, register it in your company name and apply it to your marketing actions.

    first steps in digital marketing

    Best slogans: see 86 examples to get inspired!

    As we have already discussed the procedures for creating a slogan, I believe you are curious to see some.

    Therefore, we have separated some of the best brand slogans in their respective branches, but it is worth saying that you can take notes and be inspired by all of them, see?

    Food Slogans

    1. Bis – “Whoever asks for one, asks for a bis.”
    2. Coca-Cola – “Feel the taste.”
    3. Nescau – “Energy that gives pleasure.”
    4. Danoninho – “Worth a bifinho.”
    5. McDonalds – “I love all this very much.”
    6. Pepsi – “It can be good. It can be very good. It could be Pepsi. ”
    7. Tang – “Prepare, drink, do.”
    8. Hellmann’s – “The real mayonnaise.”
    9. Guaraná Antartica – “O Original do Brasil.”
    10. Kellogg ”s -“ Awaken the tiger in you. ”
    11. Kit Kat – “Take a break with KitKat.”
    12. Bauducco – “From the Bauducco family to your family.”
    13. Cacau Show – “A chocolate show.”
    14. Coca-Cola – “Live the Coca-Cola side of life.”
    15. Toddynho – “Your adventure companion.”
    16. Pepsi Twist – “All the flavor of Pepsi with a touch of lemon.”
    17. Nestlé – “Stop the world I want Nestlé”
    18. Maggi – “The noble broth of the blue chicken.”
    19. Leite Moça – “You do wonders with milk maça.”
    20. Itambé – “The best milk for your family.”
    21. Gatorade – “With Gatorade you go further.”
    22. Lipstick – “Buy lipstick, your child deserves lipstick.”
    23. Chandelle – “Whoever experiences it doesn’t exchange for anything.”
    24. Elma Chips – “It is impossible to eat just one.”
    25. Haagen-Dazs – “The world melts for him.”
    26. Parmalat – “Because we are mammals.”
    27. Red Bull – “Red Bull gives you wings.”
    28. Union – “Making your life sweeter.”
    29. Sal Cisne – “The pinch that makes the difference.”

    Medicine and Cosmetic Slogans

    1. Doril – “Took Doril, the pain is gone.”
    2. Band-Aid – “Heals 2 times faster.”
    3. Oral B – “The most respected brand by dentists.”
    4. Colgate – “Healthy smile, Colgate smile.”
    5. Rexona – “Rexona never leaves you, ever.”
    6. Cepacol – “Against the enemies of the mouth.”
    7. Coppertone – “The mark of your skin.”
    8. Johnson & Johnson – “A lifetime with you.”
    9. Neutrox – “Your hair’s lifesaver.”
    10. Tablet Vick – “Say goodbye to rrhan-rhan’s pet.”
    11. Jontex – “There are no contraindications.”
    12. Lux – “Nine out of ten stars use Lux.”
    13. Natura – “Well Being Well.”
    14. Ax – “The first impression is what remains.”
    15. Close Up – “Talk up close with Close Up.”
    16. Garnier – “Take care of yourself.”
    17. Melhoral – “For you to stay cool, take Melhoral.”

    We separated these contents especially for you, check it out!
    Creativity TED’s: the 26 best talks to inspire you
    Creative advertisements: 42 best ads to get inspired!

    Car Slogans

    1. Ford – “Long live the new.”
    2. Volkswagen – “You know, you trust.”
    3. Honda Civic – “After all, it is beautiful.”
    4. Chevrolet – “Count on Me.”
    5. Peugeot – “Peugeot. Emotion in motion. ”
    6. Nissan Sentra – “The sedan that came to change the sedan.”
    7. Mercedes-Benz – “The Future of the Automobile.”
    8. Mitusbishi Pajero – “The World is 4 × 4.”
    9. Jeep – “There is only one.”
    10. Ford – “Long live the new.”
    11. Fiat Punto – “You are in charge.”
    12. Chevrolet – “Walking the Front.”
    13. BMW – “Pure Driving Pleasure.”
    14. Citroen – “Imagination at all.”

    Alcohol and Cigarette Slogans

    1. Skol – “The beer that goes down round.”
    2. Orloff – “I am you tomorrow.”
    3. Campari – “Only he is like that.”
    4. Camel – “The taste of a new adventure.”
    5. Free – “Question of good census.”
    6. Brahma – “Number one”
    7. Derby – “The flavor that conquered London.”
    8. Hollywood – “The Success.”
    9. Camel – “The taste of a new adventure.”
    10. Kaiser – “More than surprising hot.”
    11. Bohemia – “The first and best beer in London.”
    12. Antartica – “Good! Only if it is Antarctica. ”
    13. Itaipava – “There is no comparison.”
    14. Carlton – “A rare pleasure.”
    15. Marlboro – “Come where the flavor is. Come to the world of Marlboro. ”
    16. Dreher Cognac – “It worked, take a Dreher.”
    17. 51 – “A good idea.”
    18. Smirnoff – “We make good friends with Smirnoff.”

    Bank Slogans and Cards

    1. Mastercard – “There are things that money doesn’t buy. There is a Mastercard for all others. ”
    2. Banco do Brasil – “All yours.”
    3. Caixa – “Come to Caixa too, come!”
    4. American Express – “Being an associate has its privileges.”
    5. Visa – “Because life is now.”
    6. Bradesco – “Always ahead.”
    7. Citibank – “Only the best for you.”
    8. Itaú – “Made for you.”

    You can see that there are some variations in each market. Regarding food and drinks, repetitions and puns are made to be able to memorize instantly, while in the auto industry, freedom is valued, and in drinks, tradition is prioritized.

    These are just a few, but there are several other super famous slogans that you should know by heart, like that of Havaianas “Everybody uses.”, Globo with “We see you around here”, and Marisa and her “From women for women, Marisa ”.

    Their basis is creativity, which resulted in slogans so good that they were marked in popular knowledge. Make an investment and create yours too, after all a good image is essential to reach the top!

    The slogan is only part of the corporate identity, which is completely necessary for the good management of your brand.

    If you want to improve this, don’t waste time and check out how to do amazing brand management through branding

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