▷ Meet the author of the predictable revenue phenomenon – WAU 2020

    Meet the author of the predictable revenue phenomenon – WAU

    Like any Padawan thirsty for learning the best battle techniques, I have always sought to learn from the best. And when it comes to sales, Aaron Ross is undoubtedly one of the biggest references in the field! It is no longer a secret that I am a fan of the guy, and in recent years I have become even more. […]

    Like any Padawan thirsty for learning the best battle techniques, I have always sought to learn from the best.

    And when it comes to sales, Aaron Ross is undoubtedly a of the biggest references in the area! It is no longer a secret that I am a fan of the guy, and in recent years I have become even more. I already translated an interview of him, I exchanged several emails and he inspired us a lot here at WAU.

    Of course, I’m not the only one, Aaron has already conquered a legion of fans worldwide, including here in London.

    In this post, I will tell you a little about who he is, how he revolutionized the way companies think and execute the sales process and how we have become close to this time.

    Who is Aaron Ross?

    First of all, a short background: the guy is an engineer graduated from Stanford, is married and currently has 12 children (mostly by adoption). Want to see the kids? Follow the guy on Instagram!

    In 2002 he joined Salesforce (CRM), the largest SaaS company in the world, and created a small group of people to create a new approach to prospecting.

    He not only did his job well, but managed to add $ 100 million to company revenues in just a few years using the prospecting method he developed.

    From that, in 2011 he co-wrote with Marylou Tyler a book called “Predictable Revenue”, in which he details the process and teaches how this model can be replicated in other organizations.

    The result could not be better, with the book reaching # 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and gaining the admiration of professionals worldwide.

    Fortunately, the book recently gained a London version with the title of “Predictable Revenue”, and I can’t even say how much I recommend reading!

    Based on the predictable recipe framework, he has already launched products like this great guide in partnership with Resultados Digitais and Predictable University, a 4-week certification that teaches everything about the subject.

    In early 2016, Aaron released a new book, called “From Impossible to Inevitable”, which also recently won a London version with the title “Hipercrescimento”.

    In this book, written in conjunction with another legend, Jason Lemkin, he explains that some of the fastest growing companies in the world did not achieve this overnight, but used well-established processes to be able to scale at high speed.

    To summarize the central idea of ​​the “predictable recipe” and give only a fraction of what the book is about (of course you can find a much better summary in 12min, hehe), I explain a little here.

    It addresses two ways to approach sales:

    Hostages of chance x lead generation machine

    Basically, the old way of selling was too direct, taking little into account the real needs of customers and who the decision makers would be.

    The cold calling model used at the time, together with the responsibility given to salespeople to prospect and close deals, made it very difficult to forecast and scale sales.

    It was necessary to “kill a lion a day” and the sales teams became hostages of chance to beat the goals. How to solve these problems?

    The predictable revenue system promotes a new way of selling, whose pillars are:

    • Specialization of the commercial team: the work defends the idea of ​​having at least one professional focused 100% in prospecting, with no obligation to qualify leads or close deals;
    • Cold calling 2.0: it is necessary to generate value as soon as possible in the sales process. When sending cold emails, it is worth showing that you are willing to help before trying to sell;
    • Diversify lead generation: there are 3 ways to generate leads highlighted in the book. They are called seeds, nets and spears, divided between Inbound and Outbound tactics;
    • Focus on high quality leads: quality always wins over quantity. What matters is to create real sales opportunities, not just numbers;
    • Analyze simplified metrics: it is best to closely monitor a few metrics that are most relevant to increasing sales;
    • Have patience during the sales cycle: the power is entirely in the consumer’s hands. There is no point trying to force the sale all the time.

    A small caveat: I think it is VERY important take into account the business context before applying the tips from Predictable Recipe.

    Despite being a very current and relevant content, I pointed out here in this article some mistakes that I see others make with certain frequency.

    If you want to know more about the concepts covered in the book, you can also read this interview from Aaron to David Skok that I translated.

    How our paths crossed

    I had been a fan of Aaron for a while when, at the end of 2013, I decided to contact him to clear up some doubts. It was a long shot, but since I had nothing to lose, I thought “Why not?” In a way, to get to know each other, I did a “cold but relevant email” and it ended up working.

    Some of the tips that Aaron gave me at the time served to direct our efforts and know when was the right time to invest in specialization.

    In 2015, we met at RDSummit and I was able to thank you personally for your valuable help.

    But that alone would not be enough, I wanted to repay the aid in some way. And recently, the right opportunity has come…

    The engineering of a viral…

    With the launch of the London edition of Predictable Recipe, I knew I had a great chance to return the help I received from Aaron years ago. We started talking and “designed” a mini viral.

    The campaign’s objective was to generate awareness for the book in London. The idea is very simple, and to participate in the game is very easy:

    1. Take a picture holding the book;
    2. Share on LinkedIn, marking Aaron;
    3. Use the hashtag #receitaprevisivel;
    4. If you liked this content, be sure to share it with others.

    So far the viral has been a success, we have received more than 50 photos. Right away, @ Peçanha and I got into it, in addition to a bunch of people here at WAU and other companies that work with B2B sales.

    We are very excited about the results so far, and looking forward to seeing how this game will play out going forward.

    In short, you can say without fear of making a mistake that Aaron Ross is one of those guys who come to change the game completely. Not only has he developed an incredible way to sell more constantly, he has also been teaching professionals in all segments to do the same. Thanks, Aaron!

    In addition to Aaron Ross and the incredible “Predictable Recipe”, do you want to know what helped WAU get to where he is today? See 24 startups and software we’ve been using!

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