▷ People registered on my blog. And now? – WAU 2020

    People registered on my blog. And now? – WAU

    Generating new contacts is great! You realize that your content is working, that your blog is converting people and that, with that, you are hitting your strategy. However, simply generating new contacts is not a good idea. And many people don’t know what to do after the new registrations […]

    Generating new contacts is great! You realize that your content is working, that your blog is converting people and that, with that, you are hitting your strategy.

    However, simply generating new contacts is not a good idea. And many people don’t know what to do after new registrations start to appear.

    Therefore, we are now going to structure a step-by-step how to nurture these contacts with relevant content and move them on to the next step: business opportunities.

    The first step: saying hi

    First of all, it is essential that the people who signed up to receive news from your blog are well received. It is basically as if a person introduces himself to you. What do you do? Introduce yourself back.

    In this case, a welcome email it is essential, both for her to understand that her registration worked, and for her to get to know a little more about you.

    Therefore, the ideal is that in a welcome email you already make clear your tone and language. In addition, you can tell her what emails she will receive from there.

    See, for example, the welcome email from Outbound Marketing:

    Outbound Marketing welcome email

    The first thing they did was to present who will be the company’s spokesperson in these emails, so that the person can identify in their inbox.

    Outbound Marketing Presentation

    Then they present themselves as a company. That way, the person will also understand who the company behind these contents is, and right there they will already be being educated about what they do and how they can help you.

    First email relationship Outbound Marketing

    In addition, they set the tone and language of the email through this snippet of agreement. This will make it clear to the recipient how this communication will work, both in terms of frequency and how the user can interact with the company.

    The bottom line is: these emails need to look like your business. Is it more informal? Make this explicit in the email. Are you relaxed? Use it in your favor.

    Important: be careful not to miss the timing

    That email arrived less than 5 minutes later that I registered on the Outbound blog. And this is very important.

    After a long time, the person may forget what it is about or lose their engagement, which will prevent them from opening their next emails.

    So, send your welcome email as soon as possible, preferably at the time she signed up, and no later than the same day.

    Second step: create an email flow

    Ready. Now it’s time to think about other content. After all, the person does not register to receive only an email, but their news with a certain frequency.

    Periodicity is very important

    It is essential that emails always arrive on the same day and time in your subscribers’ inbox. This way, people who receive it can get in the habit of reading your emails and this will increase engagement with your brand.

    The range is at your discretion: weekly, biweekly, monthly …

    The important thing is that you always have news to send, so the frequency will depend directly on the volume of your content production.

    However, always remember that filling people’s inbox is not the best option, unless they choose it during registration.

    And, at the same time, very long intervals also decrease both engagement and value creation for your contacts.

    How to select the best content to upload?

    There are several possibilities in this regard.

    If your content volume is low, like 4 content per month, you can send all the news from your blog to your base. One email per week with 1 content or every 15 days with 2 can be a good strategy.

    However, for more robust blogs, there is always the option to let the person choose what types of content they want to receive.

    Take, for example, the Agência Orgânica newsletter.

    Email Organic Agency

    To facilitate the segmentation of contacts by area of ​​interest, when sending the welcome email they add the possibility that the contact will select the most relevant topic for her.

    Selection of Organic Agency topics

    This is also a good option for companies that have more than one persona and can nurture their contacts according to areas of interest, which increases the chances that they will engage and walk through the sales funnel.

    Step three: Walking people through the sales funnel

    Ok, your contacts are receiving very cool emails and are interacting with your content. However, it still does not generate revenue for your company, right?

    For this it is essential that people walk through the sales funnel and become leads.

    Leads are contacts who, in addition to providing email, give other contact information and can now be contacted by your sales team. That is why they can also be called opportunities.

    Turning subscribers into leads

    Think about it: if the person agreed to provide their email in exchange for content and news on your blog, this is already excellent! After all, it shows her interest in what you have to say.

    In this case, the richer your content, the greater the chance that she will provide you with other contact information, and you can – and should – encourage this exchange in your newsletters.

    For this there are several options:

    • Make blog posts about your rich materials – so they will receive them whenever they are released;
    • Place, within nutrition flows, a special trigger for an offer that makes sense for your base, directing directly to the Landing Page;
    • Place conversion points for materials within your blogposts – so whenever a person clicks on an article that has that banner or form, they will have a chance to become a lead.
    • Place banners and calls on your blog, sidebar, hellobar, etc.
    • Submit the page where your rich materials are concentrated at some point in the flow.

    In addition, there are several others!

    Orgânica, for example, does this as soon as the subscriber arrives. Remember the possibility to choose one of the themes?

    Well, on this page, in addition to this information, they invite the person to leave other data, such as the position and the number of employees of the company.

    Organic Agency Form

    A good idea, isn’t it?

    Just remember not to be invasive and respect your lead time at each stage of the funnel, to ensure he has a good experience with you!

    From there, the idea is to continue to nurture contacts until they are ready to become customers!

    Bonus: some tips to improve your emails

    If you do all these steps, you’re already doing an excellent job! Your contacts will be well nourished and will move on to become good business opportunities for your company.

    However, you can go further and improve your results by doing some other small – but important – actions that will help your news reach the maximum potential possible.

    Track key metrics

    The first point is, of course, to analyze the results of the emails sent. This data will tell you a lot, both about your strategy and your persona.

    For example:

    • Is your unsubscription rate high? This means that somehow people are not responding well to your emails, so it will be necessary to test and re-evaluate the strategy;
    • Did any email generate an opening result outside the curve? Great! This is an indication that the subject of the email worked very well and you can continue to follow this line;
    • Too many clicks on a specific article? A good sign that this topic is very relevant to your audience and that it is worth talking more about it or, who knows, making rich material.

    If you don’t know exactly which metrics to follow, access this blog post where we explain exactly how to understand and what the main data generated by emails represent.

    Always give your contacts the option to unsubscribe

    Who has never tried to unsubscribe from an email and couldn’t?

    Not giving this option, in addition to being a negative point in terms of the experience of your contact with your company, can still negatively affect your strategy.

    That’s because people who want to and can’t unsubscribe end up marking their email as SPAM – which affects their deliverability – and still tarnish their opening and click metrics, as the person will be ignoring their shots.

    Think about the layout of your emails

    The experience of its users goes through a good subject, a good copy and also the disposition of their information.

    If you don’t have clear CTAs, for example, your click-through rate will be lower. Or if you have too much information in a small space, readers’ attention may be lost.

    Remember that 80% of users already claim to read their emails via mobile devices, and that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they need to be functional.

    For this reason, we recommend a simple copy, without many images – they weigh the email and may not load – and in addition, as objective as possible.

    Subscribe to other newsletters

    Benchamarks are the best way to get inspired and have good insights for your emails.

    So, subscribe to other newsletters – from your competitors, from companies in your market, from international references … – and find out what to do and even what not to do with your subjects, content and all the elements of your emails.

    Take time to respond to people’s interactions

    An email is a direct and personal communication channel. That is why it is very valuable information: when someone is reading an email from you, they are giving you 100% of their attention!

    So it is very likely that you will receive responses and this will also be a sign of people’s engagement with your content.

    However, like you, people expect to receive a response when they send a message, and it should be answered as quickly as possible.

    So, to avoid a bad experience for your users, take the time out of your week to respond to interactions and ensure that no opportunities are missed – no one knows when a contact will request a quote, right?

    Last but not least.

    Always test!

    Nobody better than your contacts to tell you the best day, time and frequency of your shipments, in addition to several other important information.

    As much as there are several good practices, each persona has different habits and preferences, and the more you know him, the better your results will be.

    The guide for generating Personas

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