▷ See how to use Pokémon Go in your business Marketing and achieve incredible results – WAU 2020

    See how to use Pokémon Go in your business Marketing and achieve incredible results – WAU

    The game “Pokemon Go” caused an instant wave of obsession among people of all ages and places in the world last week. One of the most peculiar digital trends that have emerged in recent times, this is already the most popular mobile game of all time. In just seven days, the newest success […]

    The game “Pokemon Go” caused an instant wave of obsession among people of all ages and places in the world last week.

    One of the most peculiar digital trends that have emerged in recent times, this is already the most popular mobile game of all time. In just seven days, Nintendo’s newest hit reached 65 million downloads, according to magazine data Exam.

    One of the factors that led to the success of Pokemon Go is the fact that it is an augmented reality game. That is, it involves the interaction of users not only with the app, but with places and establishments around them.

    For this reason, marketers are already studying how gambling can be a tool to promote brands and establishments.

    Wondering how Pokémon Go can be a powerful marketing tool?

    Check out our post.

    pokemon go in marketing: Pikachu

    But after all, what is Pokémon Go?

    Pokémon Go is the augmented reality game that was released by Nintendo last week, and is part of the Pokémon franchise.

    The main objective of the game is to capture fictional creatures known as Pokémon that are scattered throughout your neighborhood and city. To do this, players need to explore the real world to find these Pokémon.

    If you see a person, or even a group of people, walking around with their cell phones in hand and moving their arm in several directions, they are probably looking for a Pokémon.

    pokemon go in marketing: crowd behind pokémons

    Pokémon Go benefits for your establishment

    The game opened the door for several establishments to explore the application boom. Many strategies are already being created and when it finally arrives in London, you will not want to let this great opportunity pass, right?

    Check out the benefits that Pokemon Go can bring to your establishment.

    A reason to explore the city

    Capturing many Pokémon and good Pokémon are prerequisites when it comes to achieving the game’s objectives. This requires that players move to different, new locations that the player has never been to.

    Therefore, it is necessary to explore new parts of the city, streets and neighborhoods, which can increase pedestrian traffic near your establishment.

    Accumulation of many people in one place

    As this is an augmented reality game, much of the interaction consists of being physically in specific places in the city.

    In Pokémon Go, there are two types of places that players need to go to in order to achieve their goals:

    Poké-stops: are places where the player can receive game items for free.

    Gyms: are places where trainers do Pokémon battles.

    In addition to being valuable to the game, places that are designated as Poké-stops and Gyms can become even more valuable when they have “baits” that attract more Pokémon to the region for a limited period of time.

    Social meetings

    Unlike other mobile games, Pokémon Go has promoted socialization between players and non-players. Anyone who plays Pokémon Go can identify someone who is looking for a Pokémon, which can cause a moment of socialization among strangers.

    Even for those who don’t gamble, a group of people wandering around with their cell phones in their hands can be a reason to stop by the day to watch.

    Either way, gambling can lead to a greater concentration of people in your establishment.

    How to use Pokémon Go in Marketing your business

    According to the newspaper New York Post, a restaurant in New York increased its sales by 75% after activating the Pokémon Go “attraction module”, which attracts Pokémon to the geographic location of your choice.

    Pokémon Go in Marketing: manager celebrates sales increase

    * image taken from the New York Post

    The property manager invested $ 10 to have 12 Pokémon positioned in the coordinates of his restaurant.

    There is still no evidence of London companies using this paid mode to attract Pokémon to their establishments. However, there are other ways to use the game to your advantage.

    Be proactive and check out these simple tips on how you can use Pokémon Go to promote your business!

    Determine if it is the right strategy for you

    When a novelty appears, it is common for us to have the “shiny object syndrome” and feel like adopting new strategies, even without first evaluating whether they are relevant to the business.

    In the case of Pokémon Go, some companies are more likely to benefit from the game than others.

    For example, establishments in busy areas of the city will attract more players. In addition, if your business is located near a Poké-stop or Gym, you will also have a great advantage.

    Otherwise, if your establishment is located in a very remote part of the city, this strategy may fail because even with incentives from the game, players may prefer other areas that have a higher concentration of Pokémon.

    Give tips on the location of Pokémon near you

    pokemon go in marketing: pokemon location

    First, start using the app to understand how the game works (be careful not to get addicted)! Did you see a Pokémon inside your establishment? T

    Take a photo with the app’s camera functionality, and post to social media.

    Do the same if one of your customers captures a Pokémon within your business. This way, you will increase the number of people in your establishment and can attract new customers.

    Offer battery recharge

    Pokémon Go is a game that requires a lot of battery power from cell phones. Take advantage of this to offer cell phone chargers at your establishment.

    Promote the fact that you are offering this to Pokémon Go players, and you can win a lot of loyal customers!

    Offer special offers for teams

    All Pokémon Go players must choose a team, represented by the colors yellow, blue and red. In addition to stimulating rivalry and competition, these teams can be a business opportunity for you.

    As more people join the game, the pride of being part of one of the three teams increases. You can use this to your advantage by offering to different teams on different days.

    For example, Mondays can be a 10% discount for the yellow team. Thus, you encourage the concentration of people in your establishment.

    Warn about rare Pokémon in your region

    Some rare Pokémon can only be found in specific areas, which is why they are the most sought after by players.

    One of these rare Pokémon is the famous Pikachu. If you found a rare Pokémon close to your establishment, let your followers know on social media or even put a sign on your business saying that rare Pokémon can be found nearby.

    See the effect caused by the location of a Vaporeon (rare Pokémon in the game), in Central Park:

    Use bait to attract players

    Baits, or “lures”, are devices used in the game to attract Pokémon to a specific area. The biggest effect of a lure, however, ends up being the attraction of human beings to a certain place.

    Just use one of these lures to see a crowd of people gathering in search of the Pokémon.

    In the United States, it is already possible to buy lures for 1 dollar. The possibility of buying lures in London is not yet known, but keep this tip for when possible!

    If the establishment is close to a Poké-stop, you can use a lure for 30 minutes.

    For cafeteria and restaurant owners, these lures are ideal because players will likely be in the room for a while, with the potential to buy a drink or something to eat while waiting for the Pokémon to be attracted to the bait.

    For those businesses that are not located near Poké-stops, the developers of Pokémon Go announced that it will soon be possible to sponsor a location.

    Pokémon Go is not even a month old, and is already considered a cultural revolution. As more people join, other features will emerge.

    So always stay informed! But never forget to assess whether this is a strategy that suits your business. After all, it is not for anyone.

    If you have read this article, you are certainly interested in innovations in Marketing.

    Want to know more?

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