▷ SEO really died? 5 reasons not to do SEO on your website

    5 reasons to kill your website SEO and never be found on the internet

    SEO is a thing of the past. With social networks, investing time in a blog seems like a waste of time and this SEO thing is just missing. After all, it’s not worth investing time in acquiring knowledge when there’s so much work to do, is it? Therefore, we say that SEO is dead and explain the reason in these 5 reasons below!

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    1. It is difficult and takes a lot of time

    It is impossible to work with SEO if you do not have a complete content team, in addition to professionals who work on the CRO and UX of your website to have results. That is, if you are working alone on your website, it becomes practically impossible to do SEO correctly and consistently. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in AdWords and even Facebook Ads so that the results come faster.


    Real tip: As much work as it is, it is not necessary to have a large team, but certainly you should not work in SEO if you are lazy. If you study about it and practice, over time you will begin to feel the results.

    2. Everyone already does SEO

    Everyone already does SEO in 2018 and knows what the practice is capable of. In other words, SEO today is “rice and beans” and no business stands out by investing in SEO. It is necessary to go beyond SEO to have any chance of prospering in an internet business. You shouldn’t be working with SEO – and on the internet – if even the basics can do it. It can be a good addition, but it can hardly be a main thing in your business.

    Real tip: Yes, everyone already does SEO, but that does not mean that the practice has stopped producing results. In fact, the better your SEO, the better your results.

    3. It is impossible to predict what Google will do with your strategy

    Google has no criteria for ranking and the company is unreliable. For example, you can do all the best practices and have a sure strategy to leverage organic visits to your site and still have no results. Your competitor can do all kinds of condemned practices – practices known as “Black Hat SEO” – and receive almost no punishment. This is if, in addition to not receiving punishment, you still manage to reach the same results that you worked so hard to achieve.

    Black Hat

    Real tip: You will have no results if you adopt practices considered dishonorable and you will lose credibility and search positions if you do them. It is better to play fair and bet in the long term than to have results in the short term that are not sustainable.

    4. It is not free. It’s actually quite expensive

    Free traffic is a myth and a lie. There is no such thing as “free traffic” and the key to achieving success on the internet is to spend as much money as possible on ad campaigns. With a lot of money, you don’t even need knowledge. Without that, the time and effort you will have to spend is enormous.

    Real tip: While using paid campaigns can increase your traffic, it is perfectly possible to purchase free traffic through SEO practices. The only true part of the above statement is that you really need to devote time and effort to achieve the results. As we already said, SEO is not for lazy people.

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    5. It’s forever

    Did you get a little increase in traffic after working on SEO for a few weeks? It would be a pity to know that if you take a vacation, all that traffic will be lost. Starting to work with SEO is like a life sentence, once you start, you can never take a break again. Just be a little satisfied with the result and take a little break to lose traffic faster than you started.

    Real tip: Although SEO work is in fact constant, it does not mean that you will lose all previous work. What cannot happen is to see your traffic increase by working your site SEO for two weeks and then stopping for months. The internet is ephemeral and no results are permanent. Just like life.


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