▷ SEO vs. SEM: what is best for search marketing?

    Do you want to attract more customers and make the most of opportunities in the digital world? Search marketing does just that – so it is a fundamental strategy to get potential consumers’ attention and leverage website or blog traffic.

    To put it into practice, you need to adopt one of two strategies: SEO or SEM. Do you know what is best for your company? It all depends on a number of factors, as we will explain in this article. Check out!

    What is search marketing?

    Search marketing is a strategy that aims to achieve better results for your website or blog, in order to appear better ranked on Google’s result pages, the famous SERPs. The idea is to increase the reach and visibility for your brand, in order to send more traffic to the online environment.

    To achieve this goal, there are two alternatives:

    IF THE

    Search Engine Optimization is an organic – that is, free – strategy to attract traffic. The idea is to optimize the pages of the sites and their structural elements to achieve a better positioning in search rankings. The results, in this case, tend to come in the long term. On the other hand, they are more consistent.


    Search Engine Marketing is a paid strategy to achieve the visibility expected by the brand. To do this, you need to create and configure campaigns, use targeting techniques, optimize ads and set a specific budget. Payment is made according to the clicks made on the ad.

    To put SEM into practice, the most common is to use Google Ads, a platform for creating ads. So, you need to define a keyword and determine the characteristics of the target audience to increase the chances of good results for your business.

    What’s better: SEO vs. WITHOUT?

    The two strategies are complementary – and need to be seen as such. SEM tends to attract short-term results. However, they are inconsistent. This means that without a good SEO strategy, the return on paid tactics will be less.

    In addition, there are other differences to consider. While SEM includes ad markup and has extensions, SEO features snippets and appears in organic results.

    SEM visibility is more accurate, because the ad appears to the selected target audience. SEO offers content to anyone. Due to all these characteristics, the paid strategy is good for testing. In turn, organic adds value over time.

    It is clear that the two approaches need to be worked together. Only in this way can you decide what is right for your business and achieve the goals set.

    SEO vs.  SEM, which is better?

    How to work the strategies to optimize search marketing?

    To achieve your purpose, the ideal is to adopt different practices, which will help to build good results in both SEO and SEM. Want to know what they are? Check it out below!

    Get up to date with what’s new in Google’s algorithm

    Since it was launched, the search engine algorithm is constantly updated. There are several minor updates during the year that have little impact on your strategy. However, there are others that are more significant and require greater care. Therefore, it is essential to be in search of news on specialized sites.

    Use keywords well

    After defining the strategy to be used, you need to find out the best way to use the keyword. This requires research to find the most used terms. Consider the business line of your company, the themes worked on and the main words searched. This will help to define what is best.

    Adopt relationship tools

    Before the different strategies that can be used, it is necessary to use specific tools to increase the relationship with customers. Some actions contribute to this purpose, such as the hyperlink.

    However, it is still necessary to strengthen communication with other instruments. One option is chat platforms such as Websites Are Us. Thus, when a customer gets in touch, the service is done automatically through the solution itself.

    Ideally, the system integrates all the tools to avoid missing opportunities. With this, the operator makes contact in a single window, which increases agility and makes communication more efficient.

    There are still other fundamental strategies, such as URL optimization, offering relevant content and inserting images. However, when betting on SEO and SEM for search marketing, the chance of achieving better results is greater. So, how about starting to leverage your results from now on?

    If you want to know more about SEO and SEM, take advantage and download the free infographic on the subject. Thus, you will understand more the similarities and differences to put the ideas into practice.

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