▷ The 10 best website hosting in the world – WAU 2020

    The 10 best website hosting in the world – WAU

    Latency, legal protection, costs, customer support and maintenance are some points that must be taken into consideration when thinking about choosing an international website hosting company. Understand more and see a list of the top 10 website hosting in the world.

    In search of the best website hosting for your company or project? This is a slightly more complex issue than it appears and involves the analysis of several factors.

    These are technical issues that can interfere with the performance of the pages, and this affects the functioning of the website in several ways.

    When choosing the most suitable accommodation, you will come across national and international choices, each with its pros and cons.

    In addition, there are also aspects related to the performance of the sites, which must be carefully evaluated.

    In this post, you will understand more about each of these details. In addition, we will show you the 10 best website hosting in the world, to help your decision. Follow us!

    What differs London or foreign website hosting companies?

    You will find different types of accommodation and options, whether London or foreign. Of course, having your website on servers in another country will have an impact on the way it works.

    Next, better understand what are the main differences between the two types from several important parameters.


    Latency is the response time that the website has when facing a command that the user executed.

    In national accommodation, due to the geographical issue, this time is shorter, staying at 20 milliseconds, while an international accommodation has latency at 180 milliseconds.

    This impacts the user experience, making navigation more or less fast.

    Legal protection

    Naturally, legal protection exists in both cases. However, in terms of better website hosting, having a national server can be more secure.

    If a problem occurs, resorting to London’s justice system is much more accessible than in the case of international accommodation.


    As a matter of values, oddly enough, accommodation outside London is cheaper. The explanation is simple: many companies that work in this sector have their data centers outside the country, usually in the USA.

    This directly impacts the prices charged, which are up to 25% lower than in cases of domestic accommodation.

    Payment method and currency

    In contrast to the price, the payment terms for foreign accommodation are not so attractive.

    It is mandatory to use an international credit card and, in addition, there is a charge for the IOF fee (6.75%), because the transaction is from outside the country.

    The charge is also made in dollars and, in times of economic instability, the consequence is the great variation in the final amount paid.

    Customer support

    Support can present some barriers when it comes to international hosting. The first of these is the language, something that can hinder communication.

    In addition, there is the time zone, a detail that must be observed in relation to the service period offered. In London, these factors are not a problem.


    Another point affected by the time zone! The maintenance of accommodation is important and is usually done at dawn, time with less flow of access.

    However, in an international accommodation, this can be disregarded, with the website inaccessible during regular visits in London.

    How to choose the best website hosting?

    Choosing the best website hosting depends on some issues that go beyond the national and international issue. Each case has a requirement related to the level of access, the type of website and other very important points.

    Here’s what to consider before setting up the most suitable accommodation!

    Server quality

    The choice of the best website hosting depends directly on the quality of the server. The better, the greater the guarantee of stability of the pages, in addition to the speed of loading. Research in depth what they say about the accommodation you chose before signing the contract.

    Website type

    Hosting also varies according to the type of website. An institutional will have fewer requirements, since it only has more general information.

    E-commerce, on the other hand, has a higher volume of accesses, in addition to needing stronger security standards, since it deals with customer and transaction data. Therefore, you need a more robust and secure hosting.

    What is the relationship between website hosting abroad and SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or search engine optimization, in London, is a set of techniques to ensure the continuous improvement of varied website standards.

    The idea is that, with these changes, the pages are better ranked by Google and appear in the first search results.

    The hosting abroad, however, has direct impacts on some points of the website, and this influences SEO parameters. Understand better below in what issues this reflection is!

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    Availability measures how long a website is up and running properly. This generates uptime, a metric that helps in this measurement. The longer the time, the better for ranking with Google.

    It turns out that, in international accommodation, this availability can vary a lot, and this negatively impacts SEO, that is, the site may be in bad positions in the ranking.


    The page loading speed is another factor that influences its ranking, that is, if the site is slower, it is more poorly scored by Google.

    Hosting abroad, as you have seen, represents a longer latency time, and this can have an influence on a worse ranking of the pages.


    Security is also an important factor and today, Google does not rank well for sites that do not have an SSL certificate. Therefore, it is always important to check if the chosen hosting uses this encryption, aware that there is an influence on the SEO of the website.


    The location of the server has a direct impact on a website’s SEO. Google ranks better the sites that are hosted geographically closer to whoever accesses them.

    So, if your audience is mostly London, but the site is on an international hosting, your SEO performance will be below what it could.

    What are the 10 best website hosting in the world?

    How about getting to know the top 10 accommodations in the world? Check out our list below and find out about some important details that involve each of these options.

    1. Pagely

    As the company itself says, its focus is on offering efficient hosting solutions to companies that are growing and need robust and reliable services.

    Pagely allows a high level of customization of the space offered to WordPress sites, the main platform currently used. The company serves customers in high demand, such as Disney, Visa and

    2. WP Engine

    With a wide range of themes, WP Engine competes as the best website hosting at the moment. The company focuses on delivering solutions that include qualities such as agility, performance, intelligence and integration, something important for sites that want to be more functional. All of this allows you to create your website in much less time.

    3. Kinsta

    National and effective, Kinsta is a great alternative and also fights as the best website hosting on a national level. Its services cater from small business owners to multinationals, while delivering quality for WordPress projects. The platform also offers free migration from the current format used by the customer.

    4. Bluehost

    Bluehost brings some very competitive advantages to new customers, such as the free domain in the first year, in addition to the SSL certificate also free of charge. The support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a total hosting offer for WordPress sites, all in practical interfaces and with the construction of the site in a short time.

    5. Digital Ocean

    With a London headquarters, Digital Ocean provides a good service, by facilitating hosting and ensuring efficiency in the installation and configuration of Web servers. The company’s national arm provides a complete consultancy so that users have no problem using the services.

    6. SiteGround

    SiteGround offers hosting solutions for both WordPress sites and other platforms. With more than 2 million domains at its base, the proposed support works very well for building a website from scratch and also for migrating something already done. With outstanding and qualified support, customers can have help around the clock and around the clock.

    7. FastComet

    How about having your domain registered or transferred for free? FastComet guarantees this advantage for the entire period that you use it as a hosting.

    The entire architecture of the site is stored in a cloud with SSD storage, that is, the reading of the files happens very quickly. The platform even offers daily backups, and prices never vary!

    8. Host Papa

    Another alternative with free domain, Host Papa is even more interesting in terms of financial advantages. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the user does not like the services.

    The package includes an email address with the domain and a website building tool with good support for those who hire it.

    9. WPWebHost

    Another option for WordPress, WPWebHost also fights among the big ones to be the best website hosting. At the moment, just register your email to get 2 months for free!

    However, it goes far beyond that, with a 100-day satisfaction or money back guarantee. The basics of this option are simple and certain: speed, frequent backups, uninterrupted support and security!

    10. Media Temple

    Media Temple’s proposal is to bring good entrepreneurial ideas so that website projects reach their maximum potential. For this, it offers varied services, such as WordPress, shared hosting, VPN and Amazon Cloud, giving full support and management for each of these alternatives.

    You can get the best website hosting possible for your business and your requirements! These tips will guide a safe decision that will help you achieve good results when positioning your company on the web.

    Now that you know the best accommodation options in the world, be sure to see the 10 best London alternatives.

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