▷ The basic guide to creating Twitter ads – WAU 2020

    The basic guide to creating Twitter ads – WAU

    The importance of social networks for brands and companies is unquestionable today. The discussion about whether it is worthwhile or not to be present in these online spaces has long since been overcome. The questions now are: which ones are most relevant to your business and how you should act. Among the options, Twitter is […]

    The importance of social networks for brands and companies is unquestionable today. The discussion about whether it is worthwhile or not to be present in these online spaces has long since been overcome. The questions now are: which ones are most relevant to your business and how you should act. Among the options, Twitter is one that deserves attention in its digital marketing strategy.

    One of the largest social networks in the world, with around 300 million users (according to its own statistics, informed on its institutional page), Twitter is a great tool for those seeking engagement and brand exposure. Although it has lost strength and prestige to competitors like Instagram and Pinterest in recent years, it remains on the rise and can generate great results for your company.

    In addition to its organic strength, Twitter also offers paid advertising mechanisms, which can help you reach more people with your publications, expand the follower base of the official profile of your business and get more exposure for your brand.

    Unfortunately, a self-service ad model like Facebook is not yet available in London. In addition, the minimum monthly budget for advertising on the network targeting London users is still high – according to professionals in the field, around R $ 12,000 – which makes the option less accessible to many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones.

    The good news is that the company opened its office in London at the end of 2014 and it should not take long to break down these barriers that still exist for those who intend to use their paid advertising services. Taking into account that the country is one of the five largest markets in the microblogging network in terms of users, it is good to consider it in your budget for the coming quarters.

    For you to get ahead and already understand a little of the logic of the ads on Twitter, we have gathered here a small guide on how to advertise on the network, taking as a reference the system that is already available in other countries. Check it out below:

    1 – Understand Twitter

    Before deciding to advertise on Twitter, it is important to analyze whether it is, in fact, the option best suited to your goals. For this, analyze the data that the network provides about users, compare with the target you intend to reach, analyze how the tool fits into your strategy (or how you will need to adapt your strategy to fit what the tool provides) and , then yes, decide.

    To facilitate your analysis, here we provide some data on Twitter, informed by the network itself:

    • It currently has about 302 million active users
    • Average of 500 million tweets posted per day
    • 80% of traffic generated is from mobile devices
    • 42% of users follow brands and companies
    • The network allows the posting of texts, photos and videos. The texts are limited to 140 characters, but in direct messages (sent privately from one user directly to another) the limit must be extinguished.

    2 – Set your budget

    Within your overall marketing budget, define how much you will dedicate to Twitter and report on your action. For the time being, in London, payment is only possible through direct negotiation with the sales area of ​​the chain. In the self-service format that already exists abroad, however, it is possible to inform directly on the platform how much you want to advertise in total, the spend per day and how long the campaign should last.

    3 – Choose the format

    Having made the decision to advertise on Twitter, you need to decide how to advertise. There are two basic options: promoting content or promoting a profile. When choosing to promote the content, you will pay to highlight it in the users’ timeline or in the search results. When the focus is on promoting the profile, your page on the network is displayed as a suggestion in the “Who to follow” area.

    The answer to the question “Which format to choose?” it will depend on what you intend with the action. If the goal is simply to generate leads within Twitter itself, expanding your network of followers, the ideal is to promote your profile.

    Now if the intention is to advertise a promotion or product, generate traffic to your website, advertise a placement, generate leads outside of Twitter (or other activities like these) the best thing is to promote your tweets.

    4 – Target

    Once you’ve defined your ad format, you’ll need to choose the best target for your action. This point is very important, because it is the stage where you choose who to direct your publication or suggestion to follow your profile. A poor choice can put the campaign to waste and waste your investment of time and money.

    Twitter does not have the level of detail of the public that Facebook, for example, does. Even so, you have a series of variables that can be used as segmentation tools, such as preferences (based on profiles they follow and subjects with which they interact), location, device used to access (desktop, mobile, tablet) system ( Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry) and gender.

    When creating your ad, you can choose some profiles similar to yours and determine that you want to reach an audience like those on those pages.

    In some countries, Twitter also allows companies to direct their actions to users who visit their website and who are on an external list that can be uploaded to the microblogging network’s advertising service.

    In actions promoting tweets, it is possible to use keywords as targeting criteria as well.

    5 – Publish

    When the option is to publish your profile, the ad will follow the standard model of the suggestion network to users. But when you choose to promote a tweet, you will need to create the publication. There is no mystery here. Just create a post within the network standards – text of up to 140 characters, photo or video – and promote. In the self-service advertising tool, you can choose between “standard” and “promoted only” options. At first, the content is normally posted to your account and is displayed to all your followers at the same time that it is promoted. In the second, the tweet is hidden from your profile and is displayed only as part of the paid campaign.

    Once these steps are completed, just follow the campaign’s progress to evaluate performance and measure results. The tool itself provides a reporting space where it presents numbers and graphs of the action.

    And then: what did you think? Is Twitter’s paid advertising tool interesting for your business? Leave your comment!

    Want to know more? Check out our complete Twitter Marketing guide!

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