▷ Top social media trends to keep an eye on in 2020 – WAU 2020

    Top social media trends to keep an eye on in 2020 – WAU

    Knowing how to make the most of your actions and strategies is essential. Therefore, knowing the main trends of social networks is such an important job. By understanding in depth, for example, what works best for each user, it becomes easier to invest precisely the resources available to your team.

    Having the freedom to manage your team and make decisions regarding the Marketing plan does not mean doing exactly what you want, right?

    After all, you need to use your budget wisely and, of course, show satisfactory results. When investing in social networks, for example, you need to know how to exploit these platforms to the fullest.

    Knowing the main trends of social networks is an important competitive differential for those who want to stand out in the eyes of consumers.

    In times of fierce competition for users’ attention on digital channels, knowing exactly how to attract a lead to your pages can guarantee the success of your strategies.

    How about, then, delve into this subject? Keeping an eye on the news and different resources to be used on social networks can generate numerous benefits for your business: from gaining brand awareness and authority to generating leads.

    Do not waste time, read on and find out which strategies can be useful for you to further highlight your company within these digital channels!

    What is the importance of knowing the main news and trends?

    One of the great challenges for any manager within Digital Marketing is to be able to keep up with so many innovations and resources that appear constantly – either to implement in their Content Marketing strategy, or to make sponsored link campaigns even more efficient. When we talk about social networks, this is no different.

    Being present on these platforms is no longer enough, after all, according to information from Social Media Trends 2019, 96.2% of companies use these channels.

    Of the total, 62.6% of organizations already consider social networks to be relevant parts of their strategies. Knowing what are the main trends is, therefore, a way to differentiate yourself.

    In addition, the same survey shows that almost 40% of users who are present on social networks spend, on average, more than four hours a day on these channels.

    Not bad to advertise your company efficiently and promote greater engagement among users, right?

    Therefore, it is not by offering unattractive content or by not exploring the main resources and tools of these social networks that you will be able to become relevant within your segment.

    Staying on top of social media trends allows you to gain greater insight into exactly what to offer.

    Doing more of the same – that is, just being present on these channels – will not differentiate your company from competitors.

    So, just like any Marketing action, keep an eye out for new features and strategies that can help you enhance the reach of your actions and social media campaigns, regardless of your goals.

    What are the trends of social networks to keep an eye on?

    Now that you know how important it is to stay on top of social media trends for 2020, how about knowing a little more about each of the news for these platforms?

    With that in mind, we have prepared a list with some points that you should consider when formulating your planning within these digital channels. Check out!

    Temporary content gains even more relevance

    The Instagram Stories function, the Status of WhatsApp or even Snapchat itself are examples of temporary content already widely used by users and which, in the coming years, tend to be even more successful on these platforms.

    Quick and excellent for generating engagement, the tendency is to become even more relevant.

    To give you an idea, the number of daily active users on Instagram Stories doubled from 250 million to 500 million between June 2017 and January 2019.

    No wonder, more than 60% of the companies interviewed in a Hootsuite survey indicate that they already use or consider investing in these resources in the coming months.

    According to Facebook’s CPO (product director) Chris Cox, the Stories model tends to outperform social media feeds as the primary form of content sharing.

    Although the private message is still dominant, temporary videos and photos are gaining more and more space within these platforms.

    Videos remain more efficient content

    When producing a campaign to advertise on Google Ads or use a CTA in a text on your company’s blog, you are looking for the option that is most likely to generate engagement and, consequently, returns for your business, right?

    In social networks, it is necessary to look for content formats that also follow this pattern.

    The temporary contents mentioned above, for example, already show this trend. However, when it comes to materials for feeds – which are still relevant – videos should be at the top of your priority list.

    On Instagram, for example, data shows that this format receives 38% more engagement and twice as many comments as a photo.

    Nothing better than being able to capture the attention of your brand consumers more efficiently. Therefore, be prepared to produce content in this format, valuing the quality and, of course, the behavior and preferences of your persona. The idea is to make better use of your efforts and resources on social networks.

    Likes are no longer relevant

    In addition to the positives, there is also a more delicate side to the use of social networks, which should also be discussed: mental health.

    On Instagram, for example, the number of likes for a photo or video was “hidden”, so that users could focus more on the content itself than on the numbers of likes received.

    end of likes on instagram

    This movement was not implemented thinking only about the user experience, but also in favor of forms of advertising.

    After all, likes are used by many brands to measure the success of a post from a digital influencer, for example. The change may lead to the replacement of these partnerships with paid advertisements within the platform.

    The point here, however, is simple: don’t be fooled by vanity metrics. As much as the idea of ​​Instagram is thought about the user and the need to promote ads, you need to look at the indicators that are really important for the success of your company and not just the number of likes – which will be, every day less relevant.

    Engagement gains space

    As a consequence of the previous point, engagement becomes even more relevant for brands. Having lots of likes does not mean that your posts are generating engagement.

    In addition, social network algorithms are gradually evolving and identifying what is natural and what is not.

    Thus, it is necessary to focus on production of content and materials that are really in the interest of your target Audience and that, in the end, result in a more natural and legitimate interaction with the user. Comments and shares are two examples of factors that end up influencing the reach more than the simple number of likes.

    In addition to looking for the formats that best communicate with those you want to attract and captivate, don’t forget to also think about the quality of what you are sharing. On a scale of success of a publication, the comment is something more difficult to be conquered, however, more important for your brand.

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    Creating a voice for your brand becomes essential

    One way to promote the engagement we mentioned earlier is through the creation of a Brand Voice. After all, it is not so simple to relate to users and each company has a different audience. The idea of ​​this concept, however, is to get even closer to those who are in your reach as a potential customer.

    With a model of approach and structure to relate to users on social networks, the transmission of your brand values ​​and the creation of engagement are much more natural. In addition, it is a way to stand out from the competition, create a unique form of communication and work on loyalty.

    conversation between netflix and internet user

    Netflix does this job very well by broadcasting what the company believes in a relaxed way. With this humanization, it is possible to show in a natural way what your company believes, such as supporting causes of social impact.

    Studies show that 89% of users prefer to buy from a brand that takes a stand on these issues than from those that have no life of their own.

    Communities become the big bet

    As much as it is not a new resource, communities on social networks are gaining more space among users and, consequently, companies need to start looking at these niches.

    What can be better than bringing together in a single place several consumers that fit the profile and behavior you are looking for?

    More than a billion users are already part of Facebook communities. How to ignore these numbers? Brands need to fit into this scenario and take advantage of the ease of segmentation to advertise their products, strengthen their brand authority and, of course, get closer to potential customers.

    Data show that groups and communities are responsible for 90% of online conversations about services and products and that the average time for a user on these channels is 20 minutes, while on a blog or website it is only three. For those who want to further segment the reach of their communication actions, this is an interesting path.

    Influencers need to be more authentic

    Digital influencers are important pieces within online channels, especially for companies that want to promote their products.

    However, this is no longer one of the social media trends to keep an eye on; what is in vogue now is a change in posture and the level of demand of users who consume these contents.

    Although they are still excellent to complement a strategy for publicizing companies, users are increasingly aware of the behavior of influencers.

    According to a Bazaarvoice study, almost half of consumers (47%) are tired of untruthful and repetitive content.

    Another 62% believe that campaigns using digital influencers rely on easily influenced users.

    That is, little by little, users are raising the level of demand for companies that bet on this strategy and, therefore, it is important to be very careful when choosing your brand partner.

    More resources within social networks

    As the user experience must be the focus of any company that wants to stand out in the market, it is essential to use social networks to facilitate this service.

    The more resources you offer the user, the greater the chances of you approaching that target and, who knows, achieving loyalty.

    dominos pizza makes service by facebook messenger

    Domino’s pizzeria, for example, allows users to place orders via Facebook Messenger. That is, instead of leaving the page and opening another application, the consumer can start a conversation with the company and request the delivery of its products. Offering extra services can be an excellent differentiator.

    Therefore, keeping an eye on the main social networking trends can help you offer an even more satisfying user experience.

    After all, what is the use of a content format that is not so effective anymore? Better than that, it is to go ahead and already offer materials according to what consumers expect.

    Social media is just one part of the entire marketing ecosystem that you must look after. Download our guide to the main marketing trends for 2020 and see how you can optimize your strategy this year!

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